The number of foreign Chinese tourist trips decreased in the last quarter of 2018.

first_imgThe number of border crossings from mainland China increased by 2018 percent in the last quarter of 7, but this growth affected only the destinations of “wider China”, ie Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The rest of the world recorded a lower number of Chinese tourist visits in the last quarter compared to the previous year. “The Chinese are still traveling abroad in increasing numbers, but the lower end of the market has become a little more cautious – choosing closer destinations like Hong Kong and Macao. The upper end of the market, however, is looking for slightly more authentic experiences at new destinations. Visa simplification, an increase in direct air connections and new road and rail links between Hong Kong, Macao and China support this new travel pattern. Further destinations need to increase their efforts to attract Chinese visitors”, Said Wolfgang Georg Arlt, President of COTRI. Most tourists in the world just come from China, especially to destinations like East Asia and Oceania. Some popular destinations for Chinese tourists such as Australia, Germany and Thailand recorded smaller changes in the number of arrivals, while Nepal, South Korea and Cambodia in Asia, Serbia, Croatia and Spain in Europe and Canada in North America recorded much higher numbers. RELATED NEWS: COTRI Analytics provides detailed statistics for the 80 most important destinations of Chinese tourists. “COTRI Analytics Radar” is published every quarter, indicating which countries outside “wider China” record the largest increase or decrease in market segments by age, gender, purpose of visit, form of travel and market share. New quarterly statistics released by the German tourism market research institute COTRI Analytics on February 26 indicate that 56 percent, or 22,5 million of the 40 million overseas trips from mainland China, ended up in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Only 44 percent, or 17,5 million foreign trips, took Chinese tourists to further destinations. In 2017, the ratio was still 50:50, and in previous years even more in favor of further destinations. ANDREJA GAZDEK, PROCONCEPT: CROATIA CAN EXPECT A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF CHINESE TOURISTS IN 2019last_img

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