Elite Cleaning Of Washington Gives Tips To Remove Hair Spray And…

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Elite Cleaning of WashingtonRemoving Hair Spray & Bathtub DecalsHair Spray! Hair spray gets everywhere: walls, doors, sinks, counters, tile, cabinets, and floors! It leaves a thick sticky residue all over everything. It’s been my experience that other household cleaners just seem to make hair spray residue stickier instead of removing it. Got fabric softener? I found that making a mixture of 1 part fabric softener to 2 parts warm water works like a charm to remove the hair spray residue, repels dust, and leaves a nice shine!Bathtub Decals!Bathtub decals are great to create non-slippery surfaces, but they can be a nightmare to remove. Last year, I was in a home that had these decals.  The homeowner said they were from the prior homeowner who moved out a while ago. She wanted to know if we could remove them.After doing some research and testing a few things, here is what we found worked the best. Get aluminum foil, local rewards store card, hair dryer, magic eraser, and goo-gone! Lay a piece of the foil over the decal, heat with hair dryer on high and work the decal up with the store rewards card. Keep repeating until the decals come off and the glue residue is left. I found using goo-gone and a magic eraser removed the glue residue.  Then clean the shower like normal.Elite Cleaning of Washington is fully licensed and bonded.For home cleaning estimates, please contact Scottiejo at 360.529.2277.last_img

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