PREMIUMLukewarm: Jakarta flood victims back out of class action lawsuit

first_imgForgot Password ? Log in with your social account Facebook LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here The Jakarta Flood Victims Legal Advocacy Team, which represents a group of flood victims in their class action suit against the Jakarta administration, is considering replacing three of its plaintiffs who failed to show up to the opening session of the trial on Monday.The five plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was registered on Jan. 13, represent flood victims from each of Jakarta’s five municipalities. The lawsuit cites Law No. 24/2007 on disaster mitigation, which stipulates that the central and regional governments are responsible for disaster mitigation.“However, Bilmar Limbong, 46, representing West Jakarta, Tri Agus Arianto, 51, representing East Jakarta and Yunita Turnip, 46, representing South Jakarta did not appear at the Central Jakarta District Court as their family members did not support their participation in the lawsuit,&rdq… Topics : flood-control flood-class-action Jakarta-flood 2020-New-Year-Great-Flood Central-Jakarta-District-Court Linkedin Googlelast_img

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