Senior Associate Dean for Library Operations, Assessment and Communications

first_imgJob Open Date10/09/2020 Quick Link Minimum Qualifications:• Master’s degree in Library or Information Science, or equivalentadvanced degree.• Requires four years related experience with a history ofprogressively knowledgeable/responsible experience in theadministration of library operations, facilities andprogram/service development.• Demonstrated success with implementing and assessing strategiclibrary-wide initiatives.• Demonstrated experience building working relationships andcollaborations with academic programs and/or faculty at aninstitution of higher education.• Knowledge and understanding of key issues and trends that affectacademic libraries and higher education.• Demonstrated commitment to professional activity/service,especially in the areas of management and leadership, assessment,or trends in higher education.Preferred Qualifications:• Demonstrated experience capitalizing on growthopportunities.• Demonstrated experience working successfully with people fromdiverse cultural backgrounds, including international scholars,faculty, and students.Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:• Comprehensive administrative knowledge of library sciencesystems, library operations, policies, procedures, and personnelincluding but not limited to: budgeting, planning, evaluating, andimproving library programs; implementing instructional andinformation technologies; directing staff development activities;and managing library service areas.• Models inclusive excellence through specific actions that supportthe College’s diversity goals in the recruitment, hiring, andretention of talented and diverse faculty and staff.• Ability to oversee and coordinate professional development plans,management and evaluation, and submits appropriate recommendationsof personnel actions.• Works directly with contractual provisions, interpreting contractlanguage and working with faculty and staff to ensure contractprovisions are met.• Responsible for the protection and safe-keeping of confidentialdata acquired during the course of work.• Ability to work well both independently and in a collaborativeenvironment and to contribute to professional service.• Exemplary interpersonal and written communication skills plus ademonstrated commitment to professionaldevelopment/achievement.• Ability to create an exciting, future-oriented library. Northern Kentucky University ( NKU ) seeks excellence by enrichingits educational environment and culture through the diversity ofits administration, faculty and staff and by embracinginclusiveness, equity, and global awareness in all dimensions ofits work. NKU is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/AffirmativeAction institution. We encourage applications by members of diversegroups and by persons with a demonstrated commitment to issues ofdiversity and experience in achieving goals relative to inclusiveexcellence. Working TitleSenior Associate Dean for Library Operations, Assessment andCommunications Purpose of Position Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsResumeCover Letter/Letter of ApplicationReferencesOptional DocumentsOther Minimum EducationMaster’s Degree Primary Responsibilities Open Until FilledYes Requisition Number2020F498 Commitment to Inclusive Excellence Posting Details Full Time or Part Time?Full Time DepartmentSteely Library Job Close Date The Senior Associate Dean for Operations, Assessment andCommunications is a new position that assists the Dean of theLibrary with administration of the library. This position plays akey role in developing and executing strategic initiatives thatsupport the mission of the library and the university. The SeniorAssociate Dean will oversee critical aspects of library operationsincluding, assessment and user experience, communications, grants,space and building operations management and events. Applicants forthe Senior Associate Dean position will be student-centered,data-driven, and equity-minded.The W. Frank Steely Library provides a wide range of libraryservices to support the University’s commitment to its Success byDesign strategic framework, which promotes student success byembracing inclusiveness, equity, global awareness, and academicneeds of students and faculty in each academic college. Libraryfaculty and staff have enhanced traditional services to betteraddress 21st century information needs and are collaborativepartners across campus. The library’s twenty faculty members andfourteen staff members are leading the implementation of NKU’scampus-wide Quality Enhancement Plan on Information Literacy andnewly created digital repository, and offering an online Bachelor’sdegree in library informatics. The library recently receivedincreased financial support from the university, is finalizing adepartmental restructuring, is launching a new website, and istransforming its spaces, services, and collections to better meetthe needs of students, faculty, staff, and the region.NKU is a public comprehensive university located in the NorthernKentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area. The universitydelivers innovative, learner-centered education and engages inimpactful scholarly and creative activities, all of which empowerstudents for fulfilling careers and meaningful lives whilecontributing to the social and economic vitality of the region. NKUhas almost 14,000 students, over 2,000 faculty and staff. It offers79 undergraduate degree programs, master’s degrees in 21disciplines, graduate certificates in 15 areas, two doctoralprograms, a law degree, and in a partnership with the University ofKentucky and St. Elizabeth Hospital opened a medical school in thefall of 2019. Preferred EducationMaster’s Degree Job Duties:• Oversees library space and building operations management,including user space planning, facilities and building security,and emergency planning.• Provides leadership and oversees assessment, user experience,program review, accreditation, and other performance metrics andreporting.• Provides leadership for the library’s communication and marketingplan, including supervision of the re-envisioned Communications andMarketing Manager position and oversees event management.• Oversees the library’s annual student budget allocations andprovides guidance to the Student Supervisors Committee.• Oversees and engages with the library’s new Board of StudentStakeholders.• Ensures excellence of the Continuing Library Education program,part of the ALA’s Library Support Staff Certification Program,including staffing and budgeting.• Responsible for securing and administering grants that supportthe mission of the library.• Responsible for recommending initiatives, services, policies, andpractices to address persistent equity, diversity, and inclusionchallenges in the library, campus, and the community.• Works and collaborates with the Dean, Associate Dean forCollections, and Department Heads to develop and implement policiesand procedures and to foster a team environment.• Manages special projects assigned by the Dean and trackslibrary’s goals in support of the strategic plan/framework.• Other duties as assigned.Service and Scholarship:• Participates in library and campus-wide committees and NKUfaculty governance.• Participates in scholarship and creative activity in order tomeet expectations for faculty at NKU . 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Ancient Earth Smackdown at Santa Fe Tells Global Story

first_imgBiblical creationists believe in a global flood, but did you know secular geologists have a global catastrophe, too?  Both groups converge on evidence at a certain layer of rock.  To get there, we begin at a “a compelling story about the distant past” that emerges from a look at rocks near Santa Fe, New Mexico.    Leslie Mullen, writing for the online Astrobiology Magazine (a NASA website), told the story of an ancient impact.  No crater was left, because this impact is assumed to have occurred “sometime between 1.2 billion and 330 million years ago” – but no earlier.  Why?  Because a boundary layer forms the point of convergence of two global catastrophe stories.  Her article focused primarily on the alleged craterless impact of a body 5 to 12 times larger than the stone that formed the more recent Barringer Crater near Winslow Arizona.  The mountains near Santa Fe, by contrast, look like a “random jumble of different shapes and colors,” Mullins said; but they “can tell a compelling story about the distant past” to trained geologists.    As evidence for an impact, she cited the discovery of “shatter cones,” which are “cone-shaped rocks each have distinctive wavy patterns, as though the rock itself briefly became a flowing liquid before re-solidifying.”  Similar structures have been found at underground nuclear blast sites.  The only other force that can make these, she said, is the “instantaneous hypervelocity force of a meteorite impact.”  At the end of the article, though, she admitted that to tell the story of what happened will require “an army of scientists and graduate students studying this site, over many, many years.” – indeed, according to Horton Newsom of the University of New Mexico, an expert in meteor impacts, “It could take several lifetimes to do all the necessary work.”    But why the upper limit of 1.2 billion years?  It’s not just that volcanoes or erosion tend to erase craters over time.  Something happened at that point in the evolutionary timeline that affected the entire planet:Complicating the question is the “Great Unconformity”, an event that wiped about a billion years of history out of the geologic record of this region.  The disappearance of these tons of rocks was due to erosion – seas receded, and the newly exposed rocks wore away through wind, rain and other weathering processes.  Then the seas flooded in again and sediments began forming new layers.  The result is that a 330-million-year-old rock layer now lies directly on top of rocks that vary between 1.2 and 1.6 billion years old, depending on the location.But was the Great Unconformity limited to the region around Santa Fe?  It is very obvious throughout the Grand Canyon, where underlying rocks, even tilted sediments, were planned flat as a pancake over a vast area.  New sediments (beginning with the Tapeats Sandstone) lie on top of this clear boundary, sometimes with huge boulders embedded in the sandstone.  Whatever caused a violent shearing force to underlying igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks covered a wide area.    A search on “Great Unconformity” shows that this break in the sediments extends wider still.  A journal article posted at claims it is found in throughout Colorado, too: “Any volcanism or surface topography developing in Colorado during or before this time had been thoroughly erased by the close of the Great Unconformity.”  Wikipedia (no friend of Biblical creationism) states, “Geologist John Wesley Powell called this major gap in the geologic record, which is also seen in other parts of the world, the Great Unconformity.”  Clicking on the link elaborates further: “The Great Unconformity is a geologic feature that exists across the world at a relatively consistent rock strata (or depth relative to sea-level).”1     Any unconformity worldwide in its extent would seem to require to a global catastrophe.  Creationists confidently point to this layer as the onset of the worldwide Flood described in Genesis 6-9, when the rising, violent floodwaters sheared off the surface of the antediluvian world, destroying the world as it was (II Peter 3:3-9), then began depositing new sedimentary layers that became reworked as the floodwaters subsided (subject to post-Flood erosion and volcanism).  What else could have caused the Great Unconformity?  (See Canyon Ministries for arguments in favor of the Flood.)    A sample pro-evolutionist site responded with a different kind of catastrophe.  A writer at the Milwaukee Evolution League in 2005 answered the creationist claim with a counter-claim that glaciers did it.  “Only a glacier can plane off rugged, jagged mountaintops with such level precision,” the writer, who calls himself “SaganJr,” said.  “A massive enough glacier can literally bulldoze over rock, leveling off everything in its path.”  He claimed this also coincides with a time geologists believe glaciers covered the planet: “we know from other geologic evidence that the world was virtually covered in glaciers in the largest ice age the planet had ever seen,” he said.  “It makes perfect sense that a glacier planned off the angled, mountainous layers over 250 million years, before the earth warmed, oceans rose, and sedimentary deposits began to accumulate once again.  Certainly, this makes much more sense than claiming that a global flood did it.”    Either way, a global catastrophe occurred to form the Great Unconformity seen at Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, Denver, and other continents around the world.  Dates and mechanisms may differ, but creationists and evolutionists can’t dispute that flat, worldwide layer in the rocks.1.  CEH does not consider Wikipedia a reliable source; but for this reference, it can be considered reliably anti-creationist.If a “story” is required to explain the data anyway, who has a better one?  One thing is for sure: the present was not the key to the past, as Lyell believed.  This is also true for Venus and Mars.  So any hope of resting secular planetary science on natural laws – on observable, repeatable processes – is problematic, when they have to invoke very special ad hoc conditions to make their story fit the facts.  Creationists admit that the conditions for the Flood were special, but they are not ad hoc, because one chooses whether or not to believe the eyewitness that tells us what happened, and why.    Another thing that seems clear is that glaciers are a poor explanation for the Great Unconformity.  Glaciers slide down mountains.  If the whole world were a mountain covered with ice, the glaciers would have no place to slide and plane off the surface.  Where are the valleys, like Yosemite?  Where are the moraines?  Why did it happen when they say it did, and not earlier or later?  Where are the millions of meteors that must have fallen in a billion years, and why were none of them large enough to end the ice age?    The Great Unconformity is flat as a pancake in most exposures; this is clearly evident in the Grand Canyon for hundreds of miles.  The secular story also has to invoke about a billion years of missing history between the underlying rocks and the overlying sedimentary layers, which are also mostly flat as a pancake (all the way up to the rim of Grand Canyon).  If those million years took place, why are there not numerous gullies, channels and faults running through the Great Unconformity?  It appears that the surface of the earth was scoured flat in a single event, after which sediments quickly became deposited.  It looks like a global Flood.    The meteor that Mullins talked about, if that’s what caused the Santa Fe rocks to look like they do, occurred after the Flood – not hundreds of millions of years ago.  The secular date is decided based on the rocks in their presumed evolutionary context – in other words, the rocks in their head.  It is not based on some true history that is out there in the world.  It’s part of their scheme, their story, of how the world came to be.    If you want to believe the evolutionary story, full as it is of ad hoc special pleading, fine.  If you can live the several lifetimes for the army of secular geologists to try to figure out their story, fine.  But don’t fall for the notion that it is somehow superior or “scientific” because secular experts believe it.  Both camps need a story, but there is a difference between historical narrative and fiction.  Historical narrative has eyewitness testimony and usually tends to fit the observations better.  Look at the Great Unconformity and think about it.  You might want to also think about the 07/15/2010, 07/01/2010, and 06/27/2010 entries.(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

NLEX sweeps Alaska, enters semis for first time

first_imgNLEX’s Kevin Alas. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netNLEX booked a historic trip to the semifinals after sweeping Alaska following an 87-83 win in Game 2 of the 2018 PBA Philippine Cup quarterfinals Wednesday night at Smart Araneta Coliseum.Michael Miranda emerged as the unlikely hero for the Road Warriors, who arranged a best-of-seven semis duel with No. 2 Magnolia beginning Saturday night.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Miranda reentered the game with 3:20 left in the game after replacing JR Quiñahan, who fouled out, and scored five unanswered points, a 3-pointer and two free throws, that put NLEX ahead for good, 85-80, with 2:06 remaining.He finished with 12 and three rebounds in 20 minutes off the bench.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“We knew before the game that Alaska was going to get back at us a lot harder than in our first game. Our luck held up and the team deserves the credit,” said Yeng Guiao, who is only in his second season as NLEX’s head coach.“They really wanted this. They’re very hungry to make the semifinals and make our fans happy, make our supporters happy, our management happy. This bunch of guys were able to at least get to the farthest level that we can get.” LOOK: Iya Villania meets ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ cast in Mexico Kevin Alas led all scorers with 18 points, including an acrobatic drive that extended the Road Warriors advantage, 87-83, with 1:12 to go. Alas also grabbed nine rebounds.The Aces, who drew a beastly effort from Calvin Abueva, missed their last five attempts from the field inside the final three minutes.Abueva wound up with 17 points and 16 rebounds for Alaska, which had 24 turnovers and shot only 4-of-20 from downtown.ADVERTISEMENT Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Pussycat Dolls set for reunion tour after 10-year hiatus Tigresses on wrong side of history as Lady Warriors finally end skid Read Nextcenter_img Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Typhoon ‘Tisoy’ threatens Games Google honors food scientist, banana ketchup inventor and war hero Maria Orosa John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Families in US enclave in north Mexico hold sad Thanksgiving Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles03:47Tropical Depression ‘Quiel’ enters PAR01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City MOST READ View commentslast_img read more

Kids ready for trip to Manchester United

first_imgIt was during a school football match in 2008 that Amit Dhankhar was told by his coach to shift to central defence from his usual role as a striker as the team was short at the back.Dhankhar, a student of CRPF School, adjusted so well to the role that he continued playing as a defender. He even represented the Delhi u-17 team. Now, the 15-year-old from Haryana is one step away from going to Old Trafford for a week’s training at Manchester United.Dhankhar, along with Agaiya Sharma and Kartikeya Swarup, have been shortlisted from the Delhi leg of the ‘Airtel Rising Stars’ programme. The trio will be joining 45 others from across the country for the final selection phase from September 10-15 in Bangalore. From the 48, 12 kids will be picked to go to Manchester United.More than 3,000 under-16 players attended the four-day trials at the Ambedkar Stadium here. Apart from the number of contestants, the heat made the task tougher for the kids to impress the six selectors, all of whom were AIFF accredited coaches.After the trials got over, Dhankhar heaved a sigh of relief. “There were so many players and the contest only intensified as the trials progressed. It was really tough in the final phases,” he said.”Though I have not made it to the final 12, I still have a chance for the Bangalore trials. I don’t stay with my family as I live in a hostel and I am going to celebrate.”The youngsters are aware that the training stint at the Premiership club will only be for one week and how useful it will be in honing their skills remains to be seen. “It would have been better if the training programme was longer. But still for a youngster like me getting an opportunity to train at the Theatre of Dreams does not come every day,” said Swarup, who has also represented India at the U-13 AFC Cup Football Festival in Iran earlier this year.advertisementlast_img read more

Elite Eight day two wrap-up

first_imgBy BEN HARRISQueensland Chiefs and New South Wales Mets lead the way in the Elite Eight women’s and men’s opens divisions respectively at the 2013 X-Blades National Touch League in Coffs Harbour.Both sides remain undefeated as they knocked off their nearest rivals on day two of competition.The Chiefs shared top spot with the NSW Scorpions after day one but are now the outright leaders of the competition.In their two matches today, the Queenslanders defeated NSW Rebels 7-2 and kept out the Scorpions 5-2.Australian representative and Queensland women’s opens skipper Peta Rogerson picked up two touchdowns in the match.It was a disappointing day for the NSW side as they lost both of their matches.Defending champions, the Mets, occupy second position following an 8-5 win over the Scorpions and a 10-1 mauling of the Queensland Country Outlaws. The Alliance are in fourth position but they have NSW Country Mavericks on their backs. Only four touchdowns are separating the Scorpions, Alliance and the Mavericks.The Queensland South Stingrays and Rebels have to win their two remaining matches and hope other results go their way to make a tilt at the semi-finals.The Outlaws, unfortunately, are out of contention.In the men’s, the Mets lead the way on 20 points.They had two thrilling wins against the Scorpions (8-6) and the Outlaws (8-5).It’s the Outlaws’ only loss of the tournament but they can still finish first if the Mets slip up tomorrow.The Mavericks and the Stingrays are third and fourth respectively. They have a four-point advantage over the Scorpions who are in fifth spot after they scored their first win of the tournament.The Alliance slipped down the ladder following their two losses; they are on six points alongside the Chiefs.The Rebels are out of contention and have yet to post a win.Rounds six and seven will be played tomorrow with the play-offs held on Saturday.You can keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and information from the 2013 X-Blades National Touch League in the following MediaFacebook – – (be sure to use the hashtag #NTL2013)Instagram – search for ‘Touch Football Australia’YouTube – Football Australia will be live streaming matches on their YouTube page.Related LinksElite Eight day twolast_img read more

10 months agoReal Madrid hero Salgado: Solari and Isco need to talk

first_imgReal Madrid hero Salgado: Solari and Isco need to talkby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Real Madrid fullback Michel Salgado says management must find a way to rebuild Isco’s confidence and commitment. After being dumped to the bench for victory over Rayo Vallecano on the weekend, Isco feels there’s no way back for himself under coach Santiago Solari. As such, he is now planning to quit Real next month.However, Salgado says: “Solari has to organise a meeting with Isco to find a solution to this problem.”They have to fix this problem as soon as possible!” TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Former Louisville G Chris Jones Recommends Kentucky’s Trey Lyles Not Mess With Cincy’s Octavius Ellis

first_imgKentucky's Trey Lyles plays in NCAA Tournament.It’s getting a bit intense inside the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Ky. Early in the second half of No. 1 Kentucky’s game against No. 8 Cincinnati, Wildcats’ freshman forward Trey Lyles got into it with Bearcats’ forward Octavius Ellis. There was some shoving and trash talking; Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison was called for a technical foul during the mini-scrum. Former Louisville guard Chris Jones, who was dismissed from the program earlier this month, recommends Lyles not mess with Ellis. Trey don’t want those problems lol foreal— Chris Jones (@iAM_UNGUARDABLE) March 21, 2015Jones really isn’t in a position to be giving advice about anything, but this is something Lyles might want to listen to. One of the few things that could doom Kentucky is a lack of composure.last_img read more

Video: Meet Nick Chubb’s 9-Year-Old Cousin, A Star RB Georgia Is Apparently Already Recruiting

first_imgNick Chubb's Cousin carries football past defenders.Nick Chubb’s CousinNick Chubb is a freak of a football player. The 5-foot-10, 220-pound running back rushed for 1,547 yards and 14 touchdowns as a freshman for Georgia in 2014. He should be one of the country’s top players this fall. The Cedartown, Ga., native certainly has some good genes. So it would make sense that he’s not the only member of his bloodline to be great on the gridiron. Meet Harlem Diamond, a 9-year-old cousin of Chubb who is already showing out on the football field. Georgia already seems to be recruiting him (to an extent). The Bulldogs’ Twitter account sent out the following tweet this afternoon.#homeGrown #ChubbStrong #CommitToTheG— Georgia Football (@FootballUGA) May 15, 2015Bulldogs’ fans would certainly be happy if he eventually decides to #CommitToTheG.last_img read more

Uljanik Plovidba Secures Debt Relief for MR Duo

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Croatian shipping company Uljanik Plovidba has reached an agreement to refinance two medium range (MR) tankers after securing a discount with existing lenders.The company was granted the permission to refinance an existing syndicated loan issued for the purchase of two tankers, Kastav and Pomer.In a stock exchange filing, Uljanik Plovidba said that it was granted an approval for the significant debt relief by a group of international banks, led by Credit Suisse AG, after months of talks.The existing credit debt, reduced by the approved discount, will be repaid in two installments. The first will amount to 95% of the total amount and will be financed by a new credit facility to be granted by a foreign lender, while the remaining 5% is to be repaid by the end of the year.Uljanik Plovidba informed that the relevant contractual and other documentation related to the refinancing of the existing credit facility and the new loan facility is expected to be finalized in early November 2018.The transaction would reduces the overall credit exposure of Uljanik Plovidba and create favorable conditions for the company’s long-term survival.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Necropsy will be performed on dog that died during Yukon Quest dog

first_imgWHITEHORSE — A dog has died during the Yukon Quest dog sled race for the third year in a row.A release from race officials says Joker, a five-year-old male on the team of Czech musher Misha Wiljes, died Monday and was carried into the next checkpoint in the sled.Race chief veterinarian Nina Hansen says a necropsy will be performed in an effort to determine why the dog died.Wiljes, a veteran of the 1,600 kilometre Yukon Quest, finished 17th place in 2012 and is currently running in 17th spot, with about one quarter of the trail still ahead.There’s no indication if she will pull out of the race, but the Yukon Quest website shows she left Central checkpoint in Alaska early Tuesday and was on one of the final steep ascents of the gruelling race.Alaskan native Brent Sass won the race, crossing the finish in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Monday after setting out Feb. 2 from Whitehorse. (CKRW)The Canadian Presslast_img read more