Arsenal away form is ‘baffling’, says Wenger

first_img0Shares0000Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger oversees a training session before his club’s Europa League match against CSKA MoscowNEWCASTLE, United Kingdom, Apr 16- Arsene Wenger admits he finds Arsenal’s away form “baffling” after they suffered yet another defeat on the road at Newcastle United.The Gunners boasted a half-time lead at St James’s Park after Alexandre Lacazette broke the deadlock, and they had chances to increase that advantage. However, second half goals from Ayoze Perez and Matt Ritchie inflicted a ninth away defeat of the season on Arsenal.Although the Europa League semi-finalists remain in sixth spot, the gap with seventh placed Burnley is now just two points.“It is a little bit of the story of the season away from home; we went 1-0 up, we don’t put the game to bed and we made mistakes defensively,” Wenger said.“It’s baffling how we lost this game today because from those chances we lose 2-1. On the other hand, the result is there.“How do we address it? By not making the same errors we have up to now, it’s quite baffling because traditionally we have been very strong away from home.“I believe as well that this week we had to give a lot on Thursday night and the players who played on Thursday night you could see the game was a bit in their legs.”0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

A Handi-dandy communications link

first_imgMcConnell dubbed it the “party line for planet Earth,” and he envisions the service becoming a tool for multiple uses. “I could see this being used for organizing, for clubs to share agenda information and scheduling, for discussions when not everybody can attend – so many things,” said McConnell, who lives in San Francisco. “It’s perfect as an educational tool. For example, someone could host a drive-time Spanish class and students can call in while driving and participate live. “It’s the virtual classroom,” he added. McConnell said the service can be used in any live event setting, where all people have to do is call in on their cell phones and broadcast sporting events or conferences onto the Internet or to other people’s phones. McConnell and Augenstine can offer the service for free by selling advertising and selling upgrades in services, and because the infrastructure needed involved very low investment costs. “We work as a link, the gateway between the public switch telephone network, your regular phone company, and the Internet,” Augenstine said. “We provide the rendezvous points to share and integrate these various messaging technologies.” [email protected] (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3029160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Now small groups, clubs and even families can converse live simultaneously from up to 20 different locations around the world without the need for sophisticated or expensive equipment. And it’s all free. Radio Handi is a new service that ties together multiple modes of already-existing communication technology to enable members of groups to talk via live telecasts, conference calls, voice messaging boards, Internet, e-mail and SMS. “All for the cost of a local phone call in over 40 countries,” said Radio Handi co-founder Brian McConnell. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE11 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Dec. 27-Jan. 2“This involves no new technology here,” said fellow co-founder Jonathan Augenstine, who works out of his home in South Pasadena. “All the technology’s been around for a while, but a market opportunity has been created in the deployment of services not available previously. It allows – on a much smaller budget – to tie them in together.” To join, one group member must first visit the host’s Web site,, and set up a six-digit group number, a process that takes about a minute, said McConnell. Users can then look up local access numbers for whatever foreign or domestic city is pertinent to make the connections to their group members. Once the set-up steps are complete, members can use any phone – landline or cellular – to call the local number, punch in the group’s identification number and immediately join the conversation. last_img read more

Mozilla Launches sudoSocial, an Experimental Lifestream Platform

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… In the next tab, you can edit the design using CSS, JavaScript and Processing.js. (Oh, yes, did we forget to mention this tool isn’t for the mainstream user?) When you’ve finished your configurations, you could end up with a webpage that looks something like this:, if you choose a more basic setup, or like this: if you design something a bit more advanced. After signing in and filling out a little profile info (if it’s the first time you’ve used an OpenID), you’re taken to the Stream Editor where you can begin to add sources. Any URL, Atom or RSS feed is supported. sarah perez Tags:#Lifestreaming#web Mozilla Labs has launched a new “lifestream” platform called sudoSocial. Pulling its name from the Linux command “sudo” which allows users to run programs with other, usually elevated privileges, the sudoSocial publishing platform aims to give you both access and control over your many online identities. Although sudoSocial would be suitable for curating any stream of content, explains the introductory blog post, in its early, still rather sparse format, it’s better for personal homepages that aggregate your various feeds, like Flickr photos and blog posts, for example.Hacking a Homepage with sudoSocialTo create your own personal homepage using sudoSocial, you’ll need to have an OpenID account and, the page reminds you, that’s probably something you already have – even if you didn’t know it. A link to OpenID’s “Get an OpenID” page displays a collection of OpenID enabled services like Google, Yahoo, Blogger, flickr, MySpace, WordPress, AOL and others. For our own testing purposes, we used a Google Profile URL. Yours can be found here: center_img Related Posts This lovely, user-friendly web service lets you customize everything design-wise, including typefaces, layouts and color schemes while also aggregating the feeds of your choice. And for most of the supported services (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, flickr, etc.), you don’t even need to know the RSS’s feed URL – you simply click “add service” and authorize the app. That said, sudoSocial isn’t designed with the mainstream user in mind. It’s intended as a more advanced platform for designers and developers who know what they want and how to make it happen via code. For them, sudoSocial may be a good starting point, but it still needs quite a bit of polish and bug-quashing before it’s fully ready for a wider audience. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting If you’re interested, you can also contribute to the project by hacking the source code, found here: A Better Option for Everyday Users: Flavors.meHowever, if you were hoping that sudoSocial would provide a simple way to quickly set up a personal homepage, you’re going to walk away feeling disappointed. A better option for that purpose, or really any stream aggregation of your choosing, is 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Turbine Towers May be Getting Taller

first_imgThe U.S. Department of Energy will spend $2 million to advance the construction of wind turbine towers as much as 150 feet taller than the current average, increasing the amount of electricity they can produce.The money comes from something called the Taller Hub Heights initiative. Two grants were announced earlier this month that would benefit research and pilot programs in Massachusetts and Iowa, reported.The hub height of turbine towers — the distance from the ground to the point where rotors are attached to the generator — averaged 260 feet in 2013. Heights are limited by the complexities of moving components to the installation sites, the report said. But aided by new construction techniques, towers for these projects could reach nearly 400 feet, putting the reach of rotor tips 558 feet above the ground.Taller turbines produce more energy, said, with output capacity reaching as much as 10 megawatts and matching what’s already possible in taller offshore installations. In Iowa, concrete is the potential answerIowa State University will use its $1 million to find out whether high-strength concrete can be used to build taller turbine towers.Research will focus on the use of precast, hexagonal components to build towers. The components reduce both construction and transportation costs, according to a summary of the technique. Sri Sritharan, an engineering professor at Iowa State University, has already tested full-size tower segments and connections and says the design is capable of handling the loads expected for taller towers. Spiral welding for taller, cheaper towersIn Massachusetts, the money would help Keystone Tower Systems develop a new manufacturing technique that uses automated spiral welding to produce slender, conical towers on-site.Spiral welding promises to “dramatically” reduces construction costs while removing current transportation limitations for taller tower components, says a description published by Northeastern University, one of the partners in the project.“An important barrier to the deployment of this technology is a lack of fundamental understanding of the limit states for this particular structure and, generally, for slender shells,” the description says. “To overcome this barrier, Northeastern University and Johns Hopkins University are executing a program of fundamental analytical and large-scale experimental research into the limit states of and design standards for slender towers with particular emphasis on those manufactured with spiral welding.”As academic work moves ahead, Keystone Tower Systems is developing the manufacturing end of the process.last_img read more

Who is responsible for autonomous car regulation?

first_imgRegulations surrounding autonomous vehicles are a mess right now. It seems like every city in the country are asking themselves how they will address an autonomous car on their roadways. Meanwhile, state and federal agencies are doing the exact same thing.The problem that autonomous vehicles present is a new one that has never been tested in most of the courtrooms around the nation. Problems like what standards do these vehicles have to meet in order to be considered safe enough to drive alongside cars driven by humans? Who is responsible if one of these vehicles break traffic rules? What rights does the owner of an autonomous vehicle have if they are not present at the time their vehicle is involved in a collision?See also: Driverless cars will definitely need smart road infrastructureThese are just a few of the questions being debated across the country. While many local agencies see a benefit in imposing strict standards in order to protect the safety of their citizens, many automakers want a national agency to provide consistent rules that apply throughout the country so their vehicles can be purchased and driven freely.The California regulatory debateIn California, this rush to regulate has created a confusing situation. Auto makers are claiming that by imposing its own regional requirements on vehicles that drive on its highways, riders that purchased their cars from outside the state may find themselves in legal hot water if their vehicle does not meet their strict local standards.The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), for example, is in charge of regulating public transportation in the city of San Francisco. In a recent letter from the SFMTA, a proposed rule would allow local law enforcement to access the logs of any autonomous vehicle that has been involved in a collision without a warrant.That information would need to be made available immediately, which means the automaker would have to provide a system for doing so in order for its vehicle to be approved for sale and/or use in that city. Meanwhile, another state could impose entirely different regulations that require an entirely different system to be put in place.Benefits of nation-wide rulesSome automakers are arguing that regulations on autonomous vehicles should remain solely in the hands of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Doing so would ensure that regulations are consistent from city to city and state to state.So, if someone bought a car legally in Texas and wanted to drive to California, they could be unknowingly in violation of local laws if their legally-purchased car does not meet California’s requirements.Further, some of the regulations being debated are causing automakers to scratch their heads. Tesla, in its statement to the California DMV, cited that a proposed requirement that no vehicle used for testing be allowed to be later sold ignores the fact that a software update makes the testing vehicle indistinguishable from a production vehicle as the only differences are in the software.Further, it argued that the weight of an autonomous vehicle should not be a consideration in whether or not it should be approved for use as the software and hardware that runs it is the same. An autonomous 18-wheeler and an autonomous coup should be regulated the same. Further, a blanket ban on larger (heavy) autonomous vehicles would stifle innovation and commerce.Legally confusedImagine that, a few years from now, you’re standing at a busy intersection waiting for your autonomous car to arrive from its nearby parking space. It turns the corner, navigating flawlessly through the hustle and bustle of downtown traffic, and stops right in front of you. Upon entering your vehicle, you notice a parking ticket tucked under the windshield wiper.You didn’t park the car. The car parked itself. You know you didn’t break any laws, but apparently your car did. Are you liable for the fine? What about the manufacturer? The automation software developer? Does your insurance company get to increase your individual premiums even though you weren’t even in the car when it broke the law?These are some of the legal situations we are beginning to face as autonomous cars make their way out of the pages of science fiction and into our very real modern-day world. Regulators and government entities across local, state, and federal jurisdictions are scrambling to sort out these legal situations that are undoubtedly about to make their ways into the courtroom.The big question right now is, are we going to be in a situation where every city has its own set of standards specifically imposed on autonomous vehicles, or are these municipalities going to trust in a unified national set of guidelines? Tags:#Califormia#driverless cars#featured#Internet of Things#IoT#NHTSA#Self-Driving#Tesla#top Related Posts For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A…center_img 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Ryan Matthew Pierson Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and…last_img read more

Independent MP forms party, ‘army without guns’ in Assam

first_imgNaba Sarania, an Independent member of the Lok Sabha from Assam who is also a former extremist, has formed a political party as well as an “army without guns”.The Gana Surakhya Party (GSP), launched on Sunday, is expected to challenge the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), which has been running the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) since its creation in 2003. The BPF is a partner in the BJP-led alliance that rules the State.Eye on BTC electionThe GSP’s birth has assumed significance ahead of the election to the 40-seat BTC early next year across the districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Udalguri, politically polarised between the Bodos and the non-Bodos.The Bodos are the largest plains tribe in the north-eastern region, but account for a little more than 30% of the population in the Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD) administered by the BTC. Nineteen communities, including Muslims, form the non-Bodos. Backed by the non-Bodos, Mr. Sarania has won in the Lok Sabha election from Kokrajhar twice since 2014. “We had to form the GSP because of the ‘atrocities’ on the non-Bodos in areas under the BTC and also because no party has cared for them,” he said, attributing the plight of the non-Bodos to the “undemocratic” and “one-sided” Bodo Accord signed in 2003 for forming the BTC under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution.“We hope to win the BTC election next year… We will fight for equal rights and status for all communities,” he said.Mr. Sarania, once an ULFA , clarified on the BTAD army formed alongside his party. “This is a non-violent army, without guns. It will have 5,000 volunteers in each BTAD district for protecting the lives, property and livelihood of the non-Bodos,” he said. He had earlier said the army would be modelled on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.On the other hand, the BPF has been trying to end factionalism among the Bodos ahead of the election. Hagrama Mohilary, chairman of the BTC and a former extremist leader, called for the unification of the Bodos. A few days ago, Mr. Mohilary had met former MP Urkhao Gwra Brahma, leader of the United People’s Party (Liberal), for “burying their differences” and fighting the election together. The two had fallen out more than a decade ago.last_img read more

Samsung Windows phone ATIV S unveiled at Berlin show

first_imgThe South Korean company Samsung has become the first handset maker to announce a smartphone using Microsoft’s latest mobile software. The company made a brief announcement at a Berlin electronics show on Wednesday.The announcement came amid expectations that smartphone maker companies may turn increasingly to Windows devices after a US jury decided many of Samsung’s Google Android-based phones infringed Apple Inc patents.According to reports, the ailing Finnish mobile firm Nokia, once the world’s leading producer of phones, is also expected to unveil its new Lumia line of smartphones using Windows Phone 8 in New York on September 5.Samsung’s new phone called ATIV S — tacked onto the end of a long news conference in Berlin that focused on other products — is likley to elevate expectations for the Lumia. Samsung’s ATIV S Windows phone sports a high-end 4.8-inch display, Corning “Gorilla” glass, and an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera, Microsoft posted on its official blog on Wednesday.In a blog posting, Microsoft executive Ben Rudolph reportedly said that Samsung’s Windows-based smartphone marks the first in a “big lineup of new hardware” from the South Korean company based on Microsoft’s software.Earlier in June, Microsoft had given a preview of its Windows Phone 8 software and had promised the first phones would be on the market by the autumn.Windows Phone 8 is reportedly built on the same core code as Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8, which will run on tablets and PCs, is scheduled to launch on October 26.Samsung said the ATIV phone would hit stores in the October-November period but did not give an exact start date.With Agency inputsadvertisementlast_img read more

10 months agoChelsea defender Christensen: Let’s get Spurs back to our place

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea defender Christensen: Let’s get Spurs back to our placeby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea defender Andreas Christensen is confident they can take care of Tottenham in the second-leg of their Carabao Cup semifinal.Spurs hold a 1-0 lead after victory at Wembley.But Christensen says: “t was a tough result. “I felt as though, especially in the second half, we had a good spell in the game.”We played good and had chances, and we probably feel as though we should have at least got a draw from it.”After we went 1-0 down it was good that we didn’t just think it was over, we kept going and we knew we just had to stay in the game because it’s over two legs.”We’re still in it and we think we can decide the game at home.” last_img read more

Former Louisville G Chris Jones Recommends Kentucky’s Trey Lyles Not Mess With Cincy’s Octavius Ellis

first_imgKentucky's Trey Lyles plays in NCAA Tournament.It’s getting a bit intense inside the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Ky. Early in the second half of No. 1 Kentucky’s game against No. 8 Cincinnati, Wildcats’ freshman forward Trey Lyles got into it with Bearcats’ forward Octavius Ellis. There was some shoving and trash talking; Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison was called for a technical foul during the mini-scrum. Former Louisville guard Chris Jones, who was dismissed from the program earlier this month, recommends Lyles not mess with Ellis. Trey don’t want those problems lol foreal— Chris Jones (@iAM_UNGUARDABLE) March 21, 2015Jones really isn’t in a position to be giving advice about anything, but this is something Lyles might want to listen to. One of the few things that could doom Kentucky is a lack of composure.last_img read more

Designer of Gord Downies suits raises money with keychains built from leftovers

first_img Facebook Login/Register With: After the Hip’s final Kingston, Ont., tour stop in August she says there was extra leather from Downie’s seven suit designs, originally meant for minor repairs and alterations.The leather remaining from Downie’s seven suit designs has been repurposed into 1,000 keychains shaped like guitars and embossed with #courageforgord.Each sold for $25 on the website. Proceeds go to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital.Each of the seven outfits was named after someone who Downie considered instrumental in helping him prepare for the tour.The gold suit was coined “Paul” for Hip bandmate Paul Langlois, the silver suit was dubbed “Patrick” after Downie’s brother and the turquoise suit “Edgar” was dedicated to his father, who died last year.Downie’s assistant “Jenn” has her name tied to the acid green suit while two musical icons also have a nod — the purple suit is called “Prince” and the mirror ball suit is “Bowie.”Camilleri’s hot pink suit design was named after herself.Two custom leather jackets will also be up for auction on the website starting Saturday. Both were created “in the spirit of what she designed for Downie.” One is in metallic silver sized in a men’s large while a metallic pink female version is sized medium.Camilleri says she hopes to raise $25,000 from both the keychains and jackets. Advertisement Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Keychains made from scraps of leather used to tailor Gord Downie’s eye-catching metallic suits were a hot item online Friday.In several hours the limited-edition keychains from fashion designer Izzy Camilleri had sold out on a website raising money for brain cancer research.Camilleri, who created Downie’s look on the Tragically Hip’s “Man Machine Poem” tour, came up with the idea to give fans a souvenir of the singer’s iconic look. Advertisementlast_img read more