Don Imus

first_imgSo Don Imus got suspended for making racial insults? Well, OK, but you can hear that and worse at any stoplight in Los Angeles blaring from somebody’s car radio. The singers didn’t get suspended for it. They got a recording contract and a fan base that includes the very folks who should be offended by such language. Only in America … – David R. Gee Arleta Profits, middle class Re “County unions offer strike support” (April 10): Maria Elena Durazo, official with the L.A. County Federation of Labor, states, “No longer will we tolerate companies who, in their race to make more profits, are destroying what once made this city great: a strong middle class.” Doesn’t Durazo realize that without profit there would be no company, no employees and therefore no “middle class”? A company must make a profit to stay in business. More profits mean more growth, more employees and more people rising into the middle class. – William Hunter Tujunga Make your own bags Re “Paper or plastic or what else for L.A.?” (April 11`): I find I get most of my plastic bags either from the grocery store or the 99 Cents Only, Target and Kmart types of stores. If all of us were to reduce plastic-bag usage from just our top “bag” stores, we could make a huge difference. I try to apply the 3-Rs – reduce, recycle and reuse – in regard to plastic bags. I use an empty tissue box to stuff in plastic bags to then reuse as trash-can liners, etc. You can also hang a simple, cloth “bag bag” to accumulate plastic bags in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc. In response to the San Francisco ban on plastic bags, I developed a simple cloth-bag pattern. One twin flat sheet and an evening of simple straight sewing can make four very sturdy, very large shopping bags that hold the equivalent of three or four plastic bags (and no need to double up for heavy items). – Diana Dixon-Davis Chatsworth Housing economics Re “Anti-housing policy” (Our Opinions, April6): Since the city Housing Authority sets the low rental values on rent-controlled buildings, the city should take responsibility for the relocation fees for evicted tenants when the building is to be razed or converted to condominium housing. The onus on landlords essentially makes such tenants co-owners of their units with the large relocation fees imposed by the city. Fuzzy-headed economics leads to bad long-term results. A council chamber filled with tenants facing relocation sways the vote – not the facts of the decision. If city officials feel tenants need help, the city should fund their relocation costs and help them find other housing. – Sol Taylor Sherman Oaks Political statement Re “Pro or con, feelings strong on flag display” (McCarthy, April 10): Alex Reza gave himself the lie by his statement that our soldiers’ deaths are unjustified and by his placard, “How many more?” So his display is political, after all, and a sordid attack on the sensibilities of the soldiers’ families. How many more? That depends partly on our resolve to finish the job. In the 1930s the Europeans tried appeasing the fascists, who were free to rearm and attack when they were ready. Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” cost the world 50 million dead. We didn’t fight until we, too, had been attacked, losing as many on the first day as in four years in Iraq – and 400,000 not 3,000, dead by the end. – Louis Richter Encino160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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