The 60th anniversary of the Institute of Tourism was marked with an expert meeting

first_imgDirector of the Institute of Tourism Damir Krešić Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld she said they receive serious scientific bases for their work from the Institute. “We refer to these studies in setting goals, and our Advent, which has been repeatedly proclaimed the best in the world, shows that we are on the right path. We did research that showed that it is not only important as a destination promotion, but also generates seriously increased consumption. We are pleased to have encouraged the organization of other Adventists across the country. This shows that we can create content that attracts guests out of season”, Bienenfeld emphasized, noting that Zagreb tourism is not only interested in numbers and that they want to raise quality.  Director of the Institute of Tourism Damir Krešić stated that in these six decades they have grown into an unavoidable factor in terms of Croatian tourism. “We are specific for a multidisciplinary professional team that does not study tourism exclusively from an economic point of view, but also focuses on other aspects such as architecture and geography. We place emphasis on sustainability. We are a modern scientific organization, we implement projects that contribute to the global knowledge fund and create social value for the whole country.”, Krešić pointed out and reminded that the Institute, as the Bureau for Tourist and Catering Construction, was founded in 1959 by the Catering Chamber of the People’s Republic of Croatia, the forerunner of today’s Croatian Chamber of Commerce.  “Despite the pessimistic announcements, last season was also successful, so today we have a double reason to celebrate. But despite the positive numbers, I don’t think I will be wrong to say that our tourism is at a turning point. The market is slowly starting to ‘weed’ those who don’t invest in quality, and that trend is sure to continue. It is up to us, the key stakeholders, to make a step forward in fostering that quality”, Said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for International Affairs and the EU Ivan Barbarić opening the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Tourism, where, on behalf of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, he awarded a special recognition to the Institute. State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism Frano Matušić said that tourism is the flagship of the Croatian economy and that it drives the country’s economic growth. “The Institute of Tourism is a reliable and very important partner in the implementation of tourism policy. We are entering the last quarter of the tourist year, which will again be a record in all numbers. The most important is the growth of revenues, over 20 billion kuna has been fiscalized, 1,6 billion more than last year. We are especially pleased with the increase in the first months of the year “, said Matušić, adding that coastal Croatia is the third tourist region in Europe. “We have the preconditions for further growth through the development of continental tourism. Our goal is sustainable tourism and that is why we need to think about the partnership of all stakeholders and about local communities”, Concluded Matušić. Director of the CNTB head office Kristjan Staničić stressed that the Institute in its 60 years has made a great contribution to the development of Croatian tourism. “We are aware that we need to think strategically about how and what to do next if we want future growth in tourism. That is why we need research and analysis conducted by the Institute of Tourism. It is a solid and well-argued basis on which to build competitiveness. This year has shown that we can fight in the international tourism market, and our goal is to enter the top ten world tourist destinations”, Said Staničić. center_img He emphasized that, with the exception of Zagreb, continental Croatia is not developing side by side with the coastal one. “On the other hand, the coast, especially certain destinations, are threatened by the violation of the sustainability limit. The offer is there, the numbers are there, but we need to balance it all together and distribute it more evenly “, said Barbarić. As part of the program, and organized by the Institute of Tourism and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, an expert meeting “Contrasts of Croatian Tourism” was held at the Westin Hotel. Yesterday, the Institute of Tourism marked the 60th anniversary of its existence, on the occasion of the World Tourism Day, which was celebrated on September 27. As part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Institute, two panel discussions were held on the development of coastal and continental Croatia, at which it was concluded that balanced regional development is the key to long-term sustainability of tourism.last_img

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