India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test Day 2 Highlights: How Pandya and bowlers derailed Sri Lanka’s revival hopes

first_imgIt has been a terrific day for India and they are all over the home side. Sri Lanka still trail by 333 runs and it will require a herculean effort on their part to bail themselves out of trouble. It was Hardik Pandya who took to the attack to the opposition and scored a terrific century. (Scorecard)SRI LANKA SECOND INNINGS:17.34 IST: STUMPS! Sri Lanka were 135 and 19/1 at the close of play on the second day. The Indian bowlers came out and piled the misery on the hosts. The Sri Lankan batsman tried hard but were found wanting against the testing lines and lengths. Kuldeep Yadav was the star of the show as he picked up a career-best 4/40. He was supported well by Shami and Ashwin. Virat Kohli decided to enforce the follow-on and India continued to stamp their authority. The Sri Lankan openers adopted a circumspect approach but Umesh outfoxed Tharanga.17.24 IST: WICKET! Timber shattered! Umesh Yadav strikes as Tharanga departs for the second time today. Sri Lanka 135, 15/1 vs India 487Virat Kohli is the first Indian captain to enforce follow-on in two consecutive matches of an AWAY series. #SLvIND- Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) August 13, 2017India enforcing f/o in consecutive Tests of a series:v NZ in 1955 v Eng in 1993v SL in 1994v SL in 2017*First 3 were at home#SLvIND- Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) August 13, 20173rd Test. 1.6: R Ashwin to WU Tharanga (4), 4 runs, 10/0 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201714.49 IST: FOUR! Timed perfectly. Length ball on middle and leg, Dimuth Karunaratne flicks it wide of mid-on and the ball raced away to the fence.advertisementSRI LANKA FIRST INNINGS:First innings lead conceded by Sri Lanka in this series309 at Galle439 at ColomboSSC352 at Pallekele#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 13, 201714.36 IST: SRI LANKA HAVE BEEN BOWLED OUT FOR 135! FOLLOW-ON ENFORCED. That’s the final nail in the coffin! Short delivery on middle and leg, spinning down. Sandakan rocks back and looks to pull it through square leg but only manages to get a thick inside edge onto his thigh pad. Sri Lanka surrender rather meekly yet again in the first innings. The conditions seemed treacherous while they batted and Kuldeep Yadav tricked their batsmen into submission. None of their batsmen displayed any resilience that one associates with Test cricket.3rd Test. 36.5: WICKET! V Fernando (0) is out, b Kuldeep Yadav, 135/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201732.2: WICKET! M Pushpakumara (10) is out, b Kuldeep Yadav, 125/8 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201716.11 IST: WICKET! Soft dismissal in the end for the Lankan skipper! This wicket might hasten their fall. Tossed up delivery around off and middle, Chandimal looks to flick it. But he does so straight to leg gully, where Rahul doesn’t falter. He was looking decent out there as he was approaching a 50. Ashwin gets a wicket, as Sri Lanka trail by 362. Sri Lanka 125/7 (31.3 overs) vs India 4873rd Test. 27.2: R Ashwin to M Pushpakumara (6), 4 runs, 118/6 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201715.54 IST: NOT OUT! India lose another review! That’s tossed up around off and turning into Chandimal, who tries to sweep and misses. The ball passes his sweeping arm and settles in to Saha’s gloves which brings up an appeal from the Indians.15.40 IST: WICKET! There are days when good balls go for runs and on some, even bad balls fetch you wickets! A rank half-tracker on middle, Perera could have hit it anywhere. Instead he decides to take the aerial route towards mid-wicket and ends up picking up the lone man, Hardik Pandya, stationed in deep. Sri Lanka 107/6 (22.1 overs) vs India 48715.38 IST: FOUR BYES! Dangerous even for the keeper standing far from the stumps. This length ball outside off is left alone. The ball bounces just in front of Saha and bounces a tad more to hit his shoulders and run away to the fence.15.34 IST: Umesh Yadav has pulled up in his delivery stride. He is walking across gingerly. He is in a lot of discomfort and is now heading back to the dressing room. A while back, he landed awkwardly on the ground while trying to stop a boundary. Hope it is nothing serious. Meanwhile, Shami comes to complete the over in his place. Sri Lanka 101/5 (21.1 overs) vs India 48715.28 IST: WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav breaks the partnership. That was a tossed up wrong ‘un around middle, inviting Dickwella to go for a big shot. He does so and ends up missing the ball completely. Saha behind didn’t miss the stumping chance and that ends Niroshan’s expressive innings. Sri Lanka 101/5 (20.3 overs) vs India 487advertisement3rd Test. 19.6: H Pandya to D Chandimal (38), 4 runs, 99/4 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201715.24 IST: FOUR! Dashing Dickwella is on a roll! Length ball around off and middle, he takes the aerial route as he goes over mid on. The ball goes to the fence for a boundary. Didn’t really get it off the meat of the bat though.15.22 IST: PARTNERSHIP! Pandya bowls a length ball on his pads, Chandimal flicked away in front of square for a double to bring up the 50-run stand between these two. Sri Lanka 89/4 (19.1 overs) vs India 4873rd Test. 18.4: K Yadav to D Chandimal (30), 4 runs, 86/4 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201715.08 IST: FOUR! Tossed up ball around off, Dickwella gets down on one knee and slog sweeps it through mid-wicket to collect a boundary.15.00 IST: We’re back for the third session. Sri Lanka still have 227 runs to avoid follow on.14.42 IST: TEA! Sri Lanka were 61/4 at the session break as India continued to dominate the hosts.3rd Test. 9.5: H Pandya to N Dickwella (4), 4 runs, 42/4 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201714.19 IST: WICKET! The wicket-to-wicket line has done the trick for Hardik Pandya. Smart bowling brings in another dismissal. Length delivery on middle and leg, stays low. Mathews hangs back to keep it out but gets pinged low on the front pad. A confident appeal follows and up goes the umpire’s finger. Sri Lanka 38/4 (9.3 overs) vs India 48714.15 IST: WICKET! Sri Lanka are in disarray here at Pallekele. A run out it is that leads to Kusal Mendis’ downfall. Sri Lanka 38/3 (8.4 overs) vs India 48713.51 IST: WICKET! The previous match centurion departs cheaply this time. Shami bowls a beautiful length ball outside off, coming in to Karunaratne and leaves him ever so slightly as he plays at the original line. The ball takes the edge of the bat and goes low to Saha, who bends his left knee to pouch it smartly. Excellent bowling, event better catching. Sri Lanka 23/2 (4.3 overs) vs India 4873rd Test. 3.5: U Yadav to K Mendis (8), 4 runs, 23/1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201713.45 IST: FOUR! Length ball angling into him, Kusal uses the pace of the ball and guides through backward square leg for a boundary.13.37 IST: WICKET! Sri Lanka waste a review! Fuller in length outside off, swings in a touch. Tharanga pushes at it with minimal foot movement but gets a faint nick. Saha dives to his right and takes a good low catch. The Indians go up in an appeal in unison and the umpire obliges. Tharanga walks across to Karunaratne and he tells him to go for the DRS. The replays confirm the nick. Sri Lanka 14/1 vs India 487INDIA FIRST INNINGS:13.14 IST: INDIA ALL OUT FOR 487! Pandya holes out! Maiden five-wicket haul for Lakshan Sandakan. He has been smart with his variations and has rightly reaped the rewards. Tosses this one well outside off, encouraging Pandya to go for an expansive stroke. He looks to go downtown but his bottom hand comes off while playing that. He ends up slicing it over covers. Dilruwan Perera in the deep settles under it and takes it comfortably.advertisement13.09 IST: We are back for the afternoon session. The Sri Lankan team is in a huddle. They will be aiming to take the final wicket quickly. Hardik Pandya and Umesh Yadav to continue their innings. Lakshan Sandakan to start off the proceedings in this session for Sri Lanka.Power packed century Power packed celebrationPower packed reception in the dressing room Power [email protected] #SLvIND #TeamIndia BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201712.31 IST: LUNCH! 32 overs 158 runs 3 wickets – These figures show towards which side this session has tilted. Hardik Pandya is a name that the Sri Lankans may dread in future, like the Aussies dreaded Laxman in the past decade. This innings of the all-rounder stands as a testimony to his hitting prowess. Clean and powerful are the two adjectives that could describe his shots. Kuldeep Yadav gave him able support before he departed.12.23 IST: FOUR! Cheeky! He is toying with the Sri Lankan bowling! Shortish delivery on off, Pandya ramps it over the keeper’s head for a boundary.12.22 IST: CENTURY! Hardik Pandya slams his maiden hundred. He reaches the three-figure mark off 86 and that’s fastest by an Indian at No.8. Take a bow, Pandya! What a knock it has been from the all-rounder. Fullish delivery on middle, Pandya drives it past mid on and the ball rolls to the fence. He raises his arms up and the Indian dressing room erupts with joy! Complete authority with the way he has batted today. India 481/9 vs Sri Lanka12.10 IST: SIX! He didn’t hit this one cleanly but such is the power of the man that the ball lands into the stands.26 runs by Hardik Pandya in an over – no Indian has hit so many in a single over in Test cricket!#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 13, 20173rd Test. 115.5: M Pushpakumara to H Pandya (83), 6 runs, 456/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 20173rd Test. 115.4: M Pushpakumara to H Pandya (77), 6 runs, 450/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 20173rd Test. 115.3: M Pushpakumara to H Pandya (71), 6 runs, 444/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 20173rd Test. 115.2: M Pushpakumara to H Pandya (65), 4 runs, 438/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 20173rd Test. 115.1: M Pushpakumara to H Pandya (61), 4 runs, 434/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201711.56 IST: SIX! Boom! Pandya uses his feet and Sandakan bowls it wider outside off. The all-rounder does well to reach out and lifts it over wide long off. The fielder in the deep has no chance of catching it.114.2: WICKET! M Shami (8) is out, c & b Lakshan Sandakan, 421/9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201711.49 IST: FIFTY! Hardik Pandya takes a single to complete his second fifty. India 420/8 (113.3 overs) vs Sri Lanka11.41 IST: STAT! India become the second visiting team in Sri Lanka to score 400 in all the three Test matches of the series.11.39 IST: WICKET! The on-field call stays! Floated on off, turns away after pitching. Yadav prods forward to counter it but only manages to get a faint outside edge. Dickwella behind the stumps collects it nicely and appeals. Goes up the umpire’s finger. India 401/8 (111 overs) vs Sri Lanka3rd Test. 107.2: M Pushpakumara to H Pandya (33), 4 runs, 395/7 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201711.26 IST: PARTNERSHIP! 50-run stand up between Kuldeep Yadav and Hardik Pandya.11.03 IST: DRINKS! After picking up an early wicket, Sri Lanka are bowling probing lengths, but are still left searching for wickets. Pandya has looked solid so far and has played his shots too. Kuldeep has had a few plays and misses but is still battling on. The hosts would like to have a wicket-taking potion with the drinks.10.49 IST: FOUR! Smashed smartly! Short ball around off, Pandya pulls it off the front foot through mid-wicket for a boundary. It raced away in a jiffy!3rd Test. 97.2: V Fernando to K Yadav (11), 4 runs, 360/7 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201710.24 IST: FOUR! Crunched crisply! Short all outside off, Pandya stands tall and punches it through covers. The ball rushes away to the fence beating the sweeper cover. That brings up 350 for the visitors.3rd Test. 92.2: L Kumara to H Pandya (8), 4 runs, 345/7 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 201710.09 IST: WICKET! Early success for Sri Lanka and Fernando. Back of a length ball outside off, Saha saw an opportunity to collect runs. He cuts that and does so straight to Perera at gully. India 339/7 (91.3 overs) vs Sri Lanka10.02 IST: FOUR BYES! Length ball outside off, swings in after it passes the batsman. It dips as it reaches Dickwella, who gets an awkward bounce just before him, and races away to the fence.10.00 IST: We are set to get underway. Wriddhiman Saha and Hardik Pandya to continue their innings. Lahiru Kumara to open the bowling this morning. Two slips and a gully in place.How much more can #TeamIndia add to the overnight score? Morning session begins #SLvIND BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 2017Day 2 prep underway #TeamIndia #SLvIND BCCI (@BCCI) August 13, 2017After India dominated the first session, Sri Lanka fought back to win the next two sessions on the first day of the third Test at Pellekele. Sri Lanka bowlers, led by Malinda Pushpakumara, Tested the Indian batsmen and kept them in check.Shikhar Dhawan smashed his sixth hundred and added 188 in an opening partnership with KL Rahul before Sri Lanka’s spinners fought back to halt the touring side’s progress in the third and final Test on Saturday.India reached the close of play on 329 for six, after losing no wickets in the first session, with Wriddhiman Saha unbeaten on 13 and Hardik Pandya not out on one at stumps.After winning the toss and opting to bat, India captain Virat Kohli could not have asked for a better start as his side began their bid to complete a series whitewash over the hosts.Following wins inside four days in Galle and Colombo, the world’s top-ranked side have opened an unassailable 2-0 lead and the injury-hit hosts face another stiff task against Kohli’s men in the finale.On a surface ideal for batting, India’s openers picked up boundaries at will and made Sri Lanka pay for their profligacy with Dhawan given a reprieve on one, his edge flying through the slip cordon off left-arm seamer Vishwa Fernando.The left-handed batsman went on to hit 17 fours in his 123-ball knock before he was out for 119, hitting a sweep shot off left-arm spinner Malinda Pushpakumara straight to Sri Lanka captain Dinesh Chandimal at square leg.Pushpakumara had also provided Sri Lanka a breakthrough in his first over when he dismissed Rahul for 85. The 30-year-old, playing only his second Test, later bowled an out-of-sorts Ajinkya Rahane for 17, to end the day with figures of 3-40.A century once again eluded Rahul, who was dropped twice during his innings, as he was caught at mid-on trying to hit a lofted shot. It was his seventh consecutive score of 50 or more.Left-arm wrist-spinner Lakshan Sandakan then got Cheteshwar Pujara (eight) to edge one to slip as Sri Lanka continued to fight back.The 26-year-old, replacing the injured Rangana Herath, also removed the dangerous Kohli with the right-handed batsman out for 42 after getting an edge to slip.Ravichandran Ashwin (31) was the only wicket to fall to the faster bowlers when he edged Fernando to wicketkeeper Niroshan Dickwella after the hosts had taken the second new ball.Left-arm wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav was the only change for the touring side, called up as a replacement for suspended left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja.The hosts have been hurt by injuries throughout the series and will be missing both spin spearhead Herath and paceman Nuwan Pradeep. Middle-order batsman Dhananjaya de Silva was dropped after scores of nought and 17 in Colombo.last_img

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