University to consider construction of new parking garage

first_imgThe Notre Dame administration is considering constructing a parking garage on the south side of campus, most likely at the current location of Legends of Notre Dame, Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves said in an email to the University community Thursday morning.Along with the email, Affleck-Graves attached a survey intended to collect feedback from Notre Dame students, faculty and staff about the necessity of a parking garage for the campus community.“The next step in implementing the Parking Committee’s recommendations is to explore the feasibility of a parking garage,and share the findings with the University community,” he said in the email. “Over the next several months, the University will conduct a study of how campus would use a parking garage and what the associated costs would be for those who use it.”Affleck-Graves said the potential site of the parking garage would be in response to an expressed interest in “covered parking as close to the center of campus as possible” and recent expansions to campus.“With the opening of several new facilities on the south side of campus, the area in greatest demand for parking is the south side of campus,” the email said. “If a parking garage were to be constructed, we believe it would be built on the site where Legends restaurant is currently located.”Due to the high cost of building a parking garage, Affleck-Graves said in the email that the University would develop rates for its use, which would be “inversely correlated with the expected number of people who would use the garage.”“Since parking garages are much more expensive to build and maintain than surface parking, those who use the parking garage would cover the associated costs,” he said. “The University would seek to break even. We expect that there would be rates for hourly, daily and special event parking for faculty, staff, students and visitors. In addition, annual reserved parking passes would likely be available to faculty, staff and students.”Affleck-Graves said in the email that he would release the results of the study later in the semester.Tags: Legends of Notre Dame, parking, parking garagelast_img read more

In Memoriam

first_img In Memoriam John T. Allen, Jr., Gulfport Admitted 1961; Died December 6, 2004 Karen Bauer, Mamaroneck, NY Admitted 1981; Died July 28, 2003 Gordon A. Duncan, Jr., Jacksonville Admitted 1949; Died November 27, 2004 Tamara Lowe Dworsky, Scottsdale, AZ Admitted 1979; Died November 23, 2004 Milton Feller, Miami Beach Admitted 1939; Died November 29, 2004 Stanley E. Israel, Hollywood Admitted 1969; Died August 19, 2004 Thomas Harvey Johnson, Tequesta Admitted 1953; Died December 7, 2004 Gregory Dennis Lerch, Longwood Admitted 1992; Died November 9, 2004 John F. Loverro, East Hampton, NY Admitted 1974; Died June 12, 2004 Dennis Charles McDevitt, Boca Raton Admitted 1994; Died October 25, 2004 Niki L. Martin, Placitas, NM Admitted 1987; Died September 11, 2004 Jon Alex Merkle, Hallandale Admitted 1999; Died September 20, 2004 Anthony V. Pace, Jr., Boynton Beach Admitted 1965; Died July 2, 2003 Jack W. Pierce, Tallahassee Admitted 1949; Died September 10, 2004 Bernard C. Pestcoe, Ft. Lauderdale Admitted 1964; Died October 24, 2004 Jeffery Philip Raffle, Coral Gables Admitted 1970; Died December 22, 2004 Norbert Herman Rascher, Longwood Admitted 1993; Died September 7, 2001 Gerald Arthur Schneider, Jacksonville Admitted 1970; Died December 1, 2003 Clarine F. Smissman, Orlando Admitted 1980; Died September 3, 2004 Richard Edward Scherling, Jr., Milton Admitted 1974; Died November 5, 2004 Robert B. Wallace, Hollywood Admitted 1956; Died October 4, 2003 In Memoriam April 15, 2005 In Memoriamlast_img read more