People, poverty and parks

first_img17 September 2003While protected areas make very important contributions at local, national and global levels, a disproportionate amount of the costs are borne by people living in and around protected areas, especially when they are displaced and resettled, and ownership and access rights are taken away from them.Following a strong call made by Nelson Mandela to make protected areas useful for poverty alleviation, participants at the fifth IUCN World Parks Congress in Durban recommended that protected area communities address the issue.The topic of the linkages between poverty and protected areas has received important attention at the congress, starting with addresses by Mandela and President Thabo Mbeki at the opening of the congress on 8 September.Mbeki, welcoming delegates to South Africa, drew attention to the UN Millennium Declaration and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, expressing the hope that globalisation would become a positive force for the equitable distribution of resources.Identifying poverty and underdevelopment as major threats to nature conservation, Mbeki commended the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad) – the socio-economic blueprint of the African Union – for combining environmental and social goals.Mandela, in his address, stressed the need to involve young people in managing protected areas, and to consider protected areas’ contribution to poverty alleviation. Highlighting projects empowering people and plans for transboundary protected areas in southern Africa, Mandela noted that a sustainable future for protected areas lay in developing partnerships.A special congress session on poverty and protected areas followed on 11 September, where expert Bob Fisher from Australia pointed out that incorporating poverty reduction in conservation is an ethical and human rights imperative, and that approaches such as resettlement and resource substitution are inadequate to address socioeconomic concerns.Dylis Roe from the International Institute for Environment and Development, and Joanna Elliot of the UK department for international development, presented a study on pro-poor conservation that explored the linkages between wildlife and poverty.Sam Gichere from the Kenyan ministry of finance and economic planning, made a presentation on protected areas and poverty, where he noted the development opportunities of tourism for local communities.Subsequently, the “Building Broader Support for Protected Areas” stream at the congress passed a recommendation on poverty and protected areas. It advocates a number of guiding principles for protected area agencies and practitioners, including the following:Protected areas should strive to contribute to poverty reduction at the local level, and at the very minimum must not contribute to or exacerbate poverty. Where negative social, cultural and economic impacts occur, affected communities should be fairly and fully compensated. Biodiversity should be conserved both for its value as a local livelihoods resource and as a national and global public good.Some conventional protected area approaches have tended to exclude people and / or prohibit most kinds of resource use within certain categories of protected areas, without providing alternatives to meeting the livelihood needs of local people.Many participants at the congress presented an alternative view that sees sustainable resource use and management as a realistic alternative, which would contribute to both poverty reduction and biodiversity conservation.The debate is very much alive at the Congress, but it is encouraging to note that new alternative approaches are being considered.In addition to better management of natural resources, there are also opportunities for developing mechanisms for payments to local communities for ecological services such as improved water and carbon sequestration.In order to direct the benefits of any income-generating activities (such as payments for ecological services and tourism) to the poor, a key need is to develop better governance structures and policies, which incorporate fair share of benefits with emphasis in preventing and reducing poverty.Source: World Conservation Unionlast_img read more

SA cricket franchise appoints woman COO

first_img A mother of two boys and a girl, Kambarami is still burning the proverbial midnight oil to finish another degree, a Masters in Sports Law, through the De Montfort University in Leicester. She enrolled in 2013, and hopes to complete the degree in 2016. SAinfo reporter “I had to put it all together with my right-hand man, Eddie Khoza, and the Momentum team of Charlene Lackay and Emmanuel Mahlangu. It was beautiful.” When the position of marketing manager at the Titans became available, she successfully applied for the position, starting working in Centurion in October 2003.Momentum eKasi Challenge Kambarami was the driving force behind the successful Momentum eKasi Challenge, which brings together The Unlimited Titans and the Bizhub Highveld Lions to play a pre-season match annually over a four-year period, alternating between Pretoria and Johannesburg. 29 May 2014 South African cricket team the Unlimited Titans have made history by appointing Patricia Kambarami as their new chief operating officer. She is the first woman to hold such a senior position with one of the country’s six professional cricket franchises. Formerly the marketing and events manager of the Titans, Zimbabwean-born Kambarami will now occupy one of the most demanding positions in South African cricket.Hot seat SuperSport Park in Centurion outside Pretoria is one of the country’s favourite cricket grounds, hosting numerous T20, one-day international and test matches, as well as Titans’ games. A cricket administrator known for her relentless pursuit of excellence and a keen appreciator of team work, Kambarami’s appointment was widely expected. In 2003, Kambarami worked as venue assistant for World Sport Nimbus, an organisation that managed the commercial property of the International Cricket Council at the Cricket World Cup in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Looking ahead, she said: “My focus in my new position … is to retain the world-class status of SuperSport Park.”Impressive curriculum vitae Kambarami’s curriculum vitae is the envy of many cricket administrators in South Africa, and it continues to grow. She has an MBA from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, a graduate diploma in marketing management from the Institute of Marketing Management in South Africa, and a certificate in sports events and project management from Wits University’s graduate school of business.center_img Titans CEO Jacques Faul hailed Kambarami as a hard-working stalwart of the franchise who, during 11 years as marketing and events manager, has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the Titans’ cause. ‘It is well deserved’ “It is well-deserved,” Faul said in a statement on Wednesday. “I have no doubt she is the perfect person for this new challenge. Patricia is also 100 percent focused on delivery for the sake of the franchise’s continual commercial success.” “Certainly the highlight of the past 11 years was the conceptualization and the practical implementation of the Momentum eKasi Challenge. Jacques [Faul] came up with the idea,” Kambarami added. ‘Team work is essential’ Asked about what has underpinned her success as an administrator, Kambarami said she believes no man or woman is an island. “Team work is essential. You cannot do it on your own.”last_img read more

Sponsor Post: Taking The Pulse of the Developer Ecosystem

first_imgTag cloud based on 828 responses from 502 developers.If you’re a current API provider, or you’re thinking of advancing an API program by opening up your data to developers, there’s plenty of room for targeting the niche of your business. Since the landscape of the API providers is not conducive to a winner takes all conclusion, there is a thriving, healthy long tail of developers who are interested in new platforms and creative innovation. The secret sauce is in the type of data you expose, and how simple you make it to access your data.So don’t be a five-year-old on the soccer field, flocking to the latest shiny object. Play your position, and stay focused on your core audience. Think about it: When Chris Anderson first established his The Long Tail theory, the premise was that overcoming the limitations of geography and scale will enable you to discover new markets and expand existing ones – because there’s an audience for everything, and “popularity no longer has a monopoly on profitability.” “Going by past evidence, [even] closed ecosystems… still allow for opportunities to be made at the edge of the ecosystem in areas the platform owner deems too small to bother with,” writes VentureBeat.With nearly 2,000 APIs listed on ProgrammableWeb, there is more room for compelling data to be re-mixed and re-used into different user experiences across multiple devices. Related Posts, Business of APIs Conference, November 2009 2. Open platforms and closed communications don’t always mix wellWhat developer resources are most helpful when building with APIs? If you want to better communicate with your developer community, it’s a senseless exercise to compare apples and oranges, but Apple to Twitter – valuable lessons learned.Apple:Host an annual developer event and fail to mention major policy changes around Flash and HTML5 that hugely impact the ecosystem’s development process on the platform. Instead, institute changes in the Terms of Services and let developers dig through and work out the edits on their own. Message: “Dear community, our policies are public and open. Have at them.” “It’s hard to build a business on a platform where you feel like you cannot trust the men in power. If they can take down Adobe a few days before the launch of their flagship product, what hope do smaller players hold?” – David, 37signalsTwitter: Launch a developer event for the sake of talking to your growing ecosystem and present a roadmap, have executives communicate policy on stage, from the top down. Inform developers of where opportunities lie while being honest about which pieces of the pie Twitter will keep for themselves. Message: “Dear community, we want to help you grow by being transparent on where we are headed as an organization.”“For every platform ever, it’s a question of what should be left up to the ecosystem and what should be created on the platform.” – Ev Williams, CEO, TwitterAnd when we asked the community what is most helpful to them as developers, what was most reflected was a growing demand for clear cut communication from API providers: Chart based on 1416 results from 530 developersWeb scripting languages like PHP and Javascript (not surprisingly) dominated amongst the developers working with APIs that we polled at SxSWi 2010, capturing almost 50% of our sample. But programming languages are subject to changes when large platforms claim their support or remove their support and disrupt the ecosystem. What impact will Apple’s stance on Flash have versus HTML5? As app development on mobile devices continues to build momentum, will Objective-C continue to rise at the expense of Java or Windows languages? Apple’s platform guidelines require all apps to be built in Objective-C – a fact that particularly noteworthy considering the exploding need for new and refurbished iPad applications. 5. Developers migrate toward where they find opportunity Where are developers building apps and extending into new devices and channels? The results:The implications: Online/browser and Mobile are clearly the dominant development platforms with almost 3/4 of survey responses.Desktop and Set-top and Gaming Consoles have yet to attract strong developer adoption. Currently, only the Xbox360 console is open to scalable app integrations, while Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight are still waiting to take off as market opportunities.Only 3% of this developer population is focused on hardware, but we expect that to change as major mobile operators and manufacturers supply more app-friendly handsets into the hands of mainstream consumers.When you are an API provider, it is important to periodically check-in with the developers consuming your APIs to gage the pulse of your developer ecosystem, particularly in times of turbulence like today. Our developer pulse revealed that:APIs have a compelling long-tailOpen platforms and closed communications don’t always mix wellPassion first. Paycheck second.Ebb and flow of disrupted ecosystemsDevelopers migrate toward where they find opportunityWe think that the recent comments by venture capitalist Fred Wilson apply to the wider context of developer platforms in this latest era of platform battles: “It is clear you can build large businesses on top of a social platform like Facebook and Twitter… We are entering a new phase now. Twitter is a global platform… so it’s time for Twitter and its developer ecosystem to work together to create entirely new things that will shape the Internet in the coming years. I’m excited to see it happen.” Tags:#Sponsors#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Editor’s note: We offer our long-term sponsors the opportunity to write posts and tell their story. These posts are clearly marked as written by sponsors, but we also want them to be useful and interesting to our readers. We hope you like the posts and we encourage you to support our sponsors by trying out their products.Apple versus Adobe. Facebook versus Google. Twitter versus its own developer ecosystem. At the recent Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco keynotes and hallway conversations revolved around the latest platform battles that are actively defining and re-imagining the future of our increasingly mobile, social, and real-time reality.But technology platforms such as AOL, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay have been experiencing these cycles for years, spawning large ecosystems that in turn created huge opportunities for partners, developers and competitors. Evolution is inherent in any ecosystem and today’s platform battles are just one spike in the Web 2.0 maturation curve. Observing the renaissance of social ad platforms (note AdMob, the launch of iAd, Promoted Tweets) we at Mashery realize that while analysts and media remark on corporate goings-on, there has been a lack of interest in understanding the developer community that is a meaningful part of the 2010 platform wars. Mashery, an API infrastructure and management company, polled nearly 600 Web and mobile application developers at SXSW Interactive this spring to take a pulse on what they love and hate about developing on different API platforms. By peering into the mindset of a developer building applications with APIs, we extrapolated ecosystem insights and presented them to you here. API Leader Mashery Captures Application Developer Trends with Developer PulseView more presentations from Mashery.The QuestionsWhat are the best APIs out there for developers?What are the most helpful resources to you as developers?Why do you work with APIs?What programming languages are you using?What platforms and devices do you build applications for? Findings & Implications1. APIs have a compelling long tailWhat are the best APIs out there for developers? There is no real surprise when we announce that the top three APIs named as the best to work with are Google, Twitter, and Amazon (69% of respondents). But interestingly, we see a solid number of smaller platform players emerging.center_img rww sponsor 1 A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Chart based on 1072 responses from 542 developers.In the ‘Other’ category, we heard what developers had to say about their API pet peeves: I “hate it when [the] API stops working without notice.”I want “clear, updated information” and “stability and company ethics towards developers.”It’s an important signal when “CEOs work with developers.” Provide timely bug fixes, “working tutorials, demos and BBS, and sample apps” on the developer portal.Create a “vibrant community” with “online message boards” and helpful “blogs and videos.”As an API platform provider, knowing more about who your developers are and what they rank highest in importance is the best indicator for resource prioritization. Build support tools that your ecosystem actually wants, or needs. It’s human nature to flock towards the friendliest habitat for growth and survival. 3. Passion first. Paycheck second.Why do developers work with APIs? The Valley is filled with startups and garage coders with a vision of how to do something better, paired with the energy, drive, and desire to build the next great thing. Entrepreneurs may dream sweet dreams of fame and riches but at the core of Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and everywhere in between is solving a problem in a technically elegant way in front of your peers. That is its own reward. We asked the community, “Why do you work with APIs?” The results: Additionally, of the 569 responses from developers attending SXSW this year, more than a quarter of them came from companies with 30 plus employees, which demonstrates interest and support for API initiatives from larger organizations. Almost 1/5 of developers attended SXSW Interactive for their “own personal projects,” and nearly 2/3 cited reasons beyond “because my employer pays me to,” which demonstrates personal dedication to the field. 4. Ebb and Flow of Disrupted EcosystemsOne thing we were very interested in when we laid out our questions to this community was figuring out which were the most popular programming languages. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Create a Map Path Inspired by Indiana Jones in After Effects

first_imgAnimate the MapI want to have a simple animation to follow the path as it moves along from location to location on the map. To do this, I can scale my null layer to the desired amount and then add position and scale keyframes to follow the path as it moves across the map. As a finishing touch, I’ll adjust the opacity of each location marker to fade in at the proper time. Create and Design the PathThe best way to create a path is to use the Pen tool. Make sure you don’t have another layer selected when you are using the pen tool or you’ll create a mask instead of a shape layer. To create a path instead of a shape, I’ve turned the Fill off and adjusted my stroke to 15 pixels wide. I can significantly change the look of my path by adjusting the stroke options. Next, I’ll add a keyframe at each location marker in the order that I want my animated path to follow. I’ve parented the path layer to the map so everything stays connected throughout the animation. Now it’s time to animate my path. Add the Location MarkersNow that I have my composition set up, it’s time to add some location markers to the map. Using the Ellipse tool, I can create several location markers. Once they’re positioned, I’ll parent the map to the location marker shape layer. Now, anytime I move the null object, both the map and the marker will follow. To add additional markers, I’ll simply duplicate my first location marker shape layer and rename the layer. Next, we’ll connect our location markers with a path. Set up the CompositionFor the first step, I need to set up my composition in After Effects. Since I’ll be zooming in and moving around on it, I made sure to get a map graphic that has a high enough resolution. This particular image has a resolution of 4253 x 2638, more than enough for the animation I want to create. To easily control the animation, I’ll create a null object to which I will parent the map layer. Now, any transform properties I change on the null will affect the map. I will also use this to simply move my map around.center_img Animate the PathNext, I’ll add a Trim Path effect to my path layer. I’ll bring the path to life by adding keyframes to the End property from 0% to 100%. I can control the speed by simply moving these keyframes. To make my animated path last ten seconds, I will place the second End keyframe at the ten-second mark. Finally, to smooth the animation, I’ve added Easy Ease to both keyframes. Learn how to bring a map to life in After Effects with these animation tips and tricks.I love maps. The only thing I enjoy more than gazing over a good map is creating an animated one in After Effects. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create an animated path on a map. Be sure to take the methods you learn here and use them to create your own style and look. Be sure to explore Shutterstock’s curated collection of world maps to create your own animated map path.Let’s get started!last_img read more

HC slams BCCI over Kings XI termination

first_imgThe Bombay High Court on Wednesday slammed Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for appealing against its stay order on the termination of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kings XI Punjab’s agreement.Upholding its decision to grant relief to Kings XI Punjab against the BCCI petition, the high court lashed out at the board and said that the basis of termination of the team was erroneous and flawed.This effectively means that there would be 10 teams in the forthcoming fourth season of IPL which is scheduled to begin just six days after the ICC World Cup.The court emphasised that the basis on which the BCCI terminated the contract was factually incorrect.In its appeal the BCCI had claimed that Punjab did not make a strong prima facie case that its consortium members were always in control. The BCCI had also claimed that the franchise did not meet the legal requirements needed to get the interim stay.The latest court order comes as yet another setback to the BCCI which had earlier terminated the contract of Rajasthan Royals along with that of Punjab.last_img read more

10 months agoReal Madrid hero Salgado: Solari and Isco need to talk

first_imgReal Madrid hero Salgado: Solari and Isco need to talkby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Real Madrid fullback Michel Salgado says management must find a way to rebuild Isco’s confidence and commitment. After being dumped to the bench for victory over Rayo Vallecano on the weekend, Isco feels there’s no way back for himself under coach Santiago Solari. As such, he is now planning to quit Real next month.However, Salgado says: “Solari has to organise a meeting with Isco to find a solution to this problem.”They have to fix this problem as soon as possible!” TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Former Louisville G Chris Jones Recommends Kentucky’s Trey Lyles Not Mess With Cincy’s Octavius Ellis

first_imgKentucky's Trey Lyles plays in NCAA Tournament.It’s getting a bit intense inside the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Ky. Early in the second half of No. 1 Kentucky’s game against No. 8 Cincinnati, Wildcats’ freshman forward Trey Lyles got into it with Bearcats’ forward Octavius Ellis. There was some shoving and trash talking; Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison was called for a technical foul during the mini-scrum. Former Louisville guard Chris Jones, who was dismissed from the program earlier this month, recommends Lyles not mess with Ellis. Trey don’t want those problems lol foreal— Chris Jones (@iAM_UNGUARDABLE) March 21, 2015Jones really isn’t in a position to be giving advice about anything, but this is something Lyles might want to listen to. One of the few things that could doom Kentucky is a lack of composure.last_img read more

Gary Sinise And Hollywood Friends Salute Heroes

first_imgActor/Humanitarian Gary Sinise and the Gary Sinise Foundation have announced their “Hollywood Salutes Heroes” multi-day celebration, an expression of thanks to those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.Gary Sinise (center) brought together celebrities (right to left) Tom Arnold, Rob Lowe, Sela Ward, Stacey Dash and more at Paramount Pictures Studio to honor wounded troops and veteransThe Foundation enlisted main sponsors USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore & American Airlines to coordinate participants and travel for over 100 wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans and their guests across the country to take part, and brought together supporting sponsors Disneyland Resorts, Paramount Pictures, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Sysco Foodservice, Greyhound and Pacific Coachways to present the first time event in Los Angeles on February 3 – 6.Highlights of the event will air on ABC’s “Countdown To The Oscars” primetime television special airing Thursday, February 27, 8pm ET.

“These few days were all about giving these heroes an incredible experience they will never forget. If we can help lift their spirits after they’ve sacrificed so much, we owe them that,” said Sinise.Sinise traveled from Washington DC along with 50 wounded, ill and injured troops, veterans and their guests from Walter Reed Army Medical Center located on the campus of Naval Support Activity Bethesda and from Fort Belvoir Community Hospital to sunny Southern California where they met up with wounded from Naval Medical Center San Diego for a few fun-filled days. Hollywood rolled out the red carpet during the heroes’ whirlwind trip, which included a full day at Disneyland Resort and accommodations at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa; a feast at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.; and culminated in a day-long Forrest Gump inspired celebration at Paramount Pictures Studios, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Academy Award-winning film.On the Paramount lot, the heroes were surprised by Sinise and many fellow celebrity attendees including Ted Danson, Tim Allen, Greg Kinnear, Rob Lowe, Katharine McPhee, Dennis Haysbert, Joe Mantegna, Patricia Heaton, Tom Arnold, James Caan and Mykelti Williamson, plus more than 100 local veterans. They were treated to a private screening of Forrest Gump followed by a special concert performed by Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band on Paramount’s New York Street backlot.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

TSA absentee rate still high but down from Sundays peak

first_imgTSA officials say the rate of airport screeners missing work during the partial government shutdown has stabilized just days before a three-day holiday weekend.The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that 6.1 per cent of its airport screeners missed work Tuesday.That’s nearly double the absentee rate on the same day last year but the second-straight decline after the sick-out rate surged to 7.7 per cent Sunday.A TSA spokesman says screeners this week should have received $500 bonuses and, for some, an extra day’s pay, for working over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.Meanwhile, air traffic controllers who are also working without pay lost an effort to force the government to pay them. A federal judge Tuesday rejected their union’s request for a temporary restraining order.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Gambhir says possess only one voter ID hits back at AAP

first_imgNew Delhi: Hitting back at the AAP, cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir Sunday asserted that he possessed only one voter identity card, adding that the ruling party in Delhi was making baseless allegations against him as it did not have any vision for the people. Gambhir is fighting against AAP’s Atishi from the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency this general elections. “I have only one voter ID card from Rajender Nagar. I used to live with my maternal grandparents as a child at Ramjas Road (in Karolbagh), but I never voted from or applied for any voter identity card from there,” he told PTI. The BJP candidate was responding to Atishi’s claim that he had two voter identity cards from Rajender Nagar and Karolbagh constituencies. He alleged the AAP candidate was making allegations against him as she had nothing to talk about with voters during campaigning. “When you have no vision for the people or nothing else to talk about, you make allegations like these,” Gambhir said. Meanwhile, a Delhi court had on Friday decided to hear Atishi’s criminal complaint against Gambhir in this regard on May 1. The AAP candidate had filed the complaint against Gambhir for allegedly enrolling as a voter in more than one constituency in violation the Representation of the People Act(RPA). She had also raised objection over the nomination papers filed by the former cricketer which were rejected by the returning officer of the polls. Gambhir said he believed in “positive politics” and would campaign with a vision to make East Delhi one of the best Lok Sabha constituencies in Delhi, and avoid indulging in blame game with his opponents in the polls. Congress has fielded former Delhi minister Arvinder Singh Lovely from the seat.last_img read more