Want To Be A Volunteer Coach?

first_imgWho makes a good volunteer?  People who have played a particular sport and still have interest in it are the people athletic directors are need.  In order to become a volunteer, there are several steps you must be willing to go through.  You will have to pass some form of a background check.  If you are not known by the school system, this could be extensive.  In Indiana, as in most states, you must pass certain certifications in order to coach.  These include such things as concussion protocol, sportsmanship, and first aid knowledge.  They are not difficult, and they can be done on line. However, they take time.It is so much better for the athletes if the people working with them want to coach, have knowledge of the sport, and are not looking to make money.  Anyone who has coached can tell you stories about people who were handed a coaching position just to up their salary.  I know one in the past who coached his cross country team at the conference meet by sitting in the car and listening to the Reds baseball game.  Nobody needs that type of coach.Finally, if you have the time to volunteer with the job you have, or if you are retired and still like to coach, contact your local AD and see what is available.  I would be willing to bet that every school needs someone.last_img

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