Palestinians send solidarity to U.S. prison strike

first_imgThe following statement was released by Palestinians of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who have been jailed by Zionist colonialism for their role in struggling for the freedom of their people. They are among nearly 6,000 Palestinians currently imprisoned by the Israeli occupation. Their solidarity extends fists of resistance and hands of unity through prison bars to support the U.S. National Prison Strike, beginning Aug. 21.We write today as imprisoned Palestinians of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, held in Israeli jails for our participation in struggle for the liberation of our land and people from colonialism and occupation. Today, we extend our solidarity to the prisoners in the jails of the United States participating in the national prison strike beginning on Aug. 21, fighting exploitation, racism and capitalism from within the heart of imperialist prisons.We begin by expressing our mourning for George Jackson, the imprisoned revolutionary and martyr of the Black Liberation struggle. The strike is beginning on the 47th anniversary of his martyrdom, an event that was recognized in Palestine and around the world at the time as an assassination of a true voice of struggle by the U.S. ruling class. As Palestinian prisoners, we also know that George Jackson was an internationalist and that the works of Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasem — addressing imprisonment and resistance — were found in his cell after his assassination. Today, we write to you to once again forge that connection of struggle, despite our different circumstances.The prison strike is a struggle of oppressed and exploited workers, first and foremost, confronting the unmasked brutality of capitalism behind bars. Around the world, prisoners have only protected their human rights and won victories through struggle. We know that you are demanding improved conditions, the right to fight in court for your rights and an end to excessive, lifelong sentences. You are also demanding an end to the new form of slavery found in U.S. prisons, where prison workers are paid pennies to produce goods and perform services for some of the country’s largest corporations.We also salute your struggle against racism. U.S. settler colonialism and imperialism practices its vicious racism both internally and externally, and the prison system reflects that reality. Black communities, Latino communities, Arab communities are under attack, facing mass incarceration and a system that seeks to imprison and exploit rather than support and nurture youth and elders.Today, prison workers are some of the most exploited workers in the United States, and the same ruling class that profits from the confiscation of Palestinian land and resources and from the bombing of children in Yemen also profits from the forced labor of prisoners. Your struggle is a workers’ struggle that is part of our global conflict against the vicious exploitation that our peoples face today. This struggle inside the prisons highlights the deep connections between racism and capitalism and how the struggle against them both can never be de-linked.The boycott campaign that is part of your strike also emphasizes the critical role of boycott in confronting exploitation and oppression. While our circumstances and lives may vary greatly from one another in many ways, we too face economic exploitation through a “canteen” system that seeks to profit from our imprisonment as Palestinians. We know that prison profiteers in the United States also profit from prison canteens, phone calls and other purchases, and we salute your campaign of boycott. This is the same reason why we call on people around the world to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. We cannot and must not be the consumers of those who profit from our misery and oppression.As you enter your strike, we salute all of you and your struggle, and we urge all who are not already committed to join in the strike. We extend a special revolutionary salute to the imprisoned strugglers of the Black Liberation Movement and other liberation movements, including Mumia Abu-Jamal, whose consistent internationalism and principled struggle is known and resonates around the world. We demand the freedom of these freedom fighters in U.S. jails, from Leonard Peltier to Mutulu Shakur.We know from our experience that it is through struggle and confrontation that true freedom can be realized. Your strike is being launched within the heart of U.S. imperialism, the greatest danger faced by our Palestinian people and the people of the world. We know that your victory will also be a victory for Palestine — just as our victories in Palestine will be a victory for all of the struggles against imperialism, racism and oppression in the United States and globally.With revolutionary greetings,The Palestinian prisoners of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine inside Israeli jails, andThe Palestinian liberated prisoners of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine20 August 2018FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Man finds suspected burglar dead in his home, trapped under 900-pound safe

first_imgaijohn784/iStock(MARION, Ind.) — An Indiana man said he found an intruder dead in his home this week, trapped under his family’s 900-pound safe, according to police.George Hollingsworth, of Marion, Indiana, said he made the discovery on Wednesday, a day after he first reported the robbery to police.Hollingsworth was inspecting his home, located about 70 miles north of Indianapolis, for stolen items when he made the discovery, according to the Marion Police Department.The homeowner went into his garage and found that his floor safe, which had been lifted by a floor jack, was knocked over with a man lying beneath it. The safe weighs more than 900 pounds.“Hollingsworth began cleaning the clutter in his garage to see if any items had been stolen. Upon cleaning, he found that his antique floor safe weighing over 900 pounds was knocked over,” the Marion Police Department said in a statement. “Upon further inspection Mr. Hollingsworth found a body lying underneath the safe.”The Marion Fire Department helped lift the safe and remove the body, police said. Authorities have not released the dead man’s identity, pending family notifications.“I came in [the house] and told my wife, ‘I think we’ve got a dead body out there.’ She thought I was kidding,” Hollingsworth told Fox 59 in Indianapolis.An autopsy will be conducted by the Northeast Indiana Forensic Center, according to the department. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Navy review of bias recommends ways to keep minorities, women in the ranks

first_imgOleksii Liskonih/iStockBy LUIS MARTINEZ, ABC News(WASHINGTON) — The Navy’s broad internal look to address racism and sexism in its ranks has made recommendations to do more to keep minorities and women in the force, particularly in the higher officer ranks where African American officers are under-represented.The review, known as Task Force One Navy, designed to address any systemic inequalities in the Navy, was triggered by the racial reckoning last summer that followed the death of George Floyd.“We have fallen short in the past by excluding or limiting opportunity for people on the basis of race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender or creed,” said Adm. Mike Gilday, the chief of naval operations who ordered the review last June.“Our Navy must continue to remove barriers to service, and most importantly, be a shining example of a workforce centered on respect, inclusive of all,” Gilday said. “Simply put, all Sailors – uniformed and civilian – and applicants for accession to the Navy must be treated with dignity and respect above all else.”Conducted over six months and based on surveys and interviews of close to 1,000 enlisted sailors and officers, the task force’s report makes close to 60 recommendations to address the retention of minorities and women in the ranks.While the percentage of women and minorities serving in the Navy has increased over the last two decades, the report found that retaining them in the ranks has been a struggle.The report’s authors are encouraged that one in five junior officers are minorities and women, opening up the possibility of greater diversity among the senior ranks in 20 years. Still, concerns were raised about what might happen if they do not stay in the Navy.From 2005 to 2015, there were 30 African American admirals in the Navy, but those numbers have dwindled to only eight in the last five years.“If minorities/females aren’t promoted and retained beyond 12 years of service, the pool of talent to compete for senior leadership positions will not appreciably change,” according to the report.How to recruit and retain those key populations is a focus for Navy leaders.“One, we need to bring more diversity in the front door, and two, we need to make sure that we keep that diversity,” Vice Adm. John Nowell, the chief of naval personnel, told reporters ahead of the report’s release on Wednesday.“If we’re not bringing enough diversity in the front door, it’s causing a problem for us 20 or 30 years from now,” Nowell said. “My big takeaway was that a deliberate formal process, to never let your eye off the target, is critical.”To that end, the report makes recommendations to incentivize recruitment and retention among minorities and women, including expanding the payment of student loans for officers, investing in science and mathematics programs to encourage interest in Navy programs, collaborating with minority fraternities and sororities and promoting respect and inclusion across all ranks.Multiple listening sessions with sailors across the Navy provided the team with anecdotal insights that highlighted what they saw as potential disparities.“Respect, empathy, skepticism, training, accountability, and the silence of leadership” were the main themes heard at the sessions, according to Rear Adm. Alvin “Bull” Holsey, who was one of the review’s leaders.Force Master Chief Huben Phillips, another of the review’s leaders, said the issue of respect quickly became the top theme of the discussions.“It was the respect connected to ‘they don’t see me, or they don’t understand me’ and that was highlighted throughout,” Phillips said.The senior enlisted sailor for the Navy’s personnel office noted that commanders at the sessions struggled “with having that conversation” and did not realize how complex that discussion could be.“In every session, there’s a good number of folks who said ‘nothing’s gonna change,’” Holsey said. “So we’re committed to making sure this happens.”To that end, one of the task force’s key recommendations is the addition of “respect” to the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment.“The goal of this initiative is to influence and encourage active and reserve service members, government service civilians and contractors within the (Department of the Navy) to embrace and embody the new Navy core value of “respect” in every aspect of the Navy and our culture,” said the review.But a key factor will be earning the trust of sailors that the Navy is committed to change, said Phillips.“The more sailors start to see and believe that we are truly committed to excellence in the fair treatment of all, then more of those things that (Adm. Nowell) talked about are going to be exposed,” Phillips said. “Then that covert behavior is going to be brought to the light and we’re going to eradicate it from our Navy.”Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Positive steps to protect pregnant staff members

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Positive steps to protect pregnant staff membersOn 18 Jan 2000 in Personnel Today Expectant mothers could claim sex discrimination if companies do not meettheir health and safety needsMost employers appreciate they must not discriminate against pregnantemployees. However, few realise the positive steps they now must take toprotect the health and safety of these employees, even before they know theyare pregnant. Ultimately, these steps can include suspending an employee onfull pay if there is no other way of protecting her.If they do not, they run the risk not only of claims for sex discrimination,but also damages for personal injury and fines for breaches of health andsafety regulations. This is an expensive cocktail. Employers need to act now toidentify potential risks to women who are or who may be pregnant and take stepsto reduce those risks.The HSE has given guidance on the health and safety risks to pregnant womenand new mothers. Shocks, vibration or movement and manual handling are obviousrisks. Less obvious are the risks posed by stress, mental and physical fatigue.The HSE points out excessive standing and other physical work can causepremature birth, miscarriage and low birth weight. Excessive physical or mentalpressure can lead to stress and raised blood pressure. Passive smoking, alreadya hot topic, is a particular danger to pregnant women.The law requires employers to deal with these risks in various ways. Allemployers should be familiar with their general duty to carry out riskassessments, implement preventative measures and inform employees, as set outin the 1992 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. In addition,the Employment Appeal Tribunal confirmed in the case of Day v Pickles Farmsthat when a worker is a woman of child bearing age, that risk assessment shouldtake into account the possibility she may be pregnant. The logic is that theworker might not know for some time herself if she was pregnant.In any event, as soon as an employer knows an employee is pregnant, hasgiven birth within the previous six months or is breast-feeding, the lawrequires them to carry out a specific personal risk assessment to identifyrisks to her or her baby. If a risk is identified, the employer must preventexposure to it. Sometimes specific regulations – for example, on manual handling orhazardous chemicals – will set out requirements in detail. Otherwise, theemployer has to do what is reasonable. This would start with changingconditions or hours temporarily then finding suitable alternative employment and,as a last resort, suspending on full pay. The HSE recommends that whereverpossible new and expectant mothers have some control over how their work isorganised.It can be expensive not to comply. The 1992 Regulations give a specificright to compensation. The Employment Rights Act 1996 makes it automaticallyunfair to dismiss a woman, because she should be suspended from her work onmaternity grounds. The same applies if she is dismissed for asserting herrights. Plus, the Act gives her the right not to be dismissed or subjected toany detriment because she has told her employer about actual or potentialhealth and safety risks.Hanging over this is the principle of special treatment for pregnant staff.If they subject a woman to any detriment linked to her pregnancy, she can bringa claim for sex discrimination, with unlimited compensation.Penny Macmillan is an associate at Wragge and Colast_img read more

HR: Does business hours mean all hours?

first_imgRead full article HR: Does business hours mean all hours?Shared from missc on 9 Dec 2014 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Has “normal business hours” become a thing of the past? These days, I rarely meet anyone who almost immediately following waking up in the morning, wont grab their phone from the bedside to check their email, or who considers their nights to be personal or family time, which not so long ago seemed the norm. What is it about modern day issues and work problems that are more important than those that we were facing years ago that can’t wait until the next day? Or is it a simple case that our ability to prioritize is being depleted due to such ease of systems access which allows many organisations’ staff to turn any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device into a make-shift work station?I’m as guilty as the next person of the late night emails and struggling to switch off but I’m one of the lucky ones who enjoys what I do enough that it doesn’t feel like a chore. What about those who aren’t as lucky and feel like they don’t have the pressure release of being able to go home and un-wind?Human nature dictates that if we get too used to something, it becomes habitual and we begin to expect it. This being the case, if this isn’t carefully managed, how long will it be before being “switched on” at all times is an expected part of a job as opposed to it being a sign of an engaged and happy employee who will strive to go above and beyond any contractual obligations? Don’t get me wrong, the huge emphasis which these days is placed on interoperability and mobility of internal systems of course is a great thing and phenomenal feat in technology advancement but with it comes the potential for more risk, more pressure and more un-happy staff if it is not managed well.center_img Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed.last_img read more

Weber State Men’s Basketball Hosts Northern Arizona Thursday

first_imgThis game is the 400th in the career of Weber State head coach Randy Rahe. Rahe, with a record of 256-143 (.642), has the most wins in Big Sky Conference history. Brad James Written by The high-scoring Wildcats have scored 80 or more points in each of the last three games and have shot 50 percent or better from the field in conference wins against Eastern Washington and Idaho. The Wildcats come into Thursday’s tilt against the Lumberjacks at 8-5, including a 2-0 record in Big Sky Conference play. The Lumberjacks, who come in at 3-9 and 1-1 in Big Sky play, score 72.2 points per game but surrender 80 points per contest. The Wildcats score 82.6 points per game and surrender 74.7 points per contest. January 3, 2019 /Sports News – Local Weber State Men’s Basketball Hosts Northern Arizona Thursday Senior forward Brekkott Chapman (11.8 points, 7.8 rebounds per game) and currently leads the Big Sky in blocked shots with 26. FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailOGDEN, Utah-Thursday, Weber State men’s basketball commences 2019 with a home game against Northern Arizona at the Dee Events Center. The Wildcats lead the Lumberjacks 79-28 all-time and 45-9 at Ogden. Weber State has won five games in the series as well as 18 of the last 20 against Northern Arizona. This also commences a stretch that will see the Wildcats play four of their next five games at the Dee Events Center. Tags: Bernie Andre/Brekkott Chapman/Carlos HInes/Cody John/Dee Events Center/Eastern Washington/Idaho/Jerrick Harding/Northern Arizona Lumberjacks/Randy Rahe/Weber State Men’s Basketball Northern Arizona is paced by sophomore guard Carlos Hines (13 points per game) and sophomore forward Bernie Andre (12.3 points/6.8 rebounds per game). Junior guard Jerrick Harding (21.2 points per game) remains Weber State’s leading scorer, while fellow junior guard Cody John posts 15.9 points per game.last_img read more

Flood Warning Continues in Ocean City

first_imgMotorists crawl through floodwaters on Ninth Street in the downtown business district during the Oct. 27, 2018, storm. The National Weather Service issued a Coastal Flood Warning in effect for Ocean City from 4 p.m. Thursday through 1 a.m. Saturday.Strong north winds are predicted to continue into Saturday, and the NWS warns of coastal flooding through the next five high tides. An NWS “Warning” indicates that moderate or major flooding is imminent.The short-term advisory forecasts water levels to peak in the hours around high tide on the bay side of Ocean City at 6:59 p.m. Thursday. Forecasters project a tide of 7 feet on the mean low water scale (MLW). This projection falls into the upper end of the “moderate” tidal flooding range. By comparison, flooding on Wednesday evening reached 5.85 feet MLW.Visit to compare these predictions to other recent and historic tide levels.High tides in the next three days include:6:59 p.m. Thursday (prediction is 7 feet)7:25 a.m. Friday (prediction is 6.8 feet)7:40 p.m. Friday (prediction is 7.1 feet)8:02 a.m. Saturday (prediction is 5.8 feet)8:18 p.m. Saturday (prediction is 5.4 feet)Residents should monitor conditions and be prepared to move vehicles from areas that typically experience flooding. The roads closer to the beach including Central and Wesley avenues are at higher elevation.Parking will be available at the Trinity United Methodist Church at 20 North Shore Road in Marmora (please read letter from Trinity if you take advantage of this service).For your safety and the protection of your vehicle and neighboring properties, never attempt to drive through flood waters, and do not drive around barricades.We will continue to provide updates and information as the forecast develops. For Police and Fire Department emergencies, call 911. For non-emergencies, call 609-399-9111.last_img read more

Dunkin’ Donuts ups its toasties

first_imgBakery chain Dunkin’ Donuts is to launch a new Oven-Toasted menu in the US, in a bid to claim a share of the toasted sandwich market.The flatbread sandwiches, toasted throughout the day, will come in three flavours. Personal Pizzas, meaning that consumers can choose their own toppings, will also appear on the Oven-Toasted menu, as will Hash Browns.To introduce the menu 3,500 Dunkin’ Donuts’ shops are receiving new cooking ovens that will also enable the chain to serve warm and lightly toasted bakery items such as muffins and croissants.last_img

University to consider construction of new parking garage

first_imgThe Notre Dame administration is considering constructing a parking garage on the south side of campus, most likely at the current location of Legends of Notre Dame, Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves said in an email to the University community Thursday morning.Along with the email, Affleck-Graves attached a survey intended to collect feedback from Notre Dame students, faculty and staff about the necessity of a parking garage for the campus community.“The next step in implementing the Parking Committee’s recommendations is to explore the feasibility of a parking garage,and share the findings with the University community,” he said in the email. “Over the next several months, the University will conduct a study of how campus would use a parking garage and what the associated costs would be for those who use it.”Affleck-Graves said the potential site of the parking garage would be in response to an expressed interest in “covered parking as close to the center of campus as possible” and recent expansions to campus.“With the opening of several new facilities on the south side of campus, the area in greatest demand for parking is the south side of campus,” the email said. “If a parking garage were to be constructed, we believe it would be built on the site where Legends restaurant is currently located.”Due to the high cost of building a parking garage, Affleck-Graves said in the email that the University would develop rates for its use, which would be “inversely correlated with the expected number of people who would use the garage.”“Since parking garages are much more expensive to build and maintain than surface parking, those who use the parking garage would cover the associated costs,” he said. “The University would seek to break even. We expect that there would be rates for hourly, daily and special event parking for faculty, staff, students and visitors. In addition, annual reserved parking passes would likely be available to faculty, staff and students.”Affleck-Graves said in the email that he would release the results of the study later in the semester.Tags: Legends of Notre Dame, parking, parking garagelast_img read more

Odds & Ends: James Franco & SNL do Pan, Meryl Streep Sings & More

first_img Disaster! Musical Heads to LA This is not a drill! Tony winners Andrea Martin and Roger Bart, Tony nominees Adam Pascal, Kerry Butler and Kevin Chamberlin, along with Barrett Foa, Lacretta Nicole, Seth Rudetsky, Jennifer Simard and Rachel York, will star in a reading of Disaster!. Directed by Jack Plotnick, the one-night-only benefit concert will play the Los Angeles Theatre Center on January 25, 2015. Disaster!, which was co-written by Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick, is an homage of the disaster films of the 1970’s and features some of the decade’s most memorable hits such as “Hot Stuff,” “I Am Woman,” ” and “Signed, Sealed Delivered.” The show recently ran off-Broadway. More ABC US news | ABC World News View Comments Listen to Meryl Streep Sing ‘Stay With Me’ It may surprise you to learn (not) that here’s another big movie musical adaptation out this month: Into the Woods. Have a first listen to Meryl Streep singing “Stay With Me” from the classic Sondheim and Lapine tuner below, then head to a movie theater near you from December 25 to see Disney’s latest magical film. What more could you wish for this Christmas?! James Franco & SNL Do Pan James Franco hosted SNL this weekend and with the live broadcast of Peter Pan Live! fresh in everyone’s minds, a comedy sketch was clearly required. Check out below as the Broadway alum takes on the role of Captain Hook (with a tiny pink umbrella) and the entire crew speak with English accents that make Dick Van Dyke look like a genuine cockney.center_img Cameron Diaz on How She Can Sing In case you’ve been hiding under a rock (or not reading our site—sad face) the Annie musical hits the big screen on December 19. Watch below as Cameron Diaz discusses on GMA about how she made her Miss Hannigan her own and why, despite what My Best Friend’s Wedding may have indicated, she can actually sing! Hugh Jackman Talks a Bloodbath at The River Hugh Jackman recently stopped by The View to chat about his star turn in The River on Broadway—and how one performance resulted, as he put it, in a “bloodbath.” Check out the interview below and the Oscar nominee in person at Circle in the Square through February 8. Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today and over the weekend.last_img read more