The Blaugrana costumes, between disbelief and tiredness

first_imgThe fire caused by the club when supposedly hiring a digital company to create opinion states in favor of Bartomeu and his board and discredit players, environment and former players have also arrived at the Blaugrana dressing room. As AS has learned, the WhatsApp group of players was activated in the afternoon to comment long and hard this information, revealed exclusively by the colleagues of the SER chain, which also pointed directly to two of the captains of the staff, Leo Messi and Gerard Piqué.The reactions were the most varied: from directly messing and revelry to the most absolute skepticism also going through the restlessness in some cases and the concern in others. And it is that within the locker room it is not understood how the club is mired in this spiral of controversies and scandals one week yes and another also, which prevents players from having a week to work with peace of mind, and more now thinking that the Champions League and the Classic are just around the corner. If it is not the secretary general, Eric Abidal, speculating openly about a certain passotism in the training of some players in the Ernesto Valverde era – with Messi’s blunt response through social networks -, Bartomeu is now, designated as the main responsible of an initiative, which at best can be considered more than doubtful. The truth is the feeling of tiredness in the template begins to be very clear, aware that it is they who are enduring with wires the institutional balance of the club, since a elimination of the Champions League or a defeat in the Classic could have dire consequences within the entity. And evidently the board knows it, so, as noted ‘Sports world’, Bartomeu plans to meet directly with those affected by this information, Messi and Piqué, to put out the fire and we suppose to give some coherent explanation of this new mess.And it is that in the dressing room begins to have dissenting voices that they don’t understand the path this board is leading. From the frustrated signing of Neymar, the refusal to reinforce in the winter market despite leaving up to three players, the way in which the march of Ernesto Valverde was managed with the included pumpkins of Xavi Hernández, the public insinuations of Abidal that players were the ones who lowered their thumbs on the continuity of Valverde and now the information that points out that from the club itself the ban was opened to shit or scoff directly at the staff’s assets, They are serious enough for the staff to ask for explanations and responsibilities. And, it seems, Bartomeu is willing to give them.last_img

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