Boost Your SQL: The SQL Server Maintenance Solution Supports Dell EMC Data Protection

first_imgNeed a simple, free solution that allows you to switch easily from SQL server native backups to Data Domain Boost? You’ve found it: Dell EMC and Ola Hallengren have partnered to add support for our leading de-duplication offering, DD Boost, to Ola Hallengren’s award-winning SQL Server Maintenance Solution. Our technology and Hallengren’s scripts are designed for mission-critical environments and advanced backup scenarios, leveraging the latest features in SQL server.The combination of DD Boost with Data Domain yields impressive efficiency for backup and replication, capitalizing on Data Domain’s ability to reduce storage requirements and address the breadth of today’s data protection challenges. Client-side deduplication enabled by DD Boost speeds backups by 50% and reduces bandwidth requirements up to 98%. Your environments can scale higher, backup and restore faster, and reduce the load on your server during backup. And DD Boost’s networking features for link failover, aggregation and load balancing provide optimal network utilization while ensuring that backup jobs complete. Data Domain Boost: Faster, More Efficient BackupWhat’s more, DD Boost gives App owners direct control of backup to Data Domain using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. By giving App owners control of the recovery process through native utilities, they do not need to go through Backup Admins and so achieve faster recovery.Deployed by numerous organizations globally and repeatedly voted Best Free Tool in SQL Server Magazine, Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution automates and improves your database maintenance to assist with important, but time-consuming jobs. The solution offers scripts for backups, integrity checks, and index and statistics maintenance. And you can perform tasks independently on the databases you specify.Dell EMC – the market leader in the Data Protection Appliance & Software Market –  protects your infrastructure investments so you can stay focused on realizing your desired business transformations. Visit our Web site for more information about Data Domain and DD Boost: A recognized expert in the SQL Server community, Ola Hallengren is a database developer and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. You can learn more about his solution here: read more

Odds & Ends: Darren Criss Hops on the Hairspray Live! Beat & More

first_imgDarren Criss(Photo: Chris Hastings/NBC) View Comments Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Darren Criss to Go Behind the Scenes for Hairspray Live!In case you were looking for yet another reason to get excited for Hairspray Live! on NBC, here you go. Audience Choice Award winner and frequent Culturalist Challenge Top 10 maker Darren Criss will give fans a behind-the-scenes look throughout the December 7 broadcast. Criss will drop in during the pre-show special and in moments between the performance with updates, and will also host a Facebook Live digital companion show. Make sure to have all your devices at the ready to watch the show, watch Criss and (of course) live tweet.Idina Menzel & Jennifer Nettles Go Rum-Pum-Pum-PumAt the 2014 CMA Country Christmas special, country superstar Jennifer Nettles wished to be best friends with Idina Menzel before dueting on the then-ubiquitous “Let It Go” with the blazing supernova. Two years (and a Broadway debut) later, it looks like she’s gotten her wish. Nettles and Menzel reunited at the annual show on November 28 to perform “The Little Drummer Boy,” which appears on Nettles’ new album. Watch the energizing performance, featuring a meteor shower, pint-sized So You Think You Can Dance alum J.T. Church as a nimble drummer boy and plenty of screlting, below.Anthony Rapp Will Study Space MushroomsIf you were hoping to be the first person to play an openly gay astromycologist lieutenant on screen, find a new goal (also, that’s a weirdly specific goal). Rent and If/Then favorite Anthony Rapp has been tapped to join the cast of Star Trek: Discovery as Lt. Stamets. For those wondering, astromycologists study fungi in space. Someone has to, right? The CBS All Access digital series, which will also star Doug Jones and Michelle Yeoh, is set to premiere in May 2017.Ann Harada Finds Her Host of HunksA Christmas Eve miracle! The lineup is now set for the previously announced return of Christmas Eve’s Holiday Hunkfest. Ann Harada will reprise her performance as Avenue Q’s Christmas Eve for the December 12 event, which will feature the talent (and bodies) of Bandstand-bound Corey Cott, Colin Cunliffe, Aaron C. Finley, Santino Fontana, Jordan Gelber, Aladdin Tony winner James Monroe Iglehart, Devin Ilaw, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Donald Jones Jr., Michael Mindlin, Ryan Silverman, Howie Michael Smith and Bobby Conte Thornton. Proceeds will go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.P.S. Here’s the full clip of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson singing and rapping a Lin-Manuel Miranda tune in Moana. As the demigod himself says, you’re welcome!last_img read more

FERC Deference to Pipeline Operators Seen Contributing to Overbuild

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Tom Pawlicki for SNL:Discoveries of oil and gas in new regions in the U.S. typically bring the need for additional pipelines to take the resources to market. But with natural gas production booming in the past 10 years, industry experts believe that increased use of gas for power generation and deference by regulators may result in a potential overbuild of pipeline infrastructure.The number of interstate natural gas pipelines and compressor stations that have been proposed and approved in recent years is growing.“In 2014, there were 26 pipelines that were approved and then an additional 20 that were proposed,” Carolyn Elefant, a private attorney that represents impacted communities during the pipeline conception process, said at a conference held by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis on March 15. “In 2015, there were 54 pipelines proposed and 30 that were approved. There are definitely many more cases.”Full article ($): FERC deference to pipeline operators seen contributing to overbuild FERC Deference to Pipeline Operators Seen Contributing to Overbuildlast_img read more

5 stars for this online review strategy

first_imgConsumers Credit Union ($1.2B, Gurnee, IL) is polishing up its online image by incenting employees to identify members who might post a positive online review.The Illinois credit union’s 5 Star Difference program calls for staff who have a particularly good interaction with a member to send that info via intranet form to digital marketing manager Eric Shriey. He then emails the members to ask them to post feedback on review sites such as Yelp, Google, Credit Karma, Wallet Hub, and Deposit Accounts.Shriey says two realities drove the creation of this program. First, that online reviews play a crucial role in a credit union’s reputation, and, second, that most reviews tend to be negative. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Germany reports new H5N1 outbreak

first_imgOct 10, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Animal health officials in Germany today reported an H5N1 avian influenza outbreak at a commercial farm in Saxony, signifying the country’s first outbreak since December 2007.The outbreak was detected at a farm in Markersdorf, in east central Germany not far from the border with Poland, according to a report today from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). The report said one bird tested positive for the H5N1 virus.Elke Reinking, a spokeswoman for the Friedrich Loeffler Institute in Insel Riems, Germany, said the bird that tested positive was a duck, according to a report today from Bloomberg News.According to the OIE report, the H5N1 in the single bird was detected during “routine laboratory investigation.” There were no movements of animals into or out of the affected farm within the last 21 days, the report said.The OIE report said 1,434 of the remaining birds were culled to control the spread of the disease. The farm contained 800 geese, 550 ducks, 60 chickens, and 24 turkeys.Germany’s last H5N1 outbreaks occurred in December 2007, striking poultry at three small farms in Brandenburg state, according to previous reports.In other developments, livestock officials in South Korea recently reported a low-pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza outbreak at a duck farm in the city of Yesan, in South Chungchong province, south of Seoul, according to an Oct 6 report to the OIE.The disease was detected during routine surveillance that has been conducted since September at all parent stock duck farms, the OIE report said. Authorities have not determined the source of the virus, and they culled 5,000 birds to prevent the disease from spreading.Elsewhere, veterinary officials in Vietnam recently filed an update report with the OIE that details nine H5N1 outbreaks that occurred between late July and mid September. According to the Sep 30 report, most of the outbreaks occurred in southern provinces, and all have now been declared resolved, except for one in Ca Mau province, at the southern tip of the country. All involved unvaccinated ducks and chickens.The nine outbreaks killed 2,275 birds and led to the culling of 5,472 more, according to the report. Authorities said the sources of the outbreaks were probably the introduction of new live animals, illegal movement of animals, and contact with fomites such as humans, vehicles, or feed.Since posting the OIE report, Vietnam has reported another H5N1 outbreak. The disease struck 300 ducks at a household farm in Nghe An province, in the central part of the country, according to an Oct 7 report from Xinhua, China’s state news agency. Authorities culled the remaining birds on the farm and disinfected the area, the report said.See also:OIE reports on German, South Korean, and Vietnamese outbreakslast_img read more

The Adriatic has become five times more expensive for boaters

first_imgThe drastic increase in the sojourn tax for owners or users of vessels has recently entered into force by a decree of the Croatian Government, which sets prices five to six times higher than before, depending on the category of vessel and the time period for which the tax is paid.For example, the owner of a yacht 9 to 12 meters long has so far had to pay an annual fee of around 150 euros, and according to the new Decree on determining the amount of sojourn tax for 2018, the price will be around 775 euros, and for yachts 12 to 15 meters annual fee jumped from 176 euros to 1.024 euros, he writes Glas Istre. Price classes are divided except by the length of the vessel and by time periods of stay, so for the longest vessels over 20 meters in length, which are also the most luxurious, the fee for a period of one year increases from 227 euros to 1.939 euros, or a maximum of 14.500 kuna.How competitive will Croatia be with the surrounding countries?This news somehow passed under the radar of almost everyone, nor was there an official announcement, and the question that legitimately arises is whether and to what extent Croatia will be a competitor compared to the destinations in the area.Prices are approximate and depend on the exchange rate, but provide a good insight into the new situation. Such a price shock can only be mitigated to some extent by the fact that crews or shipowners mostly do not stay on ships all year round, but for a shorter period. If it’s a month, the annual fee is two to three times more expensive, which might be more acceptable to most. However, it remains questionable how competitive Croatia will be with the surrounding countries.Negative reactions do not only come from nautical circles abroad, but the letter was also sent by the Association of Marinas at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. According to the president of the Association, Sean Lisjak, the price increase was introduced in the height of the tourist season in August and then did not provoke the expected attention and reactions, but it is now extremely critical. “We, as the Association of Marinas, were critical of the intention itself, and now we have sent a letter and asked for an explanation from the Croatian Parliament’s Tourism Committee as to why draconian fees are being introduced, as well as the consequences of such a decision. We also asked for the support of the European Marina Association to provide us with an overview of the level of sojourn taxes for sailors in Europe, and especially in the countries of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Clients are really appalled, because, depending on the category of the vessel, the fees increase in the range from 56 to as much as 753 percent. We can understand the intention to collect a bit more revenue from the fee, but not in a way that most of it is borne by boaters and we are definitely against it. Therefore, we ask the Parliamentary Committee for Tourism to consider this draconian measure and to find a rational solution that will not disrupt the current trend of growing interest of sailors in our marinas. If something does not change, a dramatic drop in nautical traffic can certainly be expected, every kuna means a lot and it is better to earn that kuna in shops and restaurants in marinas than on the sojourn tax”Points out Lisjak, for Glas Istre.Source: Glas Istrelast_img read more

The number of foreign Chinese tourist trips decreased in the last quarter of 2018.

first_imgThe number of border crossings from mainland China increased by 2018 percent in the last quarter of 7, but this growth affected only the destinations of “wider China”, ie Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The rest of the world recorded a lower number of Chinese tourist visits in the last quarter compared to the previous year. “The Chinese are still traveling abroad in increasing numbers, but the lower end of the market has become a little more cautious – choosing closer destinations like Hong Kong and Macao. The upper end of the market, however, is looking for slightly more authentic experiences at new destinations. Visa simplification, an increase in direct air connections and new road and rail links between Hong Kong, Macao and China support this new travel pattern. Further destinations need to increase their efforts to attract Chinese visitors”, Said Wolfgang Georg Arlt, President of COTRI. Most tourists in the world just come from China, especially to destinations like East Asia and Oceania. Some popular destinations for Chinese tourists such as Australia, Germany and Thailand recorded smaller changes in the number of arrivals, while Nepal, South Korea and Cambodia in Asia, Serbia, Croatia and Spain in Europe and Canada in North America recorded much higher numbers. RELATED NEWS: COTRI Analytics provides detailed statistics for the 80 most important destinations of Chinese tourists. “COTRI Analytics Radar” is published every quarter, indicating which countries outside “wider China” record the largest increase or decrease in market segments by age, gender, purpose of visit, form of travel and market share. New quarterly statistics released by the German tourism market research institute COTRI Analytics on February 26 indicate that 56 percent, or 22,5 million of the 40 million overseas trips from mainland China, ended up in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Only 44 percent, or 17,5 million foreign trips, took Chinese tourists to further destinations. In 2017, the ratio was still 50:50, and in previous years even more in favor of further destinations. ANDREJA GAZDEK, PROCONCEPT: CROATIA CAN EXPECT A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF CHINESE TOURISTS IN 2019last_img read more

PREMIUMLukewarm: Jakarta flood victims back out of class action lawsuit

first_imgForgot Password ? Log in with your social account Facebook LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here The Jakarta Flood Victims Legal Advocacy Team, which represents a group of flood victims in their class action suit against the Jakarta administration, is considering replacing three of its plaintiffs who failed to show up to the opening session of the trial on Monday.The five plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was registered on Jan. 13, represent flood victims from each of Jakarta’s five municipalities. The lawsuit cites Law No. 24/2007 on disaster mitigation, which stipulates that the central and regional governments are responsible for disaster mitigation.“However, Bilmar Limbong, 46, representing West Jakarta, Tri Agus Arianto, 51, representing East Jakarta and Yunita Turnip, 46, representing South Jakarta did not appear at the Central Jakarta District Court as their family members did not support their participation in the lawsuit,&rdq… Topics : flood-control flood-class-action Jakarta-flood 2020-New-Year-Great-Flood Central-Jakarta-District-Court Linkedin Googlelast_img read more

Senegal confirms first coronavirus case

first_imgTopics : “So far the patient’s condition has not raised any major concerns.”The patient, a father of two who has lived in Senegal for more than two years, stayed in the southern French city of Nimes as well as a unspecified ski resort last month, Sarr said.The man then returned to Senegal on February 26, where he went to a medical center and registered a fever of 39 degrees Celsius as well as a sore throat and headache. The center contacted the country’s coronavirus alert unit and the patient was quarantined, the minister said. “The surveillance and response system for COVID-19 has been bolstered and all measures are being taken to contain the disease,” Sarr said.He urged the population to stay calm, adding he was “perfectly confident” in the country’s health system.The first case in sub-Saharan African was recorded last week in Nigeria, where an Italian national returned with the virus from his home country.Italy has emerged as the European hotspot for the deadly virus, with more than 2,000 cases, while France has reported the third most in Europe, with at least 130.Before Senegal and Nigeria, the only reported cases in Africa were in Egypt and Algeria.But experts fear the virus spreading to Africa, which struggles with conflicts, poor health infrastructure, crowded cities with inadequate sanitation, rickety governance and porous borders — all of which provide excellent opportunities for the virus to spread.The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged African countries to come together and be more aggressive in attacking the virus. “Our biggest concern continues to be the potential for COVID-19 to spread in countries with weaker health systems,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last week.A 2016 analysis by US think-tank the Rand Corporation found that of the 25 countries in the world that are most vulnerable to infectious outbreaks, 22 are in Africa.center_img Senegal confirmed its first case of the novel coronavirus on Monday, marking just the second infection in sub-Saharan Africa amid concerns over the continent’s vulnerability to outbreaks of contagious diseases.A French man who lives in Senegal visited France in mid-February, contracting the virus before returning to the West African country and being quarantined in the capital Dakar, Senegal’s Health Minister Diouf Sarr said.”The results of the tests carried out by the Pasteur Institute in Dakar came back positive,” Sarr told journalists.last_img read more

Mission Beach home offers options for an investor or homeowner

first_imgViews form 24 Kennedy Esplanade South Mission Beach.Ms Steele said there was plenty of demand for holiday rental stock and recently sold Cassowong Cottages at Wongaling Beach for $730,000.The Reid Rd property included six self-contained cottages and sold before officially marketed for sale. Inspections of the Kennedy Esp property are by appointment only. 24 Kennedy Esplanade, South Mission Beach offers a five-bedroom home with study upstairs and four self-contained apartments downstairs. Built in 2006, Taihoa Holiday Units have been a popular choice for many couples, and is currently marketed as a beachfront adults-only retreat. Three double-ensuited, self-contained studios and a one-bedroom apartment open out to a pool with barbecue facilities.There is also off-street parking at the rear. Seller Tracey Chamlin said the property “lends itself to a great family home” but the accommodation business can easily be managed by one person. A bedroom in one of the South Mission Beach units. More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms2 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns2 days ago“It has investment potential and offers and amazing lifestyle. You’re at the beach, in a big beautiful family home and it’s a bonus if it continues as accommodation, too,” she said.“We’ve talked to people in the past about it being used as a residential workshop venue or somewhere people can do courses and be in luxury accommodation.“There is space for residential cooking classes, there is a wraparound bench in an open plan kitchen. It can easily sit 10 people around the bench and you could do display cooking courses. With a creative mind you could do anything.” 24 Kennedy Esplanade, South Mission Beach living space. Ms Chamlin said the property has excellent internet connection and is on the market at a “rock bottom price at the moment”.Describing it as a “dream residence”, Tropical Property Mission Beach agent Tania Steele said the downstairs apartments would come fully furnished.“There is also access to the property off Kennedy Esp and Wall St as well as 2.5kw solar panels and solar hot water,” she said.“The main residence upstairs has two ensuited bedrooms plus a main bathroom and is selling below replacement cost. HAVE your cake and eat it too — beachside, in this beautiful South Mission Beach property.Priced at $1.29 million, 24 Kennedy Esp is a sprawling home which you can keep all to yourself, or maintain the five-bedroom upstairs property for you and rent out four self-contained apartments on the lower level.last_img read more