Fincantieri Shipyard Released, Environmental Probe Continues

first_imgzoom Italian police have released areas of Fincantieri’s Monfalcone shipyard seized on June 29 on the order of the Criminal Court of Gorizia, the Italian shipbuilder said in a release.The working activities for all the workers involved in the production cycle at the shipyard resumed today.The Prosecutor’s Office also served the director of the shipyard with a notice of investigation for alleged violations of the rules related to the Integrated Environmental Authorization.Fincantieri suspended all of the production activities at its Monfalcone shipyard after the local Carabinieri Unit for the Protection of Environment had seized areas of the shipyard intended for sorting processing residues.The seizure was ordered as part of an investigation into alleged illegal waste management at the site initiated in May 2013, which according to Fincantieri was already rejected by the Preliminary Investigating Judge (GIP) at the Court of Gorizia, and by the latter Court on appeal.Following acceptance of the subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court filed by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Gorizia, the latter was involved in the matter again and this time ordered the seizure.last_img

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