Uncovering what Thoreau uncovered

first_imgSome might say the pioneering feminist, literary critic, social reformer, teacher, and war correspondent Margaret Fuller died as she lived, determinedly on her own terms.On a journey back to the United States from Europe, Fuller’s ship, the steamer Elizabeth, ran aground off New York’s Fire Island during a violent storm in the early hours of July 19, 1850. According to Megan Marshall’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, Fuller stood firm with her husband and 2-year-old son on the sinking deck.“Margaret would not leave her family; they would not leave her. Surely first mate Davis would return with the lifeboat now visible on shore,” wrote Marshall of Fuller’s plight and the sailor who had managed to swim to land.But incapable of navigating the boat alone in the rough waves and unable to recruit others to help him, Davis didn’t return and Fuller drowned with her family only 50 yards from safety.Her death at 40 was a blow to Transcendentalism: From 1840 to 1842 Fuller had edited the movement’s main publication, “The Dial,” alongside Ralph Waldo Emerson. Fuller’s friends and colleagues rushed to the site, desperate to recover the family’s remains. They were also anxious to find an account of the rise and fall of the 1849 Roman republic — “what is most valuable to me if I live of any thing,” Fuller had written of her last manuscript. One of those travelers was Henry David Thoreau, sent by Emerson to “go, on all our parts, & obtain on the wrecking ground all the intelligence &, if possible, any fragments of manuscript or other property.”Fuller’s body and manuscript were lost to the sea. But a recent Houghton Library acquisition is shedding new light on the tragedy and on what Thoreau found as he wandered the beach for clues and interviewed survivors.A found linkIn May, the library purchased nine leaves of a largely unknown manuscript: Thoreau’s notes taken during his shoreline search. The pencil-scrawled, double-sided pages contain vivid descriptions of Fuller’s last moments, related to Thoreau by witnesses; they also describe how scavengers eagerly snatched up belongings that had washed ashore.“The thieves told me that they withdrew a little & divided the spoil — (while the friends of the dead are seeking their remains) — this will do for your child & that for your wife — these were the expressions which they themselves quoted,” wrote Thoreau. “I found the young men playing at dominoes with their hats decked out with the spoils of the drowned.”Leslie Morris shares the manuscript inside Houghton Library. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff PhotographerThe manuscript had been transcribed by Thoreau’s contemporaries, and the resulting story of his search has been recounted by Boston University historian Charles Capper in “Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life, The Public Years” (2007). Capper was the first scholar to see and use Thoreau’s report, which he discovered in a contemporaneous copied version in a collection at the Boston Public Library. But the original manuscript is a boon for both Thoreau scholars and for Harvard. The pages directly link Houghton’s Thoreau, Emerson, and Fuller collections.“Here’s Thoreau, he is being sent by Emerson, also a very important figure to our collections, to investigate the death of Margaret Fuller. And the Fuller papers are here,” said Leslie Morris, the curator of modern books and manuscripts, who helped acquire the manuscript. “It really plays to three of our major figures here at the library. It brings them together.”Scholars have long been aware that a 20-volume edition of Thoreau’s works released by Houghton Mifflin in 1906 included a little something extra. Bound into the front of the first volume in each of 600 special sets were original pieces of a Thoreau manuscript. The practice was fairly common at the turn of the century by publishers eager to boost sales, said Morris. “But it creates a nightmare for people who want to actually work with the manuscripts, because you’ve got pieces.”Fortunately, Harvard’s acquisition appears largely intact. At Houghton, artifacts from the writing life Related Unlike so many other sets from 1906, many of which had only a page or two of original manuscript, this set, No. 1, contained nine leaves — 18 pages of notes in total — with a linear narrative documenting in detail what Thoreau had previously only summarized.“Until this manuscript surfaced, Thoreau’s most detailed account of his engagement with the event was in a single brief letter to Emerson, also in the Houghton Library,” said Beth Witherell, who directs The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau, a project at Davidson Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara, begun in 1966 to provide accurate texts of Thoreau’s works. “Thoreau described parts of his experience in his journal and in ‘Cape Cod,’ but he didn’t explicitly connect those descriptions with this event. The new manuscript confirms his Fire Island experience as the source of those descriptions.“In terms of our understanding of the effort that Thoreau went to in his attempts to discover what had happened,” she added, “this is a big discovery.”Fortunately, readers can refer to Witherell’s transcription of the text instead of trying to decipher Thoreau’s swooping script on their own. Having worked since 1974 on Thoreau manuscripts, she is an expert at decoding his often-cryptic handwriting. The work is exciting, she said, because the manuscripts represent “what’s left of a physical connection to Thoreau.”An examination of the new manuscript offers up both the thrill of seeing Thoreau’s hand on the page, and insights into his process. While the author is supposed to have made “fair copies” of the account, edited versions written in ink, these pages, experts agree, are almost certainly the notes he jotted down on site. The key clue: They were done in pencil.“In those days they didn’t have fountain pens,” said Witherell. “If you were going to write in ink you had to sit down with a bottle of ink, and Thoreau usually used a quill pen.”After numerous revisions a cleaner version was produced for friends.“There’s some rearranging. There are cancellations. There are also use marks, which I see in a lot of his manuscripts,” said Witherell. “These are vertical lines Thoreau used to remind himself that he has used that part in the next iteration of the account.”Treasure in the marginsOnce at Harvard, the manuscript yielded more than had initially met the eye.Working with Morris, Debora Mayer and Karen Walter, conservators at the Weissman Preservation Center, agreed to remove a non-original paper border surrounding each of the nine delicate leaves. The paper frames had begun to tear and were in turn tearing the manuscript.“Our goal is usually not to make changes like that,” said Walter, who adheres to the conservator’s creed: Save any material that might be of use to a researcher. “But in cases where the original is going to suffer damage because of the way it was handled or the way it was later treated by someone else, then we are more likely to intervene.”When Walter gently lifted the frames, entire sentences by Thoreau, long-hidden notes scribbled along the edges of the pages, were revealed.“I was surprised to see how much text there was,” she said, “and happy we did the right thing.”Using a fine Japanese paper treated with adhesive and brushed with water, Walter repaired the small tears. She also worked with the library’s digital-imaging team to create “surrogate” copies of the manuscript, high-quality images printed on paper the same thickness as the original that were reinserted into the first volume.“We wanted to keep the original feel of the piece,” said Walter, “while protecting the original notes.”Like Witherell, Walter’s favorite part of working on the manuscript was the thrill of seeing the indentations the author’s pencil made on the page. “You get a sense of Thoreau sitting there, writing,” Walter said, “pressing hard into this paper.”For Witherell, who has been trying for years to track down the original pages from the 1906 sets, Houghton’s addition is a rare find and an important piece of literary history.“This manuscript is a great big deal for those who study 19th-century American literature and history, and in particular for students of Thoreau and of Fuller. It’s very unusual for long Thoreau manuscripts to come on the market, and it’s a wonderful surprise to find so much new material. Nine leaves … that’s a lot.” The things they carriedlast_img read more

Minister: Social partners must agree on pension system by early 2018

first_imgWouter KoolmeesThe minister said that he was looking forward to the SER’s final advice, adding that he really valued its recommendations, because broad public support was vital.The four coalition partners have indicated that they favoured new arrangements comprising individual pensions accrual combined with collective risk-sharing, including a financial buffer, while keeping mandatory participation.The government also said that it wanted to replace the current average pensions accrual with an age-related degressive one, to prevent young workers subsidising their older colleagues.The FNV, the largest union, however, has insisted that workers should be properly compensated for the abolishment of the average accrual.It also wants the envisaged buffer fund to be able to turn negative temporarily during times of economic headwind, in order to keep up the principle of solidarity between participants. This is contrary to the wishes of the government and the supervisor DNB.That said, Willem Noordman, the FNV’s head of pensions, has suggested to IPE’s sister publication Pensioen Pro that the buffer principle could also be achieved through alternative means.Speaking in the corridors of the congress, he argued that the impact of declining investment markets on pensions could be evened out over several years “through cancelling figures out against each other”.In his opinion, pension funds could also deploy their investments “in clever ways” to spread the returns over time.However, neither Noordman nor Gerard Riemen, director of the Pensions Federation, could explain how these alternative mechanisms were supposed to work exactly.“Many people are looking into the issue now,” said Noordman.Dutch insurers would prefer to see no financial buffers at all.During the congress, Aegon’s pensions director Maarten van Edixhoven, speaking on behalf of insurers’ association VvV, described a buffer as “not transparent” and “a black box”. Wouter Koolmees, the new Dutch minister for social affairs, has urged employers and workers to have agreed a framework for a new pensions system by early next year.Speaking on a congress in The Hague – organised by pensions thinktank Netspar, the Pensions Federation and the insurers’ association – he said that the time of “sellotape and plasters” had passed, and that the pensions system had to be “fundamentally strengthened and renewed”.However, the minister declined to say whether the government would enforce its own plans if the various players failed to reach an accord. Employers and employees have been discussing a new pensions contract for several years in the Social and Economic Council (SER).Koolmees made it clear that an agreement about the main features of a new pensions system was crucial to enable the government to prepare necessary legislation. The coalition accord stipulates that the implementation of a new pensions system is to start in 2020. However, several players – including the Pensions Federation, the chairman of the dedicated SER committee and the unions – have already indicated that it would be very difficult to meet this schedule.last_img read more

£30bn local authority pension pool names new CEO

first_imgLaura Chappell, CEO of Brunel Pension Partnership “We had very specific qualities we were seeking for the successful candidate,” said Denise Le Gal, chair of the Brunel board.“As a highly experienced professional with a strong risk management background, it was clear that Laura had the best fit we were seeking. Laura is closely aligned with our values and the investment principles that form the foundation of Brunel.”According to her LinkedIn profile, previous roles held by Chappell include head of risk at Brewin Dolphin, interim head of operational risk at Schroders, and director, operational risk at then Barclays Global Investors.She said: “I’m very much looking forward to the next chapter in Brunel’s development and all of the exciting challenge it faces.”Asked if Brunel had named a successor to Chappell as chief compliance and risk officer, a spokesperson for the asset pool said it was “evaluating our future requirements and will recruit where appropriate”.Announcing Turner’s resignation in July, Brunel said she wanted to make way for a different leadership approach as the asset pool entered into a new phase. Turner was instrumental in setting up Brunel, taking it from the early stages in response to government regulations to setting it up as a regulated investment management company.Brunel’s founding pension funds have around £30bn (€35bn) in assets between them, with the company yesterday announcing that half of that had been transitioned.The asset pool expects the transition of client assets to be nearly complete by the fourth quarter of this year, when the majority of its portfolios should be launched.It currently has 11 investment portfolios, for which 29 strategies have been selected. Its largest portfolio, high alpha equities, was launched last month with more than £2.5bn of assets. Laura Chappell has been appointed chief executive officer of pension pool Brunel Pension Partnership, a role she had been fulfilling on an acting basis since September.Chappell has now formally succeeded Dawn Turner, whose resignation was announced in July. Before taking on the acting CEO role Chappell had been Brunel’s chief compliance and risk officer.Brunel, which is one of the UK’s eight asset pools set up by local government pension schemes, announced the appointment shortly before the December holiday period.last_img read more

May Primary deadlines approach

first_imgVersailles, In. — The filing deadline for candidates running in the May Primary is Friday, February 8 at noon.In Batesville, the office of mayor, clerk-treasurer city judge and five seats on common council(Districts 1 through 4 and an At-Large seat) will be on the ballot.In Versailles, clerk-teasurer and three At-Large seats on common council will be on the ballot.The Ripley County clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.For more information please call 812-689-6115.last_img

Blind pleads with fans for patience

first_img Press Association Blind is familiar with such criticism. He was part of the unfancied Dutch team that finished third in the World Cup despite playing with three defenders at the back. The midfielder thinks United’s star players will begin to excel once they get to grips with the new system and he feels there is no better man to lead United than Van Gaal. “He makes players better and he makes teams better. I like that in a coach. That is his most important asset,” the former Ajax man said. “It was the same when I was with him with Holland. He wanted to make the team better. As the team gets better, individuals started standing out as well. “We didn’t play very great football at the World Cup but we were a team and we were winning games, and we started playing better after winning. “You change the system and you get better, you become a team and you start winning. “If you have played another system for a long time, you have to get used to a new one but that isn’t a problem. “We knew it was going to be difficult in the Premier League but we have to keep our heads up. We have to keep faith.” Although United are fourth in the Barclays Premier League, they have not provided their supporters with the thrilling expansive play they became accustomed to under Sir Alex Ferguson. During last Saturday’s 2-0 win at QPR, fans started questioning Van Gaal’s tactics and demanded he ditch the 3-5-2 system which some feel makes United too slow and predictable. Gary Neville singled Blind out as one of the reasons why United’s tempo has at times been slow this year. The former United captain accused the 24-year-old of playing it too safe at Old Trafford. “He [Blind] has got to start looking up more and playing forward, he plays far too many square passes and takes the easy option,” Neville said two months ago. Blind is happy to accept Neville’s critique of him but will not change his game just because the ex-England defender says he should. “I can take a bit of criticism. The people on television can say what they want,” Blind said. “You hear it but I think I have played some good games. “Of course you can sometimes play the ball forward but sometimes it is good to keep the ball in possession and make your team-mates play better. “I can make other players more important than myself. If I can do that by switching the play to the other side or wait for the right moment to do that then I will. “If there is space forward then I will play that ball but sometimes I think it is better to keep possession, to switch from side to side and move the ball, and search for players who can make an individual action. “Of course, I listen to him (Gary Neville) but I try to play my own game and do what the trainer wants from me, and that is to keep possession.” Blind, now fully fit after recovering from a knee injury, is hoping to get his first taste of FA Cup football on Friday when United travel to Cambridge for their fourth round tie. There may be six new foreign signings in the United squad this year, but they are all well aware of the significance of the FA Cup, Blind says. “It is nice to get a new experience like this. I have read about United and the history and also picked up on things from the people around,” Blind said. “I know United haven’t won the cup for 11 years and if you are in the race for a title or a cup then you want to be the champion. “Everybody wants to play at Wembley.” Daley Blind has told Manchester United fans they must keep faith with Louis van Gaal. last_img read more

Bournemouth close in on Benik Afobe

first_img Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe lost Callum Wilson for the season to a serious knee injury in September and has already signed Roma’s Juan Iturbe on loan until May. Bournemouth are 16th in the table, four points above the Barclays Premier League relegation zone, and go to Birmingham in the FA Cup third round on Saturday. Afobe only joined Wolves for £2million from Arsenal last January and has scored 23 goals in 48 games for the club. He has netted 10 goals in 27 outings this term for the Sky Bet Championship side. On Thursday Wolves boss Kenny Jackett denied they had received any bids for the forward, but the club have hinted they could sell this month. Last month chief executive Jez Moxey refused to rule out a sale, despite the club issuing a statement in the summer insisting Afobe would not be sold this season. Owner Steve Morgan put the club up for sale in September – and is looking for close to £40million – and boss Jackett admitted that has an impact on the club. He said: “Rather than just this window it has had an effect on the whole club – there is no doubt about it. It is Steve’s decision how much money he puts in. When does he sell to who? What are the circumstances? There is only really him that can answer that.” Bournemouth are in talks with Wolves striker Benik Afobe. Press Associationcenter_img Press Association Sport understands the 22-year-old could seal a move to the Cherries over the weekend, with the south coast side aiming to bolster their forward line. Norwich hold a long-term interest in Afobe and had several bids rejected in the summer, but Bournemouth now appear the frontrunners for his signature, although a fee is yet to be confirmed. last_img read more

Registration open for Bay Fest 5K

first_img Town report wins award – October 11, 2014 Fitness trainer is now cancer-exercise expert – October 12, 2014 Schoodic Grange hosting sale – October 30, 2014 Bio Latest posts by Fenceviewer Staff (see all)center_img Fenceviewer Staff Latest Posts BUCKSPORT — All runners, joggers and walkers are invited to the annual Bucksport Bay Fest 5k on Saturday, July 26, starting from the Bucksport town pool, corner of Bridge Street and Broadway. The race begins at 8 a.m. and follows a new route through the Miles Lane Trails. The 5k race is the first of many events planned for the annual festival. Race organizers expect all runners will cross the finish line in time to attend the annual parade at 9:30.“The new course offers cool shade in the woods, an easy elevation and well-groomed trail running as opposed to pavement,” said Race Director Belle Ryder. “We hope both experienced runners and first-time 5K runners will participate.”The Bucksport Bay Fest 5K will be timed and is part of the Sub5 Track Club series. The race finishes at the town pool starting line, and runners are invited to cool off with a jump in the pool.Shower facilities will be available. T-shirts will be given to the first 75 people to register for the race, and prizes will be awarded for the first male and female finishers in 10 age categories.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textTo register, visit bucksportbayfest5k.weebly.com or call the Bucksport Bay Fest organizers at (207)469-6818. Online registration is available until July 25.Find in-depth coverage of local news in The Ellsworth American. Subscribe digitally or in print.last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgTENNIS-FEDERER-SURGERYRoger Federer has knee surgery, will miss French OpenBASEL, Switzerland (AP) — Roger Federer will miss the French Open and no fewer than three other tournaments while he is sidelined for at least four months after having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Wednesday.The 20-time Grand Slam champion posted on Facebook Thursday that his knee had been bothering him for a while. It’s only the second operation for the 38-year-old Federer. Wimbledon starts June 29.NCAA-PITTSBURGH-VIOLATIONS February 20, 2020 Associated Press PGA-MEXICO CHAMPIONSHIPMcIlroy sizzles in Mexico CityMEXICO CITY (AP) — Rory McIlroy is the leader through one round of the Mexico Championship, two strokes ahead of Bubba Watson and Justin Thomas.McIlroy ripped a 4-iron from 275 yards into the thin air at Chapultepec to 15 feet for eagle on his second hole Thursday, made five more birdies and opened the Mexico Championship with a 6-under 65. This is the only World Golf Championship that McIlroy hasn’t won as he tries to join Dustin Johnson as the only players to win all four of them.Bryson DeChambeau and Billy Horschel are tied with Louis Oosthuizen (WUHST’-hy-zehn) and Corey Connors at minus-3, while Hideki Matsuyama (maht-soo-YAH’-mah), Paul Casey, Patrick Reed and Lee Westwood are among six players at 2 under. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNFL-NEWSNFL owners approve negotiated terms for new labor agreementNEW YORK (AP) — NFL owners have voted to accept the negotiated terms for a new collective bargaining agreement, putting the onus on players who plan to hold a conference call Friday. — Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen will become a free agent for the first time in his 11-year career. Griffen has chosen to exercise his option to void the remaining three years on his contract. The move will clear more than $13 million off the books for 2020 for the salary cap-strapped Vikings.— An attorney for New Orleans’ Roman Catholic archdiocese is strongly defending the Saints’ public-relations help in dealing with the clergy sex abuse crisis. He says the legal effort to unseal emails between them is aimed at trying to shame those “who had the audacity” to back the church. Thursday’s hearing comes amid claims the Saints joined the church in a pattern of concealing sexual abuse, an allegation the team denies.— Dan Radakovich, who starred as a linebacker at Penn State in the 1950s before winning two Super Bowls as an assistant with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s, has died. Radakovich was 84.MLB-NEWSPhils beat Realmuto in arbitration Pitt hoops, football placed on 3 years’ probation by NCAAINDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The University of Pittsburgh football and men’s basketball programs have been placed on probation for three years by the NCAA.The organization says both programs committed a series of violations between 2015 and 2018. The violations centered around both programs exceeding the number of allotted practices during that time.Former men’s basketball coach Kevin Stallings was given a three-year show-cause order, meaning he must sit out 30% of his new team’s games if he is hired during the three-year window of the show-cause order. Stallings is currently out of coaching. Former director of basketball operations Dan Cage also faces a three-year show-cause order.UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DOCTOR-INVESTIGATION UNDATED (AP) — The Phillies won their arbitration case against All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto (ree-al-MOO’-toh), putting teams ahead of players 7-4 this year and ensuring clubs will finish with a winning record.Realmuto will get a raise from $6.05 million to $10 million instead of his $12.4 million request.Realmuto was acquired from the Marlins just before spring training last year and earned its second straight All-Star selection. He finished the season batting .275 with 25 home runs and 83 RBIs.In other MLB news:— Yankees right-hander Luis Severino has been shut down from throwing for the second consecutive spring training, this time because of right forearm soreness. Severino, who turned 26 on Thursday, was sidelined until the final weeks of the regular season last year.   Irving appeared in just 20 games this season, averaging 27.4 points, 6.4 assists and 5.2 rebounds.The Nets continue to wait for Durant to recover from Achilles surgery that has kept him off the court all season.Durant and Irving were two of the NBA’s prized offseason signings last summer.Also in the NBA:— Timberwolves forward Jake Layman has been cleared to return to practice, but star center Karl-Anthony Towns remains sidelined. Towns is awaiting clearance for a sprained left wrist. Layman already has missed 39 games and will miss at least four more with a sprained left toe suffered Nov. 18 at Utah. The 6-foot-8 Layman was averaging a career-best 10.5 points over the first 14 games in his first season with the Wolves. — Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco felt discomfort in his right leg during a spring training workout and is having tests. The 32-year-old Carrasco made an inspiring comeback last season after being diagnosed with leukemia. The team plans to provide an update on his status on Friday.NBA-NEWSIrving done for seasonUNDATED (AP) — The Brooklyn Nets will wind up getting very little production from free-agent pickups Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant this season.The Nets say Irving will undergo season-ending surgery to repair a right shoulder that has bothered the six-time All-Star since November. Coach Kenny Atkinson said earlier this week that the point guard was still having trouble with the shoulder that sidelined him for 26 games earlier this season. Team representatives were summoned to New York to discuss the proposal with the league eager to reach a collective bargaining agreement with the players in the next few weeks. The current deal runs out in March 2021.Among the items in that proposal are a 17-game schedule, a reduction of the preseason and an increase to the current 27% share of revenues for the players.Also being considered is a second bye week to go with a 17th game, although almost certainly not for the 2020 season. The expansion of the playoffs easily could occur this year, however.In other NFL news:— Browns Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry has undergone hip surgery after initially opting not to have the operation. Landry was bothered by his hip all last season, but still finished with a team-leading 83 catches for 1,1174 yards and six touchdowns. Update on the latest sports University of Michigan investigates doctor sex abuse claimsANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Another man has come forward to publicly accuse a late University of Michigan physician of sexual abuse decades ago.Gary Bailey said Thursday that Dr. Robert E. Anderson molested him during a medical exam in 1968 or 1969. Bailey says he filed an official complaint with the university at the time but never heard anything back.The university says it has received 22 calls to a hotline since Wednesday when it announced an investigation into Anderson. Police started investigating Anderson in July 2018 after a former student athlete alleged abuse by Anderson in the 1970s. Officials have acknowledged that some university employees were aware of accusations against the doctor prior to a 2018 complaint that led to a police investigation. Anderson died in 2008.University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel has apologized to “anyone who was harmed” by Anderson.last_img read more

The Latest: Leicester manager Rodgers says he had virus

first_imgDominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev and Nick Kyrgios will play exhibition tennis matches in Berlin in July amid the coronavirus pandemic.One exhibition event will run from July 13-15 on grass and another on a hard court in a hangar in the city’s closed Tempelhof airport from July 17-19.Each tournament will feature six men and six women and there will be 200,000 euros ($222,000) in total prize money available.Thiem, Zverev and Kyrgios will be joined by Jannik Sinner for the men’s events. Two more players will be announced later.Elina Svitolina, Kiki Bertens, Julia Goerges and Andrea Petkovic will be in the women’s events. Two places are still to be confirmed. St. Gallen leads defending champion Young Boys on goal difference. Third-place Basel trails by five points.Basel is also still in the Europa League. UEFA hopes to complete that competition in August after domestic seasons end.The league says a separate vote to increase the top division from 10 teams to 12 failed to pass.___The dates for the FA Cup semifinals have been changed to July 18-19. The J-League suspended play on Feb. 26 because of the coronavirus outbreak.Both soccer and baseball were able begin play after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lifted a state of emergency earlier in the week.The soccer league says “matches will be held without spectators but the league will continue preparations to allow spectators into the stadiums in the future.”The league says all matches will be rescheduled with a priority given to scheduling teams from the same geographic region to limit travel.A new schedule will be announced on June 15. The lower level J-2 and J-3 leagues can begin play on June 27. The Latest: Leicester manager Rodgers says he had virus Rodgers says he fell ill “a week or so” after the English season was suspended on March 13 and later tested positive for the virus. He says he felt the effects of it for three weeks.Rodgers says “the strangest thing was losing your smell and the taste. You lose your strength. You could hardly walk 10 yards. I felt it was similar to the time I was climbing Kilimanjaro. When you get to a certain point at altitude, you walk and really suffer.”The former Liverpool manager is still being tested twice a week according to the Premier League’s coronavirus protocols.Rodgers says “it’s not the case that now I’ve had it, I wouldn’t test. You just never know.”___ The Football Association originally announced dates of July 11-12 but a short time later decided to push them back.The FA Cup final is set for Aug. 1.___The Japanese soccer league will resume on July 4 in empty stadiums.J-League chairman Mitsuru Murai made the announcement in a online news conference. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers says he had the coronavirus and compared its effects to how he felt climbing Kilimanjaro. ___The top two divisions of the Swedish league have been given the go-ahead to start their seasons on June 14.There will be no spectators at matches.The season was scheduled to start on April 4 but was suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak.___ The Polish league will resume on Friday in empty stadiums. No games have been played since March 9.The return of fans will be governed by special sanitary regulations worked out with the health ministry and sanitary authorities.___French car manufacturer Renault says it is staying in Formula One despite planning a large number of job cuts.Renault general director Clotilde Delbos made the announcement in a telephone conference call. The FA says the match dates are dependent on safety measures being met as lockdown measures are gradually eased during the coronavirus pandemic.___The Spanish soccer league could use virtual crowds when the competition resumes in empty stadiums next month.Spanish league president Javier Tebas says the league is working with the possibility of giving fans different options on how to watch the matches on television. He says they may be able to choose either the original feed with no fans or an alternative one with crowds superimposed on the stands.Tebas says fans may also have the option of hearing pre-recorded crowd noise or stick with the live sound from the empty stadiums. Renault plans to cut 15,000 jobs as part of its financial restructuring but Delbos said the company’s presence in F1 will not be affected.___The Swiss soccer league will restart on June 20 in empty stadiums.The league says the 20 clubs in the top two divisions have voted 17-2 in favor of resuming. There was one abstention.The league has been shut down since February because of the coronavirus pandemic. There are 13 rounds left in the top division and the league wants to complete the season on Aug. 2. May 29, 2020 Matches will have a super tiebreaker replacing the third set. There will be electronic line calls with no line judges to reduce the number of people involved on court.The event replaces a WTA tournament in Berlin which was set for June but called off.___Poland will allow soccer fans to attend games in limited numbers starting on June 19.Fans will only be allowed to make up 25% of the stadium’s capacity and no away supporters will be allowed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Russian government’s coronavirus task force says spectators will be allowed if they don’t exceed 10% of the stadium’s capacity.The Russian league previously announced it will resume games on June 21.Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko says “both players and fans have missed the vivid emotions of a match and the noise from the stands. Soon all this will return.”The move could help clubs stem losses from refunding ticket holders.Only neighboring Belarus is currently holding professional soccer games with fans in the stadium. Associated Press ___The reshaped English soccer season is set to end with the FA Cup final on Aug. 1.The Football Association has announced provisional dates for the remaining rounds of the competition a day after the Premier League said it planned to restart on June 17.The quarterfinals of the FA Cup are scheduled to take place over the weekend of June 27-28 and the semifinals on July 11-12.The semifinals and final are usually held at Wembley Stadium. The FA says further information on venues will be announced later. Tebas says the Spanish league is expected to resume on June 11 and finish on July 19. The next season would start on Sept. 12. The European competitions are set to be played after the end of the domestic leagues.Tebas says he wants two or three league matches to be played every day until the end of the competition.___The Pan Pacific Swimming Championships won’t be held as planned in 2022 because of a crowded international sporting schedule brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.Canada was scheduled to host the quadrennial event in 2022 but instead will host in 2026. Swimming Canada says charter nations Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States “agreed to defer” the event.The Tokyo Olympics were postponed to 2021. That then led to the swimming world championships being pushed back to May 2022.The 2020 Junior Pan Pacific Championships were moved to August 2022 in Hawaii.___Fans will be in the stadiums when the Russian soccer league restarts next month. 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AgiproNews Italian View – ADM reinstalls tough commands on AML & player registrations

first_img Di Maio’s man Giacomo Lasorella takes leadership of AGCOM August 17, 2020 Share StumbleUpon CT Gaming bolsters Italian profile with The Betting Coach  August 27, 2020 Submit Related Articles TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 Share Following public consultations with industry associations and legislative concessionaires, Italian regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) has confirmed that it will push through new anti-money-laundering (AML) standards for the Italian betting sector.The ADM details that it decision follows, a 26% increase in online gambling AML alerts recorded by the Italian Financial Authority.Furthermore, the Italian betting regulator seeks to enhance the mandate of the EU’s ‘4th AML Directive’ which is currently supervised by the Italian Customs Agency.Top of the AML agenda will be the termination of ‘soft registrations’ with licensed bookmakers, as the ADM returns to its legacy policy of a ‘12 mandatory fields for player registration’.Moving forward, Italian betting consumers will be forced to register a government ID verification, alongside the name of the issuing authority, ID number, location and date of expiry.Complying with new AML standards, licensed Italian betting operators will have to record all player account transactions and financial movements upon request of the ADM and its associated stakeholders.Reacting to the ADM’s new mandate, Italian online gambling trade association LOGiCO accused the regulator of overreach and implementing a ‘normative dogma’ which clashed with the digital commercial positions of the Bank of Italy and the Economic Ministry.Moreno Marasco“Our main concern is about the competitive advantage that illegal operators would secure: any further complication (the former Government’s mantra with regards to Gaming was “reduce demand and supply” was not exactly a pearl of economic wisdom) will inevitably bring advantages to illegal operators or an abandonment of the Concession system by the existing players”, stated LOGiCO Chairman Moreno Marasco said.“This provision, along the intentions to remove advertising, the only tool which allows to distinguish the legal offer and to channel the demand for gaming through it, provides an explosive cocktail to return to “dotcom”, of which only unscrupulous economic operators will benefit, ultimately eliminating the consumer protections implemented so far. While Italy has so far proved to be a pioneer regarding the regulation of online gaming in Europe, some rules are decidedly more rigid and not up to those in comparable countries like France and Spain”.__________________last_img read more