Winter Weather Advisory Extended For The Western Kenai Peninsula

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The National Weather Service has extended a Winter Weather Advisory for the Western Kenai Peninsula, including the cities of Kenai, Soldotna, Homer,and Cooper Landing in effect until 1 am, Friday December 8th. * WHAT…Mixed precipitation occurring. The ice will result in difficult travel conditions, including during the evening commute. Additional snow accumulations of up to one inch and  ice accumulations of around one tenth are expected.* WHERE…Western Kenai Peninsula mainly north of Anchor Point.* WHEN…Until 1 AM Friday.* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…The coolest temperatures will be along the Inlet in Kenai and Soldotna where a mix of snow and freezing rain are expected. Warmer temperatures inland and to the south may result in plain rain as temperatures hold above freezing.  Be prepared for reduced visibilities at times in snow.PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS…A Winter Weather Advisory means that periods of snow, sleet or freezing rain will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for slippery roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving. For the latest road conditions call 5 1 1 or visit read more

John Legend Launches Cant Just Preach MiniDocumentary Series

first_imgHis song “Preach” and its pro-activism message is brought to life through five #CantJustPreach documentaries, raising awareness and funds for community leaders who are making a differencePhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Feb 28, 2019 – 11:35 am On Feb. 27, John Legend took the activism embodied in his latest song “Preach” a step further by releasing the first of his five planned “Can’t Just Preach” mini-documentaries on YouTube, highlighting the work of community leaders in conjunction with Columbia Records and WeTransfer.Legend debuted his song “Preach” at New York’s Global Citizen Festival on Sept. 29, 2018. The video was released online on Feb. 15, 2019 with a powerful message that faith can create an appetite to change the world for the better. The video has already been viewed by more than 10 million and raised funds for Legend’s Free America organization, which fights mass incarceration. The first episode of “Can’t Just Preach” builds on the song’s message by focusing on the work of Sybrina Fulton and her Trayvon Martin Foundation. “I speak for all the Trayvon Martins, I speak for my son, I speak for your son, I speak for America,” said Fulton. “I have to fight, I have to fight for the people that cannot fight themselves.”Subsequent episodes focus on—and raise money for—Jaclyn Corin from March For Our Lives, Desmond Meade from Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Isa Noyola of Mijente, and Efrén C. Olivares of the Texas Civil Rights Project.”John has proven himself to be such a powerful storyteller in so many different mediums and we feel a shared passion at WeTransfer to help craft and elevate these kinds of narratives,” said WeTransfer Global Head of Music Jamal Dauda. “This project felt like a golden opportunity to bring forward diverse and necessary stories of social change, and we couldn’t imagine better partners than John and his team to do so.”Legend has pledged a $100,000 donation to the #CantJustPreach campaign with $10,000 each going to the subjects of his five “call to action” YouTube mini-documentaries. “Your voice is loud enough and you’re strong enough to make a change,” said Legend. “It’s up to us to get up and take action.”Remembering The Best New Artist: John Legend’s Road To An EGOTRead more Twitter Email Facebook John Legend Launches “Can’t Just Preach” Mini-Documentary Series News John Legend’s “Can’t Just Preach” Docu-Series john-legend-launches-cant-just-preach-mini-documentary-serieslast_img read more

NASA is shooting an asteroid with a giant DART to help save

first_imgNASA’s DART spacecraft will blast off to the asteroid 65803 Didymos to crash into its moon.  NASA If an asteroid was shooting towards Earth, what would our options be? Sure, we could send up a ragtag team of miners to drill into the asteroid, plant a nuke and blast it to smithereens. But if NASA has its way, we won’t need to train miners to be astronauts — it has other plans to deflect those deadly asteroids. (A lucky thing too, because it makes far more sense to teach already-trained astronauts to use a drill rather than putting miners through astronaut school, but that’s another matter entirely). NASA is prepping for a (potential) doomsday outcome with the Double Asteroid Redirection Test — a mission that will test whether we can crash a spacecraft into an asteroid and knock it off course, thus saving humankind and preventing us from ever sending Bruce Willis into space. In this week’s episode of Watch This Space, we take a look at the DART mission to 65803 Didymos — a binary asteroid (complete with its own companion “moonlet”) that’s currently orbiting the sun out past Earth. Now playing: Watch this: NASA wants to save the Earth from asteroids (with a giant… Share your voice According to NASA, the moonlet (or “Didymoon” as it’s been nicknamed) is a perfect example of an asteroid of the size and type that could crash into Earth. So, the space agency wants to send its DART spacecraft up there as early as Dec. 2020 to blast towards the 150-metre-wide moonlet and crash into its surface. Imagine it like a game of pool. If you need to knock the 8 ball in the corner pocket, you knock the cue ball into its side and it’ll shoot off on an angle. By sending its cue ball careening into the moonlet, NASA will measure how the impact changes the moonlet’s momentum and hopefully get a better idea of how asteroids can be redirected in future.To learn more about the DART, the partner mission being run by the European Space Agency and what all this has to do with Elijah Wood and the film “Labyrinth” (there are connections, we promise) then check out this week’s episode of Watch This Space. You can get your space fix every other Friday with new episodes, or catch up with the whole series on CNET or YouTube.  Post a comment Sci-Tech NASA Space 4:55 Tags 0last_img read more

Everything we know about the Google Nest Hub Max

first_img Tags The basicsBoth the $229 price and 10-inch display dwarf the comparable numbers of the original Nest Hub (a 7-inch screen for $130, but it’s usually on sale for much less). The Hub Max is looking to be a premium alternative, and the stats match those of the main competition — the $230, 10-inch, second-generation Amazon Echo Show.As with other smart displays, you’ll primarily control the Hub Max with voice commands. It uses the same digital assistant (just called Google Assistant) as the Nest Hub and has the same voice enabled features as smart speakers like the Google Home Mini. You can ask questions, control your smart home devices, check the weather, play music, make a call, turn on the TV and much more with your voice.After you give a command, the touchscreen will show extra info when appropriate. Ask about the weather and you’ll see the forecast for the week. Search for restaurants in the area and you’ll see pics of the place and directions. You can use the screen to make video calls, watch YouTube and pull up a smart-home control panel. The touchscreen on the Nest Hub is particularly good at walking you through the steps of a recipe and acting as a digital photo frame. It has a light sensor that adapts both the brightness and color warmth of the image to match the room. These features and the well organized smart-home control panel help elevate it above the smart display competition from Amazon. The Nest Hub Max will start from this same strong base and offer a handful of unique extras. The Nest CamThe Amazon Echo Show has a built-in camera for making video calls while the Nest Hub doesn’t. The Nest Hub Max adds a cam with a 127 degree wide-angle lens and uses it to offer a variety of extra features. First, it doubles as a security cam. When you’re away, you can have your Nest Hub Max watch for motion and send you alerts via the Nest app if it sees something. If you have a Nest Aware subscription for cloud storage, you can set activity zones and customize notifications based on whether it sees a familiar or a strange face.Facial recognitiongoogle-nest-hub-max-15With facial recognition, the Nest Hub Max can show you personalized reminders when you enter the room.  Angela Lang/CNET In addition to Nest’s familiar face feature, you can opt into a feature that allows the Nest Hub Max to show notifications and personalize your home screen when you walk in the room. With the feature enabled, you’ll see your pictures and calendar on the screen. If it recognizes multiple people in the room, the Nest Hub Max will do its best to combine everyone’s info.Google representatives noted that this feature is meant more for convenience than security. You can’t make purchases verified by face match. The Nest Hub Max will also store all facial recognition data locally.Gesture controlsgoogle-nest-hub-max-25With gesture controls, hold up your hand and your video will stop.  Angela Lang/CNET Most smart speakers and smart displays struggle to hear you over loud music or background noise. The Nest Hub Max will try to solve this problem with basic gesture controls. Look at the camera and hold up your hand to pause whatever is playing. You can make the same gesture to resume your music or video. During my demo in May, the gesture recognition was easily fooled by a strong backlight, but it did pick up my hand gestures from a variety of angles in normal lighting conditions. The reliability of this feature will be one of the main areas we’ll look at once we get our hands on the device for a scored review. It could be quite handy if it’s polished.Video callsLike the Echo Show, you’ll be able to use the camera to make video calls. The Hub Max will even go one step further by taking a leaf from the Facebook Portal’s book. During a video call, you can have the camera pan, tilt and zoom automatically to follow the action. We really liked using this on the Portal. It’s particularly handy if you have small children and out-of-town relatives who want to keep up with the video calls, the Nest Hub Max will pan and tilt its camera to follow the actions.  Angela Lang/CNET The Hub Max feature doesn’t offer the same depth as the Portal. You can’t pick an individual to follow if multiple people are in frame; it always tries to follow everyone it can see. You’re also limited to using the company’s proprietary video chat software, called Google Duo. The Portal offers Facebook’s video chat software as well as WhatsApp (which Facebook owns). You can add silly hats and other augmented-reality adornments with Facebook, but not with the Hub Max. Still many of these deficits could be fixed with updates (or potentially added since we saw the demo in May) and the camera on the Hub Max already followed the action reliably. It brings most of the functionality, if not all of the extras. Comment Aug 31 • Alexa can tell you if someone breaks into your house Google Nest Hub Max: A closer look at Google’s bigger smart display reading • Everything we know about the Google Nest Hub Max 14 Photos Aug 31 • Best smart light bulbs for 2019 (plus switches, light strips, accessories and more) Aug 30 • Battling bot vacs: iRobot Roomba S9+ vs Neato Botvac D7 Connected Share your voice Smart Home See All The Google Nest Hub Max soups up the smart displaycenter_img Juan Garzon/CNET The Google Nest Hub Max hits store shelves on Sept. 9. It will cost $229 (£219, AU$349) and have a 10-inch touchscreen. In many ways, it will be similar to the Google Nest Hub — formerly the Google Home Hub — only with more features, a bigger screen, a built-in camera and beefier sound quality. It could be awesome, and we have a good idea what to expect as Google debuted and demoed the device in May at the company’s developer conference. As the release date nears, here’s everything you need to know about Google’s premium smart display. Now playing: Watch this: 4:47 • 12 Photos CNET Smart Home Aug 30 • iRobot Roomba S9 Plus vs. Neato Botvac D7 Connected Smart displays let Amazon, Facebook, Google show you answers to your questions 1 CNET Smart Home Better soundDuring my demo, I was able to hear the Nest Hub Max play music. It sounded pretty good and much better than the original Nest Hub. Given the size difference, I expected as much. The Nest Hub is roughly on par with the Google Home Mini in sound quality. It’s fine for background listening, but it’s well below the music chops of the Amazon Echo Show. We’ll pit the Nest Hub Max against the Echo Show directly when we test it. In isolation, I couldn’t tell if it was better, but it did play a variety of genres of music at max volume with no distortion.Ready to test itGiven how much Google showed in May, I wonder if the Hub Max will debut with any surprises as far as features. I doubt it, as it has already a longer feature list than the similarly priced competition. In fact, it looks to be the most robust smart display on the market yet. If it’s polished and everything works as promised, the Nest Hub Max will be a tough act to beat. Nest Googlelast_img read more

GMCs 2020 Acadia looks good and is priced to compete even in

first_img Tags 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better 6 Photos 2019 Ford Edge ST review: Compelling performance General Motors 2 Share your voice More From Roadshowcenter_img 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous SUVs Enlarge ImageThe 2020 GMC Acadia AT4 is priced at just under $43,000, which makes it a bit of a bargain. GMC The 2020 GMC Acadia is a good example of the newish trend in crossover styling that favors more aggressive, blockier design, and we really like it. We also like the Acadia for other reasons, like its comfortable interior, decent infotainment and 310-horsepower V6 engine.The Acadia naturally is available in a few different trim levels, but our personal favorite is the AT4 trim, which has the advantage of being both more affordable and cooler-looking than the top-tier Denali trim. How much more affordable? Try $7,000, according to a report Wednesday by CarsDirect.With a starting sticker price of $42,495 including destination, the three-row Acadia makes a pretty strong case for itself among the General’s other SUVs, even if it may struggle somewhat against a new crop of competitors like the Kia Telluride, its cousin the Hyundai Palisade, the Subaru Ascent or Honda’s new Passport.The Acadia is set to hit dealers nationwide later this year. Check out the 2020 GMC Acadia’s new look GMC Commentslast_img read more

5 professors of Rabindra Bharati University resign over caste slurs on woman

first_imgTwitterAfter the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata failed to take action against students who harassed an assistant professor over her caste and skin colour, five professors of the university submitted their resignations as a sign of protest.The university’s vice-chancellor, Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury, is yet to accept the resignations and has called for a meeting with the professors on Wednesday, June 19.On May 20, a group of students had cornered the professor in a room for almost four hours and kept taunting her, making fun of her and spewing verbal abuses regarding her caste and skin colour.However, Trinamool Congress’s student wing president, Chattra Parishad, denied that the students had verbally abused the teacher but said that the teacher was harsh and had allegedly threatened and harassed the students.”A probe has been ordered, and we want it to be completed at the earliest. Anyone found guilty will be severely punished. What happened is a matter of serious concern and Chief Minister Mam ata Banerjee is herself looking into the matter. We could not make contact with the victim professor. I will try and contact her and make her speak with the Chief Minister,” State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee was quoted as saying by Indian Express.Chatterjee had met the professors and the V-C on Tuesday to try and come to a consensus. “I have told the students that if their behaviour made professors feel insulted, they should immediately apologise,” Chatterjee had added.One of the accused students said that did not harass her but asked her why they got so low marks in their test. The teacher in question joined the university as an assistant professor of Geography in September. She hails from Jalpaiguri in north Bengal and studied in Benaras Hindu University and Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.The incident took place on May 20 and she filed a complaint to the university authorities on May 23 after which a committee was formed to investigate the incident.Many professors had stepped up to talk about the incident condemn the way the teacher was treated, first as a woman and as a teacher. However, TMCP maintained that the teacher was harassing the students.TMCP’s Biswajit Dey said, “We trust the probe committee. Let the truth come out. The lady professor used to harass students and threatened to destroy their careers. She was ill-mannered. There were several complaints against her by students. On that particular day, students approached her because she gave abnormally low marks in the examination. No one harassed her.”He added, “The students were agitating and protesting for a long time against private tuition offered by professors, and against the hiring of guest lecturers by HoDs. We also demanded biometric attendance for professors, who are irregular.”last_img read more

Former Sun Pharma executive kills wife 2 children before hanging self in

first_imgThe police is not ruling out the involvement of outsiders, although the content of the note indicates that Singh killed his family before hanging himself from the ceiling.A 55-year-old former senior executive of Sun Pharmaceuticals reportedly killed his wife and two children before committing suicide at their residence in Gurugram on Monday, June 1. Prakash Singh was living with his wife Sonu, 48, daughter Aditi Prakash, 21, and son Aditya Prakash, 14, at Uppal Southend.A suicide note was recovered from Singh’s pocket, which said: “I am completely failed Taking I and my family along with me. I am completely responsible for this. No one else.” He had recently lost his job.The police are not ruling out the involvement of outsiders, although the content of the note indicates that Singh killed his family before hanging himself from the ceiling. Based on a complaint filed by Singh’s sister, a case has also been registered under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).According to The Times of India, the forensic head of the Civil hospital, Dr Deepak Mathur, who conducted the family’s post-mortem, said that they died between midnight and 2 am.”Prakash’s was suicidal hanging while his daughter, wife and son have multiple head injuries. They had deep cuts and they might have died within a few minutes of the attack,” said Mathur.He added that 12 marks were found on Aditi’s body, eight on Aditya’s head and 19 on Sonu’s body, but mainly on the head. There was also a deep cut on the back of Sonu’s neck.”Singh may have tried to sedate the family before killing them since there were a lot of pills in the house. An initial autopsy showed signs of a struggle on the bodies of the two women and the boy,” Aman Yadav, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Sadar), was quoted by Hindustan Times.Yadav added that a knife and a hammer were used in the crime and the analysis of the body samples was awaited to determine if the victims had been drugged.The crime came to light when the family’s maid came to work at around 7 am on Monday, but the door wasn’t opened for her. She informed the neighbours who tried calling the mobile phone of Singh, Sonu and Aditi but the devices were switched off.The police were informed and a team at the spot removed the iron grille of the apartment’s bathroom window. The maid entered the house and found the floor covered in blood. The body of Sonu and Aditya were found on the floor while Aditi’s was on the bed. Singh was found hanging by a nylon rope from a ceiling fan. The family’s four dogs were found sitting next to the bodies.Yadav said that the police investigation will focus on what prompted such action. According to the family’s relatives and neighbours, Singh was depressed since he lost his job. The family’s dogs have been taken in by the neighbours for now.last_img read more

Gazipur spinning mill catches fire

first_imgA fire broke out in a textile mill in Konabari BSCIC industrial area of Gazipur early Monday.Kaliakair fire service station officer Kabirul Alam said the factory, Kader Compact Spinning Limited, caught fire around 2:00am and soon engulfed the factory.On information, nine units of fire fighters from different areas including Joydebpur, Tongi, and Kaliakair rushed to the area to douse the flames. The two-storey tin shed factory is located at Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation area in Konabari.The reason of the fire could not be known immediately.last_img

IS claims London attack

first_imgFloral tributes flank a photograph of police officer Keith Palmer, who was killed during the terror incident at the Houses of Parliament in London, on Whitehall in central London near the Houses of Parliament on 23 March, 2017 the day after the 22 March terror attack in Westminster. Photo: AFPThe Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack in London that killed three people, the Amaq propaganda agency linked to the jihadist organisation said on Thursday.The claim marks the first time the group has taken responsibility for an attack in Britain.“The perpetrator of yesterday’s attack in front of the British parliament was a soldier of the Islamic State and the operation was carried out in response to calls to target coalition countries,” Amaq said citing a “security source.”Britain is a member of the US-led coalition fighting IS in Iraq and Syria that the jihadist group has urged its followers to target with attacks.The London assault on Wednesday afternoon saw the perpetrator ram a car along the pavement on Westminster Bridge, a busy traffic route that is also a popular tourist spot with its views of parliament and its Big Ben clock tower.After ploughing down several people on the bridge, the attacker crashed the car into the railings outside parliament and then tried to enter the building, stabbing a policeman with a large knife. Armed officers shot the attacker dead.The attack killed two members of the public and a police officer, and at least 30 people were wounded.Seven people were in critical condition after suffering “catastrophic” injuries.British Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday that the attacker was “British born” and had been investigated “some years ago… in relation to concerns about violent extremism.”The London attack came a year to the day after suicide attacks claimed by IS killed 32 people and wounded more than 340 others in Brussels.last_img read more

Mahathir heading to China with megaprojects in focus

first_imgMalaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. Reuters.File PhotoMalaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad begins a visit to China Friday, seeking to renegotiate or even cancel major Beijing-backed projects signed under the country’s scandal-plagued, former regime.The 93-year-old leader, who returned for a second stint as premier following a shock election win in May, has railed against a series of deals struck with Chinese state-owned companies by the administration of toppled leader Najib Razak.His government has suspended China-backed projects worth more than $22 billion, including a major rail link, and Mahathir has pledged to raise the issue of what he views as unfair terms related to some of the deals on his five-day trip.During his nine-year rule, Najib was accused of cutting quick deals with Beijing in return for help paying off debts linked to a massive financial scandal that ultimately helped bring down his long-ruling coalition.”We’re looking at the agreements entered into by the previous government,” Mahathir told a press conference this week. “Where we can drop we will drop, where we can modify we will do that — but the most important thing is for us to save money.”Mahathir — who will visit Hangzhou and Beijing, and hold talks with President Xi Jinping during his visit — is seeking to cut Malaysia’s national debt, which has ballooned to some $250 billion.Bilateral ties were warm under the old regime, and Chinese investment into the country surged as Beijing signed deals for major infrastructure and construction projects.But critics said there was often a lack of transparency and the terms, such as interest rates on loans, were unfavourable to Malaysia, fuelling suspicions about Najib’s real motives.Najib and his cronies were accused of plundering billions of dollars from a sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB, in an audacious fraud.Since losing power, Najib has been charged over the scandal and will stand trial. He denies any wrongdoing.As well as the rail link, which would have run from the Thai border to Kuala Lumpur, the government has suspended a China-backed project to build pipelines after alleging that almost all the money for the work was paid out but only a fraction of the project had been completed.Asked about Mahathir’s threat to cancel projects, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement to AFP that “China and Malaysia’s economic and trade cooperation has maintained a positive growth momentum.”Problems arising from cooperation should be properly handled through friendly dialogue”.Mahathir will also be seeking to strengthen business ties with the world’s number two economy, and will pay a visit to the Hangzhou headquarters of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.China is the top trading partner of Malaysia, which is home to a substantial ethnic Chinese minority.last_img read more

DhakaBenapole direct train service rescheduled to 17 July

first_imgThe direct train service from Dhaka to Benapole will be inaugurated on 17 July, instead of 25 July.Bangladesh Railway West zone chief commercial officer Shah Newaz said the date was changed as prime minister Sheikh Hasina would not be free on 25 July.The train, which is yet to be named, will have 10 coaches. The fare of a cabin seat will be Tk 1,200 while that of an AC chair Tk 1,000 and non-AC chair Tk 500, reports UNB.Initially, one train will run from Dhaka to Benapole and vice-versa every day.Around 6,000-7,000 people from different parts of the country, especially Dhaka, travel to India through the Benapole Checkpost every day.The train service will ease travelling to Benapole.last_img

Louisville Releases 201920 NonConference Schedule

first_imgStory Links LOUISVILLE, Ky. – University of Louisville women’s basketball has released its 2019-20 non-conference schedule, which is highlighted by five home games in November. The Cardinals conclude non-conference play with four consecutive road games, beginning at Ohio State on Dec. 5 for the ACC/Big 10 Challenge. The Cardinals remain at the KFC Yum! Center the next four games, hosting Murray State on Nov. 8, Central Michigan on Nov. 14, UT Chattanooga on Nov. 21 and Boise State on Nov. 24. Last season, the Cardinals produced a second consecutive 30-win season with a 32-4 record and won their second straight ACC regular season title. They entered the NCAA Tournament as a No. 1 seed for the second straight year and advanced to the Elite Eight for the fifth time in program history.Louisville returns six players that made starts last season, including seniors Yacine Diop, Bionca Dunham, Jazmine Jones and Kylee Shook, along with junior Dana Evans, the reigning ACC Sixth Player of the Year.Women’s basketball season tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, Aug. 5. Additional information is available online at the latest on Louisville women’s basketball, visit, or follow the team’s Twitter account at @UofLWBB or on Facebook at Print Friendly Version It marks the first time in program history that they open the season with five consecutive home games.center_img Overall, the Cardinals will face seven opponents that reached postseason play a season ago, seven that won 20-plus games and four that played in the NCAA Tournament.Louisville opens the year at the KFC Yum! Center against Western Kentucky on Tuesday, Nov. 5.  It’s the second consecutive year that the Cardinals open the season against the Hilltoppers, winning 102-80 in Bowling Green a year ago. That victory also marked the 300th win of head coach Jeff Walz’s career. Louisville then heads to the U.S. Virgin Islands to participate in the 20th annual Paradise Jam Thanksgiving weekend. They play UT Arlington on Nov. 28, Oklahoma State on Nov. 29 and Oregon on Nov. 30. The Ducks, led by returning Wooden Award winner Sabrina Ionescu, advanced to the NCAA Final Four last season and are picked by many as the preseason No. 1 team in the country. They then play at Northern Kentucky on Dec. 8 and at in-state rival Kentucky on Dec. 15. In their final tune-up prior to Atlantic Coast Conference play, Louisville hits the road to play at UT Martin on Dec. 19. Schedule last_img read more

Bengal PrePuja Exposition 2015 opens at Dilli Haat

first_imgAdding to the festive ambience ahead of the upcoming Durga Puja and Dussehra, a two week-long exhibition to showcase an array of beautiful and exclusive handloom and handicrafts creations of master weavers and craftsmen of rural Bengal was opened in the national capital today.The 4th Edition of the ‘Bengal Pre-Puja Exposition’, organised by the Office of the Resident Commissioner, Government of West Bengal, from September 16 to 30, was formally inaugurated at Dilli Haat, INA. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’RD Meena, Principal Resident Commissioner and other senior officials of the Government of West Bengal were present at the occasion. Around 50 artisans from various districts of West Bengal will take part in the exposition, which is aimed at promoting the rich and glorious tradition of Bengal handicrafts and handloom and also ensuring commercial benefits to the craftspersons before the festive season.Special cultural soirees will be organised during the fair at Dilli Haat on September 19 and 26, with a focus on Bengali songs, Purulia Chhau dance and Rabha folk dance of North Bengal.last_img read more

With Big Solar Power Deal Apples Market Cap Closes Over 700 Billion

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. 3 min read Apple Inc will buy about $850 million of power from a new California solar farm to cut its energy bill, the iPhone maker said on Tuesday as its stock market value closed above $700 billion for the first time.The First Solar Inc plant, with the capacity to power the equivalent of 60,000 homes, will be used to supply electricity for Apple’s new campus in Silicon Valley, and its other offices and 52 stores in the state, Chief Executive Tim Cook said at a Goldman Sachs technology conference in San Francisco.Cook addressed investors as Apple’s stock market value closed at $710.74 billion for the first time, buoyed by record sales of big-screen iPhones and a December-quarter profit that was the largest in corporate history.Apple was already the world’s largest publicly traded company by stock value.The plant in Monterey County, California will also power an Apple data center in Newark, California that already relies on solar power.”We expect to have a very significant savings because we have a fixed price for the renewable energy, and there’s quite a difference between that price and the price of brown energy,” Cook said.”We know in Apple that climate change is real. The time for talk is passed,” he added. “The time for action is now.”First Solar, based in Tempe, Arizona, manufactures solar panels and builds solar power plants, many of which it sells to power producers.Construction of the 2,900-acre California Flats Solar Project is expected to start in mid-2015 and finish by the end of next year, First Solar said in a statement.Apple will receive electricity from 130 megawatts of capacity under a 25-year purchase agreement, the largest in the industry to provide clean energy to a commercial end user, First Solar said. Output of the project’s remaining 150 megawatts will go to Pacific Gas and Electric Co.Apple will not receive an equity stake in the project and will make the payments over the lifetime of the deal rather than all at once, First Solar spokesman Steve Krum said.”The reason that they made this choice is because they saw a way to save economically,” Krum said. “You won’t have price volatility from other fuel sources. The fuel is free. It’s competitively priced from other options they would have.”The project could not have gone forward without Apple’s participation, Krum said.Apple already uses renewable energy to power its data centers. Last week, it said it would invest $2 billion over 10 years to convert a failed sapphire glass plant in Arizona into a data center that would be powered mostly by solar energy.”Apple still has work to do to reduce its environmental footprint, but other Fortune 500 CEOs would be well served to make a study of Tim Cook,” Greenpeace said in a statement following Tuesday’s announcement.Shares of Apple ended up 1.92 percent at $122.02. First Solar rose 3 percent in extended trade after closing up 4.77 percent at $48.54.(Aditional reporting and writing by Noel Randewich; Editing by Richard Chang) Register Now » February 11, 2015 This story originally appeared on Reuterslast_img read more

Gerry OSullivan Satellite operator Eutelsat has n

first_imgGerry O’SullivanSatellite operator Eutelsat has named former Sky and Deutsche Telekom executive Gerry O’Sullivan as EVP, global TV and video.O’Sullivan will be tasked with driving Eutelsat’s product development strategy. Video still accounts for 65% of Eutelsat’s business.O’Sullivan held senior roles including director of strategic product management at Sky from 2000 to 2010, where he was esponsible for innovations that include the launch of Sky+ HD and video-on-demand services.From 2011 to 2013 he was SVP, global TV and entertainment at Deutsche Telekom to develop its global media business. Most recently, at Digicel Group, he devised strategies on cloud-based multi-screen consumer propositions and steered the launch of IPTV across the Caribbean.Michel Azibert, Eutelsat’s chief commercial and development officer, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Gerry to Eutelsat. His impressive combination of relevant experience will fuel our commitment to enhancing our customer value proposition and to pursuing the most innovative video roadmap in our industry.”last_img read more

An international coalition of brain researchers is

first_imgAn international coalition of brain researchers is suggesting a new way of looking at Alzheimer’s.Instead of defining the disease through symptoms like memory problems or fuzzy thinking, the scientists want to focus on biological changes in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s. These include the plaques and tangles that build up in the brains of people with the disease.But they say the new approach is intended only for research studies and isn’t yet ready for use by most doctors who treat Alzheimer’s patients.If the new approach is widely adopted, it would help researchers study patients whose brain function is still normal, but who are likely to develop dementia caused by Alzheimer’s.”There is a stage of the disease where there are no symptoms and we need to have some sort of a marker,” says Eliezer Masliah, who directs the Division of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging.The new approach would be a dramatic departure from the traditional way of looking at Alzheimer’s, says Clifford Jack, an Alzheimer’s researcher at Mayo Clinic Rochester.In the past, “a person displayed a certain set of signs and symptoms and it was expected that they had Alzheimer’s pathology,” says Jack, who is the first author of the central paper describing the proposed new “research framework.”But researchers began to see the flaws in that approach when they took a close look at the brains of people receiving experimental drugs for the disease, Jack says. “About 30 percent of people who met all the appropriate clinical criteria did not have Alzheimer’s disease.”Their memory or thinking problems were being caused by something else.So researchers have been looking for more reliable ways of determining whether someone really has Alzheimer’s. And they’ve focused on the two best-known brain changes associated with the disease.”What we’re seeing now is that Alzheimer’s disease is defined by the presence of plaques and tangles in your brain,” Jack says. And in this way of thinking, he says, “symptoms become the result of the disease, not the definition of the disease.”Once it was virtually impossible to detect plaques and tangles in a living person. But over time, scientists have developed a number of ways to spot the abnormalities using special brain scans or tests of spinal fluid.These tests for what are known as biomarkers of Alzheimer’s are allowing scientists to do experiments that would have been impossible relying on symptoms alone. “One could, let’s say, start preventive treatment five years before the onset of the symptoms,” Masliah says.The new approach has detractors, who argue that it’s not yet a reliable replacement for clinical symptoms in research. And proponents have responded to these complaints by including symptom measures in their proposal, and acknowledging that biomarkers are still in an early stage of development.Proponents have also stressed that the biomarker approach is not yet the right tool for most doctors who treat Alzheimer’s patients.”It’s a research framework meant to be tested, a tool for researchers, not for the doctor’s office,” says Maria Carrillo, chief scientific officer of the Alzheimer’s Association.But Carrillo hopes that when drugs to prevent Alzheimer’s finally arrive, biomarker tests can show who should get them.The proposal, and several commentaries supporting it, appears Tuesday in the April 2018 issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

A disabled woman has told how her local council is

first_imgA disabled woman has told how her local council is threatening to spend several days watching her every move as she eats showers and uses the toilet, in order to check if planned cuts to her care package will meet her needs.The woman, Jane*, a survivor of serious sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and a former Independent Living Fund (ILF) recipient, spoke about the council’s “violation” at a parliamentary campaign meeting this week.The meeting was held to launch Inclusion London’s report on the impact of last year’s ILF closure, as part of the Rights Not Games week of action organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)**.The report, One Year On: Evaluating The Impact Of The Closure Of The Independent Living Fund, includes information from all 33 London local authorities, and concludes that there has been a “dramatic postcode lottery” in the support provided to former ILF recipients since the fund closed.In four local authority areas, more than half of former ILF recipients have had their care packages cut since it closed.In all, at least 185 former ILF recipients have so far seen their support cut, out of a total of about 1,300 across London.The report calls for a national, needs-led system of support, independent of local authorities, free at the point of delivery and paid for through taxation.Jane told the meeting, which was hosted by Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell, that as an ILF recipient she had received 84 hours of support a week (including 35 paid for by the council), but the local authority wanted to cut this by 46 hours a week.The 84 hours support – together with unpaid care provided by her personal assistants that means she is supported almost 24 hours a day – has enabled her to participate in her local community, chair three disability organisations, and even attend the Glastonbury festival to deliver a talk about disability rights.After the ILF closure, her council initially wanted to cut her care from 12 to three hours a day, but is now suggesting a package of 38 hours a week.It has already suggested that she could survive on microwave meals – which she says would both damage her health and be unaffordable – and use incontinence pads for up to 12 hours a day.But at the last meeting with council officials earlier this summer, she was told that once the cuts to her package were in place, they wanted to send a team of people to observe the impact on how she uses the toilet, showers, gets in and out of bed and her wheelchair, and feeds herself.She was in tears as she told this week’s parliamentary meeting: “That really breaks me. I can’t bear the thought of having a team of people invade my privacy, come to my toilet, my bedroom.“It was bad enough when they suggested I use nappies, incontinence pads; to feel so violated in the name of saving money… I want every single person to stand up and stop this.”She had earlier described in a post on DPAC’s website that such action would be an “incredible, humiliating, dehumanising invasion of my privacy and home” and a “stripping away of every last vestige of my dignity”.Jane said this made her feel like “a goldfish in a bowl, lacking privacy, freedom, spontaneity, rights, dignity; dreading when the plug is going to be pulled by people who think it’s okay to leave one without the funds and care and mobility support which keep me afloat”.She told Disability News Service after the meeting: “When they cut, these cuts will be hurting people who are already struggling. It is so inhuman.“They don’t consider the mental and psychological effects of what they are doing, let alone the physical.“It is torture that they are putting people through and it can be so far-reaching. They have no idea of what people are living with.”*Not her real name**DPAC has set up a legal fund to help former ILF recipients like Jane challenge cuts to their support packagesPicture: Protesters performing outside Downing Street after the Inclusion London meetinglast_img read more

Laws that prevent jobsharing MPs are discriminati

first_imgLaws that prevent job-sharing MPs are discriminating against disabled people who can only work part-time because of their impairments, a parliamentary meeting has heard.The meeting marked the publication of Open House?, a pamphlet by the Fawcett Society, which makes the case for a change in the law to allow two people to share the job of an MP, which the charity believes would lead to more disabled people, parents with children, and carers entering parliament.Edited by Professors Rosie Campbell and Sarah Childs, the report includes chapters written by job-sharing experts, parliamentary candidates, and lawyers, and is endorsed by MPs Tom Brake (Liberal Democrats), Caroline Lucas (leader of the Green party), Dr Sarah Wollaston (Conservatives) and Dame Margaret Hodge (Labour).Clare Phipps (pictured), the disabled chair of the Green party’s national executive, who has co-authored one of the chapters, told the meeting that she was only able to work part-time because her impairment – she has a chronic sleep disorder – means she sleeps 12 hours a day.She said: “It is physically impossible, no matter what adjustments are made for me, to work in parliament as an MP on a full-time basis. That simply would not be possible.“It is not clear to me why there is such a big barrier in place, which means I literally cannot be an MP.”She added: “There are a significant number of people who are disabled and who do need to work part-time and would need to job share to be in parliament.”Phipps and fellow Green party member Sarah Cope – who has caring responsibilities for her two disabled children – attempted unsuccessfully to stand as job share candidates at the 2015 election.They subsequently lost a high court bid to seek a judicial review of that decision, having argued that the current law was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and the Equality Act.But they were encouraged that the judge suggested that it was an issue that parliament needed to address.Phipps told the meeting that if parliament now failed to act, there was a much stronger chance that the next legal case would be successful.And she said that the obstacles raised by those opposed to allowing job-sharing MPs were “not insurmountable”, as they had been overcome across the private and public sector, including in senior positions in the Civil Service.Phipps told Disability News Service (DNS) after the meeting that it was “sad” that parliament, the institution responsible for drawing up equality legislation, was “not following its own rules”.She said: “It is incredibly discriminatory. I literally cannot do this without a job share.”Deborah King, co-founder of Disability Politics UK, which campaigns for MPs to be allowed to job share, and who herself was prevented from standing for parliament on a job share basis in 2010, welcomed the report.She told DNS: “We’ve had a number of people who have tried to stand as job share candidates for MP and had their nominations rejected.“In response, we’ve had a paper petition, two online petitions, letters to the national press, a private member’s bill, a high court case and now a pamphlet.  “Two parties, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats, now have job-sharing for MPs as party policy.“We therefore need to change the policy of Labour and the Conservatives and other parties, including the SNP.“I would encourage all readers to study the pamphlet, and send the link to the report firstly to their own MP and secondly to a member of the shadow cabinet or the cabinet, and ask them to change the law.“People need to visit their own MPs in their surgeries and say how important this change is.“Eventually we will get the law changed and the Commons will become more representative.”Emily Brothers, the first blind woman to stand for election to parliament, when she fought the Sutton and Cheam seat in 2015, has also written a chapter for the Fawcett Society pamphlet, in which she says the representation of disabled people in parliament is “woeful”.She says that only six MPs have self-identified as disabled people, whereas proportionate estimates by the Equality and Human Rights Commission suggest there should be 65 disabled MPs.She argues that job-sharing is one of a range of measures that would improve disabled people’s participation in political and public life.But Brothers told DNS after the meeting that introducing job-sharing would be “in many ways pointless” for disabled people if the government failed also to introduce measures to address the extra campaigning costs faced by many disabled candidates, following the closure of the Access to Elected Office Fund in 2015.She added: “It is an idea in the making and it will come in time but I don’t think it will come any time soon, unfortunately.”last_img read more

All Prime Members Now Have Access to Amazons PresstoBuy Dash Buttons

first_img Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Guest Writer Five months ago, Amazon unveiled its pilot Dash program in which a select group of users could order an array of household products via the push of a button.Now, it’s expanding the program to all Prime Members, as well as creating buttons for 11 new brands, bringing the total of brand-specific buttons to 29. Together, this group — which includes Ice Breakers, Bounty, Smartwater, Kraft, Huggies, L’Oréal and Gatorade — encompass 500 different products.For the uninitiated, here’s how it works: Amazon Prime members can now purchase any number of the available branded Dash buttons, physical devices built to be positioned around the house. Each button connects to a member’s iPhone or Android smartphone, and can be customized to order a specific quantity of product from its corresponding brand (you can set up your Clorox button to order a three-pack of disinfecting wipes, for example) whenever it’s pushed. Amazon then follows up by sending an order confirmation to the phone, allowing you to cancel if you have second thoughts. Also, the mega retailer has a “Dash Button Order Protection,” meaning members can’t place a new order until the prior one ships.Amazon Dash ButtonImage Credit: AmazonThe buttons cost $4.99 (meaning that in theory, the ability to buy with one click in real life can add up quickly), but Amazon will credit Prime members for the cost of each button provided they actually order something with it. While this sounds more than a little ridiculous — it’s easy enough, after all, to simply re-order household products on Amazon’s site — simply pushing a conveniently placed button when you realize you’re out of garbage bags is more seamless than going online to do so later.Related: Amazon Dash Makes Shopping as Easy as Pushing a Button Image credit: | Facebook –shares Add to Queue Amazon All Prime Members Now Have Access to Amazon’s Press-to-Buy Dash Buttons 2 min readcenter_img September 2, 2015 Next Article Laura Entis Dash Button Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now »last_img read more

Embedding child psychiatric care in urban clinic improves access and treatment

first_imgRelated StoriesResearch sheds light on sun-induced DNA damage and repairResearch reveals genetic cause of deadly digestive disease in childrenRepurposing a heart drug could increase survival rate of children with ependymomaMost patients involved in this study attended fewer than four visits with the psychiatrist, which is consistent with previous reports on the duration of mental health treatment in this population, and fitting in the design of the model as a short-term intervention. The fact that clinical need predicted intensity of service utilization was encouraging. The researchers note that transferring care back to the primary care setting should be studied further, along with what factors best engage families of younger versus older children in an initial psychiatric evaluation.Researchers say these findings support application of the model, with particularly important implications for Latino and non-English speaking populations, and suggest continued research into clinical outcomes, provider and patient satisfaction, and cost of integrated child psychiatry.The study was published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.Source:Boston Medical CenterJournal reference:Spencer, A. et al. (2019) Utilization of Child Psychiatry Consultation Embedded in Primary Care for an Urban, Latino Population. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)May 23 2019A novel method of embedding child psychiatric care in an urban pediatrics clinic was found to be feasible and a promising way to increase access to and engagement in psychiatric care among a primarily Latino population, according to new study from Boston Medical Center researchers. The study is the first to provide initial evidence for the effectiveness of this intervention, which could have important implications for underserved and minority populations that experience disparities in psychiatric care.While nearly 20 percent of U.S. children suffer from a mental illness, only one in five receive treatment. Barriers to care, including long wait times, high costs, and limited availability of specialists, impact access among all families, but disproportionately impact vulnerable communities and people of color. Untreated mental illness is associated with a range of health, developmental, social and educational risks for children, making improved access a high priority among health and policy leaders.The study began in 2013, when pediatricians at an urban pediatrics primary care clinic that served a largely Latino and non-English speaking population started referring patients to a child psychiatrist embedded in the practice for evaluation and short-term treatment, with the goal of transferring care back to the primary care setting in the long-term. During the two year study period, 211 referrals were made to the embedded psychiatrist, at a rate of approximately two to three per week. Seventy four percent of patients who were referred completed an evaluation. Younger children and those who had a history of therapy were more likely to complete an evaluation. The researchers also found that children who had more severe symptoms and higher levels of psychiatric comorbidity attended more follow-up appointments with the embedded psychiatrist. While preliminary, these results are very encouraging as we look to increase access to mental health care for children, especially among underserved communities. We believe this model of embedding a child psychiatrist in a primary care practice could reduce stigma for families, improve convenience, and remove other barriers to care.”Lead author Andrea Spencer, MD, psychiatrist at Boston Medical Center and assistant professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicinelast_img read more