Winning or Losing Plays in Basketball

first_imgMost people would say that missing a free throw late in the game is the most crucial reason for losing a game.  I disagree.  It is important, but maybe a play early in the game could change the outcome as well.Young teams need to get off to good starts.  If a player shoots a quick shot at the start of the game and misses it, it could put them on a losing track very early and they may never recover. This is a confidence factor.  A turnover at any point in a close game could be the deciding factor.A three-pointer at the buzzer is always important.  It is extremely important when it occurs right before the half.  Remember that momentum is a big part of every game.  Making big plays can occur any time in any quarter.  A break away dunk will excite the crowd and jack the players up for several minutes or maybe a whole quarter.So, as you see, a big play can change a game no matter when it happens!  That does not mean that the free throws at the end are not important.  They still are, but they might not be the most important.last_img

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