The Adriatic has become five times more expensive for boaters

first_imgThe drastic increase in the sojourn tax for owners or users of vessels has recently entered into force by a decree of the Croatian Government, which sets prices five to six times higher than before, depending on the category of vessel and the time period for which the tax is paid.For example, the owner of a yacht 9 to 12 meters long has so far had to pay an annual fee of around 150 euros, and according to the new Decree on determining the amount of sojourn tax for 2018, the price will be around 775 euros, and for yachts 12 to 15 meters annual fee jumped from 176 euros to 1.024 euros, he writes Glas Istre. Price classes are divided except by the length of the vessel and by time periods of stay, so for the longest vessels over 20 meters in length, which are also the most luxurious, the fee for a period of one year increases from 227 euros to 1.939 euros, or a maximum of 14.500 kuna.How competitive will Croatia be with the surrounding countries?This news somehow passed under the radar of almost everyone, nor was there an official announcement, and the question that legitimately arises is whether and to what extent Croatia will be a competitor compared to the destinations in the area.Prices are approximate and depend on the exchange rate, but provide a good insight into the new situation. Such a price shock can only be mitigated to some extent by the fact that crews or shipowners mostly do not stay on ships all year round, but for a shorter period. If it’s a month, the annual fee is two to three times more expensive, which might be more acceptable to most. However, it remains questionable how competitive Croatia will be with the surrounding countries.Negative reactions do not only come from nautical circles abroad, but the letter was also sent by the Association of Marinas at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. According to the president of the Association, Sean Lisjak, the price increase was introduced in the height of the tourist season in August and then did not provoke the expected attention and reactions, but it is now extremely critical. “We, as the Association of Marinas, were critical of the intention itself, and now we have sent a letter and asked for an explanation from the Croatian Parliament’s Tourism Committee as to why draconian fees are being introduced, as well as the consequences of such a decision. We also asked for the support of the European Marina Association to provide us with an overview of the level of sojourn taxes for sailors in Europe, and especially in the countries of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Clients are really appalled, because, depending on the category of the vessel, the fees increase in the range from 56 to as much as 753 percent. We can understand the intention to collect a bit more revenue from the fee, but not in a way that most of it is borne by boaters and we are definitely against it. Therefore, we ask the Parliamentary Committee for Tourism to consider this draconian measure and to find a rational solution that will not disrupt the current trend of growing interest of sailors in our marinas. If something does not change, a dramatic drop in nautical traffic can certainly be expected, every kuna means a lot and it is better to earn that kuna in shops and restaurants in marinas than on the sojourn tax”Points out Lisjak, for Glas Istre.Source: Glas Istrelast_img

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